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Freshwater from Bartlett

Blood Parrot Land

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Active within 2681 Days

Name: Stephen

Size/Category 90-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
1 - Angelfish
1 - Bala Shark
8 - Bronze Cory
10 - Clown Loach
1 - Kissing Gourami
1 - Kuhli Loach
1 - Orange-Finned Loach
4 - Plecostomus or Pleco
3 - Silver Dollar

Lighting: 4- 65 watt Power compact bulbs 2 blue 2 ultra day light with 2 ballast one for each color.

Filtration: Marineland Emperor Bio-Wheel 400 Power Filter

Marineland H.O.T. Magnum - 250 G.P.H.


Other Accessories: Other fish that the names don't show include, 9 Blood Parrots/Jelly Beans, 1 Whip Tail Catfish, 1 Dojo Loach, 2 Green Severum, 1 Gold Severum, 1 Chinese Algae Eater, 1 Albino Frog
And in my Ten Gallon I have A Male and Female Dwarf Jelly Bean Convicts they just had babies!! theres about 100 of them at least and there about 7 days old and just started swimming.

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your blood parrots are beautiful! left a vote... nice pictures too.........! i have a picture of my goldfish up now if you want to see it. (he died over this past summer though)..

Come visit me, GoldfishPerson, Bass & dad's koi pond.

08/28/2008 04:25.05 PM Report This Comment
here a vote
Just stopping by to said hi

Come visit me, fiscofreak.

05/31/2008 05:56.41 AM Report This Comment
I just dropped in to give you a vote. Nice set up! Come by anytime to visit. You said you had 1 Dojo. How do you like it? We love ours. I was wondering just about how long will they get? Thanks, Gwen

Come visit me, the2larues.

05/04/2008 08:54.38 PM Report This Comment
i love your tank
votin for your awesome tank!! LOVE IT!! your friend from Nebraska

Come visit me, Pinktaylor17.

03/24/2008 07:25.36 AM Report This Comment
YOu have a very nice tank. Here is a vote for you!

Come visit me, Guppies.

03/14/2008 09:42.27 AM Report This Comment
Howdy Stephen
Great pictures! Your avatar scares me though. That looks like a fantastic tank. Awesome decor and combination of fish. I love it. Dropped U vote.

Come visit me, Coonster.

03/12/2008 09:45.05 PM Report This Comment
I got pictures!!!!!!!

Come visit me, Rhonda.

03/09/2008 01:16.22 PM Report This Comment
nice parrot fish heres avote for you

Come visit me, koi person.

03/03/2008 05:39.57 AM Report This Comment
Hi there
Wow! Came by to check out the tank and it is sooooooooo pretty. The fish are absolutly breathtaking. Left ya a vote swim over sometime

Come visit me, Uncle Willis.

02/22/2008 02:31.09 PM Report This Comment
Hi Stephen
Your tank looks amazing here's another vote for you. Also wanted to tell you that I've finally made a start on my 80 gallon tank. I got the gravel, it's a very pretty gravel called "Deep River Rock" color is black and sand colored very nice. I had gotten some rocks and some silk plants I do want live plants but I will do that later. I just set it up with the stuff I had on hand. But my question to you is the Bio-wheel, see with my little 20 gal. set up I just have a filter not anything fancy this aquarium came with the twin bio wheel, which I washed and put together but about the filter do they have a filter with small gravel and do you need to buy the filters with the charcol in them. When I cleaned the filters with the gravel in them I found that in the tiny black and white gravel or charcol there were alot of tiny little snails and I believe they are long gone but tell me do I buy the tiny little gravel separate or the whole plastic filter it's in?????? Help. I haven't filled the aquarium with water yet as I want to have everything in place before I do. Then I want to let the water set for about 2 wks before I buy fish (if I can hold off). Thanks for your help in telling this hillbilly what to do.

Come visit me, Maize.

02/21/2008 06:31.31 PM Report This Comment
thanks for the vote. Stop by anytime. I don't have the set-up yet to download pictures, but as soon as I do, I will post pictures of my tank. Your angels blushing? I have a pair of them and a pair of KOI angels. And one marble angel. Nice talking to you

Come visit me, Rhonda.

02/19/2008 04:21.04 PM Report This Comment
Here is a vote. Your tank looks very nice.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

02/18/2008 05:27.41 PM Report This Comment
love your setup, awsome pics. here's a vote for you, and happy fish keeping.

Come visit me, Great White's Cichlid Tank, Great Whites GoldFish Pond, Patio Pond & Great White's AngelFish Tank.

02/10/2008 02:04.12 PM Report This Comment
Hi from son's Betta
Heres another vote for your awesome setup.see ya.

shannon, Temple, PA.

01/30/2008 01:39.53 PM Report This Comment
and hello. How goes the fins?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/30/2008 07:20.40 AM Report This Comment
Blood Parrot Land
another vote your way!

Come visit me, & .

01/29/2008 06:06.24 PM Report This Comment
Blood Parrot Land
soon you will be next for set up of the week! We will keep visiting so you can get the votes! >))).>

Come visit me, & .

