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Freshwater from Iowa Falls

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Name: Rhonda

Size/Category 100-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
1 - albino bushy nose
1 - bushy nose
3 - yellow labs
4 - ruby red peacocks
2 - flowerhorns
2 - chocolate cichlids
2 - blue Acei
5 - angels
1 - Plecostomus or Pleco

Lighting: Standard hood



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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
Pretty fish! I like angel fish. I have a betta and 2 guppies. I like your pictures and your avatar. I voted. Wow, you have a lot of fish on your list but "yellow labs" are dogs aren't they; not fish.

Come visit me, poisadon :).

06/23/2013 05:42.50 PM Report This Comment
great pics, just stopping by to say hello!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

04/11/2013 09:12.41 AM Report This Comment
Long time
Hey sorry i havent been on in quite some time but i have this page setup to email me if someone blogs me.. Hit me up for a friend request or i can friend request you but i cannot remember your last name.. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family..

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

12/22/2012 10:44.10 PM Report This Comment
Wow, what a nice surprise! Welcome back! What a cutie baby! Well, my tanks are all about the same, haven't gotten any new fish. Mainly cuz I'm going to be getting my aunts 125 once her giant and ancient pleco finally goes to the aquarium in the sky. He's like 15 or 16 now, and she just adores him. He loves her back too, lets her pet him and does these little dances for her hehe. Since he's about 18" long, it's pretty spectacular to see too! My dragon goby is getting quite large, he'll be glad when the new tank comes so that he can get the 55. Weather is finally getting wintery down in our valley, the mtns are getting hammered and that's really wonderful. I prefer snow up there where I can look at it and not have to shovel it anymore hehe. Getting lazy in my old age hehe. Well, hopefully you can get some pics of your new fish up soon. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday and thanks again for stopping by, we've missed you!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/22/2012 03:26.52 AM Report This Comment
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06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
Greetings Fish Buddy
Happy Holidays! How is my fish buddy doing! We are very excited to celebrate the holidays with our baby Fiona. She is so much FUN to be with! She loves watching all the seasonal flashing lights. At 14 months, she is a little bigger than the average baby. She grows so fast! One day, she is crawling, the next day, she is walking...well, almost the next How are your grandkids doing? I bet you are having a blast spoiling them. Hope to hear from you soon. Stay warm.

Come visit me, Coonster.

12/09/2010 09:30.57 AM Report This Comment
Howdy Fish Buddy
I hope everything is going well. I am ready for the holiday season. This year should be a lot of fun. My baby, Fiona, will hopefully have a blast. Best.

Come visit me, Coonster.

11/15/2010 07:32.33 PM Report This Comment
Hey Fish Buddy
Howdy...I hope everything is going well with you and your family. I see that you are enjoying the grand-parenting aspects. My mother is the same way. She cannot get enough of Fiona. Hope to chat with you soon. Best.

Come visit me, Coonster.

11/05/2010 08:35.48 PM Report This Comment
Hola Fish Buddy
Hey Rhonda - Sorry it has been so long since our last conversation. I have been so busy with Fiona. She just turned 1 year old. Time has certainly flies. She is walking and talking now. Also, I have been busy finishing up my book. It is done so you can visit:

I hope all is well with you and your husband. How are the grandkids? I posted new pictures and I will try to visit more often. Hope you enjoy the book. Best.

Come visit me, Coonster.

10/24/2010 09:52.05 PM Report This Comment
I am good i got hit by a virus on FB so stayin away from that for a while i am still on AquariumCentral mostly made some real good friends there tell everyone hi here for me..

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

10/05/2010 08:28.45 PM Report This Comment
09/29/2010 04:37.23 AM Report This Comment
Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hoping all is WELL!!! It's FREEZING here. Can't wait until SPRING!!! WELL TAKE CARE!!!

Come visit me, The Auglaize river, The Maumee river, The Little Auglaize river & The Ottawa river.

01/28/2010 06:22.59 PM Report This Comment
hi levein a vote
you have waqnderfull angels always have at least one tank with angels in them

Come visit me, discus pride & discusluv.

01/27/2010 05:57.41 PM Report This Comment
it was 44* and sunny here but windy...all our snow has melted i hope it stays that way...i hope not to many people were hurt in that car crash...think's a vote, peace, luv...FF

