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Freshwater from Krugersdorp, Mogale City, South Africa

South American Blackwater Discus

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Active within 1691 Days

Name: Stoke's Discus Setup

Size/Category 102-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Show

List of Fish:
25+ - Cardinal Tetra
3 - Clown Loach
11 - Discus

Lighting: Sylvania AquaStar F15W/AQUA/174 1000K X 2 X 26mm
Daylight F15W/5000 K Daylightstar X 4 X 26mm

Filtration: Built in trickle filter.

Invertebrates: None.

Other Accessories: Hagen 300W Heater
UV Steriliser
Plants: Hygrophilia polysperma; Vallesneria spp. Amazon Swords; Anubias nanas; Cabomba; Saggitaria.

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
Happy New Year!
and all that stuff! Did you put up some new pics? Your tanks are so amazing. How are snakes? Guess they're out of hibernation now? All is well here, we had a super holiday, my sister and nephew voted me as the Holiday Hero this year. I am not sure I'm willing to go so far next year though, we had about 30 in and out all of xmas weekend. The new year weekend was nice though, very quiet. My daughter and her bf stopped over and he helped us clean the back yard, and I potted a plant that was way overdue for a bigger pot, and we had many laughs. Then they all surprised me with a new game for my Wii and the book that goes with, which they've seriously upgraded this time. Usually the book is a big graphic novel paperbound manual, this time it's a lovely hardbound book with amazing graphics and some other fun perks. So later today we'll all sit around the magic box of light and venture into the new world of Zelda hehe. I'm still working on a few things to get sent off to your little one and you. Had to take a break from the kiln though, too many people in and out the past 2 weeks and didn't want them near the kiln cuz if someone was to bump it, I'd miss them but wouldn't hesitate to take them out hehe, or so they think hehe. Have some new online classes to check out so will get to do that tomorrow and then get another load ready to be fired. Still need to get some ceramic pieces fired too. Well, guess I'd better get to my errands so I can come home and play video games with the kids for a bit. My daughter will be here most of the week to help with some things we need to get organized. Mainly it's all her stuff so she had to come home to help! Hope you are all having a safe and happy new year!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/02/2012 09:08.16 AM Report This Comment
The Sticks...! That's Funny.
Howdy again,
Thanks for sharing your techniques for your water conditioning. "The Sticks", is a uniquely American term for living a good distance from towns or cities. You may sometimes hear it said by an American? I live about 3 hours north of San Francisco, CA. in the mountains of Lake County near, California's largest natural lake and a little town called Clearlake. I am originally from the Chicago suburbs, moved to San Diego 30 years ago and, now live up here. I should have moved here 20 years ago. It's so quiet and peaceful, no sirens, horns or frantic people. I'm sure you can relate, it seems you live in a rural area as well? We get Deer mostly but, there are Cougars Coyotes and, bears about so, we have to be careful going out at night. Well, thanks again, I hope you have a great weekend? Take care.


Come visit me, discuslover.

12/31/2011 09:03.03 AM Report This Comment
Seems I've been slacking on you lately, though it's not intentional. I've had knight gobies on the fish wish list for quite some time now, but until I get the brackish moved into a bigger tank, for now it's just the dragon, the Fig8 and the 2 guppies that have so far been smart enough to stay out of the dragons mouth. Much to my dismay haha. All is well here, been very busy but all of it's been good. my kids are looking forward to winter break from school. Me too as we have some things to get done together. I'm just impatiently waiting for 'bad' weather to hit, it's freezing cold and clear, which means very very dry and I'm ready for moisture! I'm enjoying the kiln learning very much, hopefully in a few weeks I'll have something to send to lil miss. I have yet to receive your 3rd postcard, gotta love the system, always a gamble! Well, guess I should get busy with a few things so I can enjoy the day in the art room guilt free. Oh wait, I don't believe in guilt hehe. Is your nephew still there? I can understand about having another pet to take care of, they are time consuming but then again, I'm a pet lover so don't really mind it much, except I do weary of having 2 big dogs to clean up after in the yard. Not my idea of fun at all...This coming year we will be down to only 1 dog though, our old one is getting too old and at over 16yrs, he lived longer than I thought he would. Stupid stubborn doesn't begin to describe the idiot but he has been a very good kids dog and still is their buddy. He likes to sleep while they play their xbox and pretend he's being a companion to them instead of the dog who keeps unplugging the cords hehe. usually they use remote controllers but sometimes batteries aren't in abundance so have to go back to wired and that dern dog is amazing at laying across them at those intense moments of gaming hehe. good thing they love him and laugh about it!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/16/2011 07:41.39 AM Report This Comment
Monday Evening Hello!
Thank you so much for your visit! I've been very intrigued by the chiclids and went to a fs I've never visited last weekend that had such a good selection. Someday...

