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Freshwater from The Dalles


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Name: discuskevs 90

Size/Category 90-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
4 - Clown Loach
5 - Discus
1 - Plecostomus or Pleco

Lighting: fluorescent spectrum

Filtration: aquaclear500bac- kfilter 2maxijet1200pow- erheads 2stealth200watt heaters

Invertebrates: none

Other Accessories: liveplants OSI bare root stumps 4rainbows&8tetr- as

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AWESOME!!!! Nice Tank!! You have my vote!!! Take Care!!

Come visit me, The Auglaize river, The Maumee river, The Little Auglaize river & The Ottawa river.

05/30/2008 06:58.50 PM Report This Comment

Come visit me, CHUNKY BUT.

05/18/2008 07:20.32 AM Report This Comment
Howdy Kev
Happy spring. I greatly enjoy looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing. Dropped U a vote.

Come visit me, Coonster.

05/17/2008 04:58.24 PM Report This Comment
i need your help please if you get the chance vote for my pittbulls west african setup so that i may reach 1000 votes, thanks my friend..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

05/15/2008 10:15.49 PM Report This Comment
Here is a readily given vote from the my angelfish.

Come visit me, Naturalandfake.

05/10/2008 04:23.31 PM Report This Comment
Really love your set up. Stop by when you can. Leaving you with a vote. Don't ya just love those Discus? Have a great day!

Come visit me, the2larues.

05/07/2008 12:59.39 PM Report This Comment
Hi Kev! Hope you are well. Man, you really having a hard time, excuse the pun. It can be a real pain. Perhaps the only way would be to get an reverse osmosis unit and mix the hard water in at 1unit hard water to 4 units R.O water. Yes, that is my lovely wife and daughter, but the other is not of me, it is my wife’s brother. Tweety is doing great, this morning he ate out of my porridge bowl, he really has grown more trusting and confident. Otherwise all is well. My fish are all well. The weather is a tad lousy, we’re having rain and grey skies with cold temps. Looks like a day indoors. Thanks for the vote and here’s one for you too! Your tank is always a pleasure to see. Take care and be safe. Cheers! Stokes

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

05/03/2008 01:42.35 AM Report This Comment
Hi from Deepblue
I've been fighting still with ick in my main tank so I haven't been on for a bit. In spite of the ick the corys spawned again this past week. This time I put some of them in a tank with some guppy fry and some by themselves. Even though the guppies were really small themselves they ate them up... But the last two pictures I uploaded from the other tank. They are from Thursday and Friday. One I put a dime in front of them to show their size, the other the grid showing under the tank is an inch. Teeny cute little guys. Love them! Have to see if I can actually feed them now! Take care, leaving you a vote!

Come visit me, Fred's tank & Deepblue.

04/19/2008 06:12.00 PM Report This Comment
Nice Tank
Always have liked Discus.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

04/09/2008 03:59.02 AM Report This Comment
Heres another vote for you my friend.We found another fry in my balloon fantasy tank.We put it in with the other two.Couldn't find any more swimming or hiding.This one is lighter in color than the other two.Not sure which female had it but going to keep an eye out for anymore little ones.My dad took his car to get inspected this morning and almost fell over when he got the bill.They charge way to much for labor he said.I had a doctor appointment in the morning too.It was for a checkup.Everything is great he said.Take care

shannon, Temple, PA.

04/07/2008 11:17.09 AM Report This Comment
Heres a vote my friend.Things are going better now.I lost the two cory the begging of the week and one of the mollies too.But I discoverd the two fry on tuesday.That made me fell better.There doing great.They get bigger every day.Looks like 2 more female are going to have fry too.Hope they can wait till the two are big enough to put in the tank on there own first.I have no place to put them till then.If not there is always next time.Take care my friend.Hope you have a great weekend.See ya later

shannon, Temple, PA.

04/05/2008 08:19.03 AM Report This Comment
Hi Kev!
Sorry for the late reply. We are having hassles with power out here, its being cut by the supplier for 4 hours everyday, as you can imagine we have to plan our lives with that in mind. In any event I'm able to write you now, so lemme not complain. The lions are in a breeding program as are the tigers in the picture. The facility that breeds them is privately owned, though it forms part of a conservancy which includes more game farms, safari parks and other breeding programs and wild animal refuges. The weather is still warm, but it is slowly cooling at night and during the mornings. Otherwise its all sunshine and blue skies. take care bud! Cheers!