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

01/26/2010 10:11.25 PM Report This Comment
long time
just cleaning up the pages and thought I'd send ya a howdy!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/26/2010 08:14.24 AM Report This Comment
01/12/2010 09:21.57 AM Report This Comment
Season's Greetings!
Hi Rhonda! Its sure been a while since I last heard from you. This is a pleasant surprise! I’m doing well, thanks and by the sound of things I can tell you are really excited about this Christmas! Hope you are also well. I’ve been seeing the reports of the weather in the US and Europe. Please be safe on the roads, they must be very dangerous with ice. That is a wonderful Christmas you have planned and I’m sure the kids are excited about visiting grandma too! Brooke must be walking by now. Its just less than 2 days left before Christmas, can’t believe how the time just flies. It’s the height of summer here and its hot and humid, with rain and thunderstorms every now and again. Our Christmas will be spent at my brother’s place, he’s got a pool and we all take a dip sometime after lunch. The sun is very damaging and I usually wait until the sun is a little low. The nights have been hot too, its been difficult falling off to sleep and the nasty mosquitoes are around too and their constant humming is an irritation. And there are lots of flies around, this time of the year they are at their largest size and breeding like…. Flies! Nawaal is doing well, my nephew came to stay with us until Friday so she is playing, but mostly bossing my sweet little nephew. Poor guy just gives in when she puts up a fight over some toy. My wife has been busy at work, its their busiest time in the year and the customers at the bank can be extra demanding and full of it in this week. My granny came to visit as well, she was with us on the weekend and had much time to play with her great grand kids. She is a real darling of a sweet old lady and the kids love her for her cheery and happy outlook. My mom wasn’t too great, she has diabetes and recently a test revealed she has an underactive thyroid gland. The condition has been playing havoc with her metabolism. I got some swordtails and a couple of sail fin mollies as well. I keep them in the brackish water setup I keep talking about. I will get some pictures up soon. Nice that you’re finally planting some real plants and it sounds like you have a way with them already. Amazon Swords are very nice indeed. The water really is brackish as I add sea salt and baking soda. The mono angels are doing great as well as the scat. I also have a puffer and knight gobies in there. The discus are all well. The snakes too are well. We’re all winding down for the holidays and tomorrow the company closes early. Wishing you a blessed and merry Christmas! Please convey our best wishes and season’s greetings to the family. Merry Christmas!

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

12/23/2009 12:20.49 AM Report This Comment
Become a fan of FishChannel, AFI and FAMA on Facebook today! 12/18/2009 02:35.51 PM
Greetings Rhonda
Happy Holidays! Fiona has been entertaining us for a few weeks now. She is starting to be very playful and fun. She is also growing quite big. We just saw the doctor for a check-up and she weighs 13 lbs & 9 oz., and she only 2 months and a couple of days old. She really likes watching the fish tank, and I think she like the sound of running water mostly. Yeah, working during the holidays is no fun. For this time of the year, I just want to stay home with the family, especially this year. I started my holiday shopping and is almost done. My wife is really excited, she is getting the KitchenAid Mixer! This thing costs an arm & a leg. LOL. Well, best wishes this holiday season to you & your family!

Come visit me, Coonster.

12/04/2009 09:38.17 AM Report This Comment
12/03/2009 07:29.06 AM Report This Comment
hope you had a nice's a vote, peace, luv...FF

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

11/29/2009 04:55.47 PM Report This Comment
Hey Rhonda
Thinking of you. I hope you all are having a marvelous Thanksgiving! I'm here at the hospital on call but it hasen't turned out as lonely as I thought it would. One of my co-workers had picked up a shift in the emergency room so we met for lunch. The hospital cafeteria was serving up a free turkey dinner for employees which turned out to be not bad for hospital food. Then since she was still on at dinner time I met up with her again. This time we had turkey dinner that the doctor in charge of the ER had cooked himself and brought in for the staff. He had thought of everything down to the gravy and it was all delicious! Very unusual for a doctor to be so thoughtful. We were still pretty full from lunch but we stuffed more in anyway. So all in all, not a bad day. Now I just have to get through a 10 hour shift tommorrow after having been here all night. Then I can relax, ahhhh, can't wait.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

11/26/2009 05:42.09 PM Report This Comment
Cheers Fish Buddy
Fiona and our family would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Fiona finally arrived on Sept. 30th. She was a huge baby at birth, weighing in at 9 lbs. She now weighs 11 lbs 3 oz. We all thought we were going to get a boy! But now that she has arrived, I wouldn't trade her in for anything. She is a very good baby for 90 % of the time, not very fussy at all. She is now starting to be very playful, and she is mesmerized by lights, espicially flashing christmas lights...kinda like me...big fan of lights! She provides us with a great source of entertainment! Both mom and baby are very healthy. Mom is starting to work-out again to get in shape for spring tennis and softball. I have pictures up so please stop by.

Come visit me, Coonster.

11/25/2009 12:46.23 PM Report This Comment
Dropping by to place a VOTE!!! Take Care!!!

Come visit me, The Auglaize river, The Maumee river, The Little Auglaize river & The Ottawa river.

10/18/2009 06:39.56 PM Report This Comment
Hi there
10/12/2009 09:53.24 AM Report This Comment
Hi Rhonda! I've finally gotten a place and I'm all moved in! So now I'm back online, and rebuilding my life! Sadly, only one of my cichlids and my pleco survived. But I can rebuild there too. Yes, I'm on facebook a fair amount. You can find me on there by the user name lady.wolfheart

Look forward to hearing from you!


Come visit me, LadyWolfheart.