You're tanks are beautiful. Love looking at your pictures. Feel like when I'm at the lfs drooling over some of the gorgeous!

Have a wonderful week!! Lav4u! Rochelle

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

12/12/2011 05:58.28 PM Report This Comment
Blogging past your Tank!
What a gorgeous set up! Stunning I'd say! Howdy, I'm Chris from Northern Cal. Amazing pics of all your fish, I used to keep Discus years ago. I would again but, no really reliable water source I'd trust that far. I live out in the Sticks ( as it's called )LOL! On your tank, I assume you're using a sump with your trickle filter? My set up is half your size and I have a Canister. I've though of trying wet/dry instead but, my workdays are long plus I don't know much about it? Anyway, your tank is great looking. The Knife Fish is just beautiful too.
Talk at Ya Later. Take care.


Come visit me, discuslover.

12/09/2011 08:23.34 AM Report This Comment
enjoying the morning
it's quite peaceful here for the moment, nice change of pace indeed. The elephant sanctuaries all look so wonderful, have you had a chance to go yet? So much beauty there, amazing wildlife and scenery all around, there are some definite perks to being where you are. That's about it for here, just wanted to check out your gorgeous tanks again and say hello!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/03/2011 10:41.37 AM Report This Comment
thanks for the email, I'll be replying soon to that. Things are quiet around here, having kids grown is a nice change of pace. I'm starting to enjoy my ME time, and have days to myself. Soon I'll have more house to myself as 2 kids are in the process of moving out this summer. Then I get a room for all my art stuff, which will be a grand thing, to have room for MY stuff, and not have to move things off the dining room table on days I'm working so that we can eat. I can hardly believe your little one is now 4! Wow, I remember when we were chatting about her Barney birthday party some years ago, good grief! Well, I'll catch up later on email, wishing you a very peaceful week, you and yours certainly deserve it.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

06/28/2011 09:53.49 AM Report This Comment
Aquarium Fish International
If you’re not already getting your monthly issues of Aquarium Fish International, you’re missing out on more beautiful photography, expertly written articles and eye-catching layouts to guide you to a fulfilling fish-keeping experience. Subscribe today-- 1 year (12 issues) as low as $12.99.
06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
How's your Day Going?
Hey! I would like to win the SOTW if you could stop by with a few votes that would be awesome! Also Leave a note so I can return the favor Thanks Again!

Come visit me, Reef Keeper.

02/04/2011 08:30.32 AM Report This Comment
I have a passion for Discus. I think they are really cool fish but, the water conditions here are not suitable for Discus without me getting a RO system to get the water quality they require. Our water is very hard here in CT. The tank set-up is very nice also; and it appears that the fish are happy, and well taken care of. I love the pictures of your fish and the tank. How long have you been maintaining a Discus tank? Again, it looks Great! Two thumbs up! You deserve a vote, and are getting one from me! Can't find the vote button!!!

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

12/18/2010 08:38.40 AM Report This Comment
Greetings Stokes
Hey Buddy! Happy Holidays to you and your family! I hope you and everyone are doing well. We have not chatted in a while now. Our baby, Fiona, is a fantastic baby. She is a little bigger than the average 14 month old baby. She is a very easy going baby and her best feature so far is her personality. She is so much FUN to be around! We are trying to make this holiday season the best for her, because she can actually recognize the season as well as enjoy the gifts and the lights.