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

04/03/2008 01:37.29 AM Report This Comment
Heres another vote for you my friend.Glad you liked the new pics.Everyone seems to be getting along really good with each other.I don't see any signs of one trying to bully any of the other fish.Still no fry yet.If she doesn't have any soon I'll put her back in with the rest.She might just be fatter than the rest.Take care now my friend.See ya later.

shannon, Temple, PA.

03/31/2008 01:46.36 PM Report This Comment
Howdy Kevs
Happy Sunday. Awesome looking fish & tank! The fish have such great colors. Dropped U a colorful vote.

Come visit me, Coonster.

03/30/2008 03:49.49 PM Report This Comment
Heres a vote for you to my friend.Setup is going great.Might be going today to get some cory's for it and a pleco.Dad said that will be enough for my tank.Don't want to make it to full.i'll put pics up as soon as I can if I get any.Take care now my friend.See ya later.

shannon, Temple, PA.

03/29/2008 08:20.17 AM Report This Comment
New Safari Pics!
Hi Kev! Sincerely wishing you had a wonderful Easter and that you and your fish are well. Its cool mate, you don’t need to apologize for late replies, I think we all get many replies and it can be somewhat of a mission to catch up with everyone. You’re welcome; your setups are truly done very well and deserve any compliments they get! Thanks for your vote! Well, the weather cleared up after 6 days of raining. The weekend was great, we had some rain but mostly sunshine and clear skies. That is a neat trick putting the fake heron there! Kind of like a scarecrow! I have lots to do on both tanks and hopefully this week I will get it all done. I went on another safari and I have some new pictures to share with you. They have been posted on the Safari blog. Take care and I hope to catch up with you real soon! Cheers! Stokes

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

03/25/2008 07:37.04 AM Report This Comment
Deepblue visiting again
Thanks for telling me a bit about your starting with the Discus. I didn't know anyone that kept fish when I started... I'm sure it's helpful and more entertaining to have a friend to bounce ideas off of. The water differences are what's kept me from trying discus, they certainly are beautiful. How do you get the water correct? Or is your water already soft and acidic?
Anyway, thanks for visiting and here's a vote back to you.

Come visit me, Fred's tank & Deepblue.

03/22/2008 09:45.05 PM Report This Comment
Hey Kev! Wots good on your side of the planet? Here its raining like hell and its pretty cool. Otherwise, we're having power cuts, not good for fishkeeping. But I'm organised with a generator, hooked up my tanks to the genny and all is well. I notice some new pictures! I love the stump you have in there! And your fish and plants are all looking mighty fine! Here's a vote for this setup! Cheerio! Stokes

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

03/18/2008 06:46.53 AM Report This Comment
Colors are great
Wow, that purple gravel and the green plants is awesome. Very nice tank. Thanks for the vote and here is another one for you. What type of plants do you have. I think I can recognize some java ferns and sword plants?

Come visit me, Algae Shrimp, Starfish43, Blue Crayfish & Fugly.

03/16/2008 09:53.16 PM Report This Comment
nice assortment of discus you have heres a vote my friend..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

03/15/2008 10:16.09 PM Report This Comment
Awesome Pictures
That's a great looking tank.
Thanks for stopping by. Stokes has given me some advice as well. No I didn't breed these ones. I'm trying, I currently have 3 mated pairs. 2 pairs come from this tank. Currently, one pair just laid eggs this morning.
My fry usually make it to the free swimming stage, then I lose them for some reason.
Anyways take care, I left a vote for you.

Come visit me, My Tank, The Fry Tank & Snakeskin Discus.

03/15/2008 09:23.00 PM Report This Comment
Spike here
Heres a vote for you to my new friend.See ya later.

shannon, Temple, PA.

03/15/2008 08:47.04 AM Report This Comment
Hey Kev
No, I cannot take credit for the wooden stands-they came with the unit some 20 years ago. I'm surprised they are still holding up.
I'm just jealous of those Discus! :-)
take care

Come visit me, Cops and Convicts.