10/03/2009 08:05.15 AM Report This Comment
Hola Rhonda
Hey there fish buddy. Sorry for being so late w this note. Misty is a few days late with the baby delivery. She is actually in early labor right now. I will post pictures of the baby in a few days. Also, put together a new and bigger fish tank!!! Check w u soon.

Come visit me, Coonster.

09/29/2009 08:05.25 AM Report This Comment
09/27/2009 06:58.48 AM Report This Comment
thank you for stopping by I love to get on the fish channel and keep in touch with everyone. I am doing well so far thank you for all your prayers and thoughful wishes. see you soon. left you a vote

Come visit me, koi person.

09/23/2009 09:38.50 AM Report This Comment
Still wonder what happened to Gwen....
We picked up a spotted hawkfish today at Petco. They had him priced at 11.99 which is very cheap for a hawkfish. He's quite cute and went into the 24g tank. I'm afraid to put any fish in the 45g with that horrible mean damselfish. He seems to have acclimated in his new home quite well. If you see the birthday card that says "too much cake?" in the e-card section in fish community, thats what he looks like. Bella is right now going through a whole repetoire of sounds. I think she's trying to talk. She sounds very funny. She does incredible whistling sounds and has said something that resembled hello. I think she'll be talking very soon judging from the babbling she's doing now. I pick up my new car on Sat. Have to say it scares me a bit. I won't know where anything is as far as the controls go. I don't like driving unfamiliar cars. Have a good night.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

09/03/2009 02:43.26 PM Report This Comment
Hey there!

Sorry it's been so long since I left a message! I'm doing alright, but I'm currently down to 2 fish. Been really busy all summer, so I haven't restocked. Finally started to get the apartment the way I want it, and now I've got to leave at the end of the month. My common-law husband left me for another woman. So once I've moved again... I'm hoping to have more time for this site and the hobby!

Hope all is well with you, and look forward to an update!

Come visit me, LadyWolfheart.

09/03/2009 07:52.31 AM Report This Comment
Got a car today. Went looking at corollas and ended up getting a camry. They gave me a pretty good deal on it. They gave me $1600 off the price too which was a much better deal than the last place offered me. I'll probably pick it up on Sat. It's a metallic blue color which I liked. I have to say that none of the new car styles are very exciting. It's a very common car so it's hard to get real excited. Plus I get nervous with unfamiliar cars. It'll take a long time for me to get oriented to it. Time to call it quits for tonight. I'll catch up more later. By the time I get done with all my facebook stuff the night is gone. I blame you and Denise, lol.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

09/01/2009 05:50.21 PM Report This Comment
haha im pretty much a fish addict too. i have also raised guppy, molly and platy babies and i have 2 orange sailfin mollies about to give birth. swordfish are gorgeous fish! good luck with the babies and happy fishkeeping!

Come visit me, skippy's memorial, Joey's 20 gallon species display tank & 10 gallon display tank.

09/01/2009 08:29.22 AM Report This Comment
what a gorgeous setup!! i also keep angelfish i think they are amazing! your definitely get a vote from me! cheers!!!!!

Come visit me, skippy's memorial, Joey's 20 gallon species display tank & 10 gallon display tank.

08/29/2009 12:58.33 PM Report This Comment
Hey Rhonda
So last night when I finally got out of work at quater of nine, I went out and got in the car, started it and heard a funny noise. Then my brakes felt a bit strange. I continued on to the first traffic light and the brake light came on. Oh great I say, now what! So I ended up having to drive home with limited braking. I had to go real slow and keep a hand hovering by the emergency brake. I finally got home about an hour and a half later with my nerves totally shot. Today I took it to a car dealer a couple miles away because I didn't want to drive any further. When they put it on the lift they said the brake lines were all rusted out and would cost close to $2000 to fix and the car wasn't worth it. So we left the car and went back home to think about things. Then I spent a few hours in tears. I guess my hand is forced into getting another car. I wanted to get Jack's truck paid off before having any more car payments. It's always something!! When we went back to bring the car home the brakes didn't work at all. Jack put brake fluid in and hoped it would last until we got it home. He wouldn't let me drive it so I followed in the truck. I think he had to use the emergency brake all the way back because I could see brake fluid leaking out. We made it though. Well, till later, Good night

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/11/2009 05:58.26 PM Report This Comment
Swimming by with another vote for you!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/05/2009 01:11.05 AM Report This Comment
Leaving a vote!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/03/2009 08:30.04 PM Report This Comment
sorry I haven't been on in a while I am back to having chemo treatments again and they make me tired so I haven't done to much of anything see you around check out my pond, that my son dug by hand. it is almost finished but it looks better now that the grass has grown in some and the plants have gotten bigger. left you a vote talk to you soon.

Come visit me, koi person.

07/29/2009 09:46.26 AM Report This Comment
Here is a vote for your very pretty angels! They are my favorite freshwater fish! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

07/25/2009 11:41.52 PM Report This Comment
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