Also, the book is done. Check it out when you can. Happy Holidays Buddy!

Come visit me, Coonster.

12/09/2010 09:11.59 AM Report This Comment
Howdy Stokes
Hello there my friend! Where are u at? Just stopping by to say "hi." My book has been release, hope you will enjoy it. Hope the family is doing well. Best.

Come visit me, Coonster.

11/15/2010 07:29.54 PM Report This Comment
Hola Stoke
Hey there my friend - I apologize for not writing the last few months. Fiona has been keeping us busy! She is growing so fast. She just had her 1st birthday, and she is walking already. I posted new pictures of her. I just got done finishing up my book. You can check it out and pass it along to your friends. Please visit:

I hope everything is going well with you and your family! I will try to visit your page on regular basis and check in. Talk to you soon.

Come visit me, Coonster.

10/24/2010 09:46.23 PM Report This Comment
figured I'd send a quick FC hello. Sure enjoy the emails, and will catch up with you (eventually{?}) after I catch my breath so to speak. Been loving being back in school, and all is quite well in my world. You're heading for spring there, soon it will be your favorite time of year. Me, I'm all about fall and winter so me too!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/28/2010 09:27.14 AM Report This Comment
Awsome tank, leaving vote

Brandon, ******, TX.

07/17/2010 10:25.13 AM Report This Comment
Hows' it goin'
Just stopping by to say hi and leaving a vote behind!

Come visit me, Reef Keeper.

06/03/2010 10:01.04 AM Report This Comment
Hey how is it going, is it alright if I trouble you for a vote this week I would like to try and win sotw. Thank you for your support inadvance! Your discus tank Is OMG Fantastic, OH and here is a vote!!

Come visit me, Reef Keeper.

05/19/2010 10:07.18 AM Report This Comment
my kind of weather around here
how's it on your end of the world?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/30/2010 08:43.43 AM Report This Comment
life is good/hectic/insane/wonderful
yup, typical stuff around here, kids, pets, family, friends and as always lots of dishes cuz we all must eat. How's life on your end of the world?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/13/2010 07:51.19 AM Report This Comment
nice to here from you ya i got a discount from the shop they didnt want to give me one at first then i reminded them that the discus were not much longer for the world if they kept them and if was going to take a lot to nurse them back to helthy fish and what do you know they relized i might have know what i was talking about and saw things more my way so i got them at cost still not chep but better than paying full price for sick fish have fune in korea check out some fish stores while your there let me know always intersed in whats out there

Come visit me, discus pride & discusluv.

01/31/2010 06:29.47 PM Report This Comment
nice you get to see the world a bit, I have envy while sitting here in my suburban domicile surfing the web to learn about it as a voyeur haha. Glad to hear all is well, alls quite well here and just keeping busy with life in general. Looking forward to going back to school and taking classes I want instead of need so to speak. Having a partner that encourages dreams is a wonderful thing. Well, gotta run and get this days chores done so we can enjoy some star trek geek stuff! Hugs to the family

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/31/2010 10:38.45 AM Report This Comment
I see you have not been on for awhile, hope you and the family are well. Not much going on here. I am going to get a red sea max 34 gal. tank soon. I'm getting rid of the 55 gal, I need to run something cheaper for electric. This new tank only has one plug to run everything! Yesterday, I started s 4 week self defense class for women only. Am I sore today!! I knew I was out of shape. Can't wait for spring, we are all going stir crazy, nothing to do in the winter, just hibernate in front of the t.v. and eat! Well, off to work I go, take care.

Come visit me, reeffreak.

01/27/2010 03:42.20 AM Report This Comment
put a few pics of my new tank on last night it has finaly stablized and every one is happy got a few new discus from a store that didnt know how to take care of them they were just about dead but nursed them back and are well now and was able to add 4 little guys that i had got at a show they were about an inch when i got them but now upto 4 inches now looking for about 4 more than i will have no more room at the inn
take care

Come visit me, discus pride & discusluv.