03/14/2008 05:13.37 AM Report This Comment
Hi Kev, trust you are well. Thanks for visiting and voting for my African set-up. Another vote for you sir. Here's wishing you successful spawns! Cheers! Stokes

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

03/13/2008 05:12.59 AM Report This Comment
Discus Breeding
Hi Kev, How you doing mate? You're welcome and its my pleasure. If you would like a book by an authority on the subject, may I suggest Discus Breeding for Beginners by Jack Wattley. It is one of the best books I've come across on the subject, and Jack Wattley is a seasoned discus breeder that has introduced a few strains of his own to the hobby. Pullman Washington you say, hmm, I'm thinking maybe Reverse Osmosis water is preferable, perhaps mixed in a 1:3 or 1:2 tapwater to R.O. water, depending on the hardness of your tap water. Hope this helps. Another vote for your marvellous setup! Cheers! Stokes

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

03/12/2008 01:18.59 AM Report This Comment
Nice Setup
03/11/2008 09:18.38 PM Report This Comment
i'm a big fan of discus also. like the tank

Come visit me, assortedtank, Firsttank, future setup & ROwithTap.

03/11/2008 01:15.41 PM Report This Comment
Welcome to the club. your setup looks great. I agree with Stokes, I would love to see more pics. here's a vote and happy fish keeping.

Come visit me, Great White's Cichlid Tank, Great Whites GoldFish Pond, Patio Pond & Great White's AngelFish Tank.

03/10/2008 10:06.27 AM Report This Comment
Hi Kev, Thanks very much for you kind compliments and your vote. I see you’re quite the discus fanatic! Your setup looks great! You really must do us a favour and put up more pictures. Indeed, you must put up profiles of your other setups too. I don’t do any breeding these days. I simply do not have the time and resources to accomplish serious breeding and successful hatching. I have bred and raised some in my teens and during my studying years. But soon after a mishap that took my entire discus stocks, I gave them up for a while. I read that your fish are laying eggs but that’s where it ends. There are reasons, one may that the water is too hard or too alkaline, causing the sperm to be immotile and the egg to calcify before fertilization, then maybe the male is not a male but in fact a female (unlikely though as it seems), then the other possibility is that the eggs are being fertilized, but as soon as they are, fungi and bacteria set in. For the first, I guess you will have to test the water, note the parameters and then adjust the water slowly. I used rain water, its pure and clean out here in South Africa. But if you’re living in a heavily industrialized area, perhaps that is not a good idea. You can also condition the water with a peat extract or blackwater extract, or filter through peat. This will keep the water is an acidic range and reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the water. Also once the pair have spawned, add some methylene blue to slightly taint the water a light blue. This will further protect the eggs. Always check that the eggs are an amber colour, they must not go opaque white, that signals that they’re dead. What temperature are you breeding them at? You can pick the temperature up to 32-33 C safely, this will help the eggs hatch faster, hence reducing the time it will be in a vulnerable state. You can safely add methylenbe blue to the water in which you are raising your fry. This will keep them fungi and parasite free. Apart from that, I wish you good luck and lot of patience! Cheers mate! Stokes

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

03/10/2008 06:06.08 AM Report This Comment
nice set-up

Come visit me, kklopping.

03/09/2008 07:32.10 AM Report This Comment
03/08/2008 07:36.49 PM Report This Comment
Welcome - You have a very beautiful tank. Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Community Tank.

03/08/2008 01:05.12 PM Report This Comment
Balloon Fantasy here
Welcome to the Fc.Heres a vote for you.Hope you make alot of friends and have a great time here.Theres a person here named stokes you can find him on my page.Click on his name.He has discus and I'm sure he would love to help you with any questions you might have.See ya later

shannon, Temple, PA.

03/08/2008 11:02.20 AM Report This Comment
discus breeding
any input on breedin discus would be highly appreceated i have a nice pair of cobalt blues we get eggs but no wigglers thanks

Come visit me, discuskevs 90, discuskevspond, discuskevsbreeders, discuskevs20 & discuskevs55.

03/08/2008 08:50.58 AM Report This Comment
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