01/28/2008 08:27.10 PM Report This Comment
Hi from Son's Betta
Heres another vote for you to.Your right you never can be to safe nowadays.Plus I love telling my dad how cool everyones fish look.Like yours.They are just so awesome.Take care and have a wonderful evening.See ya.

shannon, Temple, PA.

01/25/2008 03:31.55 PM Report This Comment
just checking in
this is a colorful world, very nice

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/22/2008 06:58.41 PM Report This Comment
Blood Parrot Land
the next setup of the week my prediction!

Come visit me, & .

01/21/2008 06:46.03 PM Report This Comment
Hi From Son's Betta
Thank you for the Congrats.Heres another vote for you to.Boy what good is it to have off from school when it's to cold to even go outside.I stayed inside and watched TV all day.I couldn't wait for dad to come home so I could come on and talk to all my friends here.He helps me do my bloggs.Mom say's it's good quality time with dad.I think she just wants to keep an eye on me.Take care now.See ya later.

shannon, Temple, PA.

01/21/2008 12:57.57 PM Report This Comment
Hi from Son's Betta
Heres another vote for you.It was supposed to snow again today but so far nothing.I get mad at the weather people when they get my hopes up for snow and we get nothing.Me and dad had a snowball battle the other day.Mom wouldn't come out.I guess she knew better.I had alot of fun with him.Take care now.See ya.

shannon, Temple, PA.

01/19/2008 01:06.43 PM Report This Comment
Blood Parrot Land
nice tank setup you have. I predict a win for you soon for best tank setup! >))).>

Come visit me, & .

01/17/2008 07:35.24 PM Report This Comment
Hi from Son's Betta
I'm doing good to.Heres a vote for you.What a cool Avatar you have.It's finally snowing here again.I think when I'm done blogging all my friends here on the fish channel I'll go out and play in it for awhile.With all the warm weather we've been having here I didn't think I would get a chance to play in it again this year.Take care and have a great night.See ya.

shannon, Temple, PA.

01/17/2008 12:37.36 PM Report This Comment
Hi from Son's Betta
Just stopping by to see how your doing and give you a vote.I really like your pics.See ya.

shannon, Temple, PA.

01/16/2008 01:49.44 PM Report This Comment
the babys are so beautiful!!! is hard to see them, were you place the babys and how old they are?i place my babys in a diferent tank because the other fish in my big tank will eat them. here's a vote just because i love you tank

Come visit me, my babys, african cichlid & my salt water tank.

01/07/2008 02:54.29 PM Report This Comment
i love you tank here's a vote

Come visit me, my babys, african cichlid & my salt water tank.

01/05/2008 07:04.12 PM Report This Comment
Great pics.Very cool.I love the Clown loaches to.I've had one in almost every set up I made.I just love the way they look and act.Take care.Heres a vote for you to.See ya.

shannon, Temple, PA.

01/04/2008 02:25.16 PM Report This Comment
great scott
wowza this is a awesome tank! Keep up the good work!! Happy Fish Keeping!

Come visit me, MrPojo's Pot 'O' Gold, MrPojo's Cory/Tetra Tank & MrPojo's Reef Tank.

01/03/2008 03:40.12 AM Report This Comment
black sand
I like it well enough, it's in the killis and the spazbees tank, but I gotta tell ya, it's hard to keep nice and it's a mess! When you do water changes it gets every where, settles on all decor and you have to be gentle-gentle with it. Make sure it's settled before turning the filters back on, had it stop up the bees intake impeller 2 times now. It is so sparkly and has an iridescence to it that is so beautiful and really brings out the colors of the fish, so the cons are minor inconveniences.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/02/2008 06:31.02 PM Report This Comment
What a nice and big tank do you have. Beautiful fish too. left a vote.

Come visit me, Charlotte's Tank & Second Tank.

01/02/2008 01:11.46 AM Report This Comment
nice tank so you said your parrots had babies aye are they getting big yet, that must be cool looking, heres a vote..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

01/01/2008 11:27.33 PM Report This Comment
couldn't help myself when I saw it (can't sleep, clowns will eat me) haha, I HAD to have that skull! I like a little fun in the tanks, that's the point of having our own little worlds! Happy New Year to you, gotta run, the gang just got home and are starving (as usual).

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/01/2008 07:38.07 PM Report This Comment
just a quick peek
this tank is so colorful, had to get one more look!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/01/2008 07:18.39 PM Report This Comment
Kudos to YOU!!!
Great tank. Your fish and everything in it look amazing. I have a 20 gallon set up and hope to set up a 80 gallon tank I have waiting to be set up. So any advise would be apreciated. You got my vote.

Come visit me, Maize.

01/01/2008 03:57.59 PM Report This Comment
Blood Parrot Land
90 gallon tank wow! I have two 10 gallon only! Beautiful set up, it must be a lot of work!

Come visit me, & .

12/31/2007 10:18.52 PM Report This Comment
what a diverse setup you have very nice my friend, i like the jelly bean parrot look you have going on, heres a vote for a cool setup..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

12/30/2007 11:57.47 PM Report This Comment
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