01/16/2010 10:26.30 AM Report This Comment
Hi friend!
Thanks for your vote! I saw that yours become the "setup of the week" too with all merits! Awesome tank, marvelous discus! Congratulations too and thanks to make a South America tank so beautiful!

See you!

ps: here is a vote!

Come visit me, Amazon I & Amazon II.

12/26/2009 02:20.33 PM Report This Comment
Merry Christmas
how ya been friend? hope all is well!we have had a wonderful day and sure hope you all have too. no snow, but lots of food, fun and family. who could ask for anything more. love, hugs and prayers,Kay and Rufus

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

12/25/2009 06:46.13 PM Report This Comment
helicopter hilarity
oh, we have gone through about 5 of those mini-copters in the past 3 yrs, they are too much fun and all the 'men-folk' in my household enjoy them greatly. Sadly our best one didn't survive the move, and the other just truly died, no repair could resuscitate it. We get pretty easy weather around here all in all, even our major storms aren't as bad as the eastern states. Every year I get surprised that they get surprised at the severity of their storms...happens every year so you'd think they'd be more prepared and less surprised, jeesh! Have been enjoying the new house and getting things unpacked and organized has been quite fun actually. Boys are loving it and my nephew has been here most of the month, and plans on continuing to do so and the 3 of them have been wonderful help. Of course, they are looking to score heavy in the xmas cash dept haha! Cricket, now there's a game I don't understand much but like to watch when I can on the telly. Had a great football weekend as my team actually beat our arch-enemy! Of course, they didn't do much all season so truly it was more a slap in the face to the other guys then a yay go to superbowl moment. But still! Have been enjoying watching winter sports, looking forward to the Olympics. Nice you have family and free time, always a good combination. We too will be having lots of both. Hugs to lil miss and blessings to you all!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/23/2009 09:42.26 AM Report This Comment
Become a fan of FishChannel, AFI and FAMA on Facebook today! 12/18/2009 02:35.51 PM
You and your family have been on my mind and I don't want the holiday season to go by without wishing you a Merry and Blessed Christmas.
I hope that you are all doing well.
Things are good here. We have hit our winter weather. Got a really bad snow storm that dumped 14 inches of snow on us. It is so pretty, but so slick for driving. It has warmed up enough to melt the roads, so we are able to get around much easier.
I am having my kids home this Sunday for an early Christmas celebration. Tyler, Lacey and Brooke are staying over Sunday night. I took Monday off so that I could have more time to mess with my little Brooke. She is a year now and into everything. hehe Gotta love her.
My fish are doing well. I have an entire tank set up now for my red eye lemon swords. My pair had babies, sooo I wanted to house them all together. The tank looks so nice. I have a couple live plants in there that are growing so large. Yes I did say live plants. These are the first for me that ever rooted and are living. They are those amazon swords plants. They are getting so bushy. I am very proud of them. Anyway I have the adult pair and between 25 and thirty young ones. They are about an inch long now and the males are getting the sword tails. So much fun to watch. I am down to only one angel. They one by one have died off. When this last one croaks, I want to do something different in that tank. It will be some time though as I still have loads of other fish in that community tank. I haven't bought anything for that tank in 4 years. So these fish are all very hearty. Now I am getting over populated in fancy guppies. Some of the young are coloring out, so I am going to start to give them away.
Well so long for now my friend. Give your ladies hugs and kisses from me. :)

Come visit me, Rhonda.

12/18/2009 01:48.08 PM Report This Comment
being good
sorta anyway haha. I hope to learn more languages than just 'American' and the bits and pieces of a few others I've picked up, nothing I could converse with though. Wow, time off is always a treat though I agree the middle of the week is odd but handy. I broke my sg thermometer/meter and since it's brackish, there are very few types I can use so will have to order it as no one here seems to carry what I want. I plan on getting at least 2, prefer 3 to avoid this hassle in the future. I had the other one for 3 yrs, never a drop or hassle then POOF in a shatter of glass it's gone! Jeesh! Kids are doing so great, they love having their own rooms again but can be found hanging in one or the other all the time. Nice they get along so well. New dog is now settled and quite a character, bf is really digging her and glad we got her. She keeps us quite entertained with her 100lbs of dainty-ness HAHAHA! Old dog has lost fat, gained muscle and is quite happy with his young gf, she keeps his ears clean and he gets the goofiest face...Unpacking has gone really well, bf is truly impressed I have most of the garage emptied, been parking in there for weeks now and pretty much gotten all of it done, sorted, etc. Of course, that I get to stay home all day makes this possible. Heat wave and rain!! We have had freezing fog (that was fun since I didn't have to leave the house!) and crazy temps, below zero and odd storms that are dumping lots of snow in the mtns thankfully. We have about 8" in the backyard, dogs love it cuz they hide bones/toys and then move them as the weather dictates. Kids love it cuz I made snow ice cream and they pigged out for days on it. Thailand, wow, such architecture and green! And congrats to your brother, that's very exciting to win such an award! Need to get some more things done, I hate clutter and my desk became a dumping ground (and it's all my fault UGH) so will chat later! Take care friend and hug lil missy for me!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/17/2009 10:20.09 AM Report This Comment
Nice to hear from you! I've been doing a lot of blogging this week 'cause of set up of the week. We had a nice Thanksgiving, ate a lot! Then we went to the movies. My son is starting to take up bo-staff in karate. His school is run by master Rod Fuller, 7th dan. But he is 60 yrs. old now, but he still has the moves! My son is so skinny, he is hoping he will buff up, but he is still growing. It's hard to get very muscular at 15. Yeah, Christmas is in full gear around here. A lot of houses have there Christmas lights on and their trees up. And of course, the stores are nuts. We have whats called black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, where the stores open very early and have sales you can only get in the early hours of the day. No not me!! It's crazy out there! There was almost a riot at a Toys 'r' us store, the police had to called in! Anyway, got to get ready for work, keep in touch!!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

12/02/2009 04:19.57 AM Report This Comment
Hi Stokes
How are you and the family? We're all doing fine. I've been very bad again. I wish I never signed up for that darned Facebook because now I have so many virtual fishtanks, farms and wars going on that I don't have hardly any extra time. That's bad because my fish friends mean alot to me. By the time I sign on to FC it's time for bed and I just do a tiny token blog so I don't lose my points. It was great to hear from Coonster and see the baby. It seems like we've all been waiting for her arrival for a long time. The cat got into a fight, got an abcess that the vet had to drain and because we couldn't give proof of rabies vaccination he's now under house arrest for six months!!! The animal officer can visit at any time and we have to produce the cat or they can have him destroyed. Sigh....he's an outside cat so its going to be a torment to him and in turn he'll torment us. Well, here's how my day went. I got home this morning at 7:30 am after spending another sleepless uncomfortable night at the hospital on call. I noticed that Jack hadn't left for work yet and thought that was strange. I was sooooo looking forward to taking a shower and maybe a bit of a nap because I was exhausted. My back was killing me from that horrible bed at the hospital too. Well, he met me at the door and said bad, bad, bad news. I say what? The fish tank had sprung a leak somewhere untrackable and had dumped all over the floor and even ran down into the basement. So we ended up running all over the place trying to find a replacement tank that would fit into the same spot. We finally ended up getting a 55g that overhangs into the bay window a bit but would work. I had to buy a new stand too because the old was too small and had nearly disintigrated from the leak. Then when we got home I had to dismantle everything in the tank into totes including all the sand with minimal loss of life. I'm glad there are only three fish right now. Then we had to move the old tank out and get the new one in place and reverse the whole process. It took all my strength not to just sit down and cry all afternoon. I thought my back hurt earlier well that was n othing compared to now!!! There is still alot of silt that needs to clear out but I got it all back together. All the rock needs to be re arranged because I pretty much just lobbed it in to cut down on die off. I have to wait till the silt dissapates before I can fine tune it because I pretty much can't see anything. Thursday I can spend the day fixing it. I hope I don't lose any corals from all the trauma. What a day!!! So how was yours?

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

12/01/2009 05:13.55 PM Report This Comment
HAHAHA! I was/am more of a Thundarr the Barbarian fan but can't seem to find them on dvd...heavy sigh...I too grew up with community and miss that for the kids. They have some awesome friends and most everyone comes to our house, especially now that there's more room for them to come for dinner. I've been told not only will my boys not move out mostly due to the meals, but that we may inherit a few more mouths to feed HAHAHA! I figure I'll have plenty of minions this summer helping with all the inside and outside remodeling jobs, cooking for them is the easy part! This is going to be pretty short, I am down with a flu (not THE FLU) and am pretty miserable. ugh. So sorry about the brackish tank, they can be pretty tricky to get going. I still miss the fig8 puffer, what a comedian that fin was. Not sure I'll do another after the next bigger tank gets set up, am going to be debating that for awhile. Enjoyed the gecko story! Snakes, they can be surprising that's for sure. Hugs to little miss and well wishes to your family. I'm going back to bed, Mo~Zilla is quiet the nurse, nothing like having 100lbs of Rottie laying on you to make you feel better! The sweet baby, she hasn't been far from my side since I got sick on Sun. I think it's that she's concerned I may not be able to feed her and wants to keep me in her sight just in case hehehe!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/01/2009 10:06.01 AM Report This Comment
NICE TANK!! Here's a vote

Come visit me, Cichlid Cube.

11/22/2009 10:09.31 AM Report This Comment
So glad to hear from you! Not much to report. Days are getting shorter and colder. Most of the leaves are off the trees now. People are making a big fuss about the swine (H1N1)flu. From what I hear, it's not much different than the regular flu, just getting more media attention. Yeah, the stores are all gearing up for the holidays. There is even going to be a Christmas special on t.v. next week! (Madagascar cartoon) Sorry to hear about your roof, it's always something. With us it's our junk cars always breaking down. Can't afford a new one either. Your daughter must be excited about the holidays. I know my son is making his list. At his age (15), the stuff gets more expensive! i.e. video games. He is now 6feet 4 inch. tall. His doctor seems to think he will reach 6'8"! Yikes! I really hope not. He's already sick of people asking him if he plays basketball. (he doesn't) He is into bowling and karate. Is your daughter into anything yet? Soccer or dance? Well, got to get ready for work, take care!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/12/2009 04:44.43 AM Report This Comment
just checking in
You must be pretty busy my friend! How was the visit with your Brit buddy? We finally got moved, the old place is now a memory and having a blast getting things done in the new. Dogs and kids are all very happy, but not as happy as me I bet!! Weather is supposed to get nasty later this week, I hope so! Looking forward to watching it from the front window. Super nice neighborhood, really nice neighbors and all around us are big dogs so our dogs are loving it cuz no more yappy mini-pups to be gentle around, they can talk big dog talk now haha. And all but one is pretty quiet unless there's some one new around. Luckily they are getting used to us being here, this house was empty for almost 3 years. Will sure be glad when the unpacking of the books and movies is over, whew, what was I thinking having that many!??! Have been fascinated by all the new fossil discoveries and the interesting temples off Greek islands, wow, what a world we live in. Wish I could time travel and see some of the stuff before it became history!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

11/10/2009 08:05.40 AM Report This Comment
Hey Chiner
After a very very busy week at work I was so ready to go home and relax. But, no, I have to stay in this stupid place on call AGAIN!!!! I don't feel like I have any life anymore. It's probably reflected in my blogs too (or rather lack of) because I never have anything new and wonderful to tell, lol. Jack will be medically cleared to return to work on the 19th. That's good because he's bored to tears at this point. I think it's funny because he always says he can't wait for retirement. Seems to me that it'll be just like the past couple of months been which is making him crazy. Can't wait to get home and enjoy the rest of the long weekend. I think we're going to a WW2 re-enactment on Sunday so maybe I'll have something new to share. The fish are fine. The damsel is still a jerk. I ordered a couple of new corals and some snails in an online sale. I hope they do well. I really don't have the spare money but I caught myself in a weak moment and gave in. Lack of will power or rather having been depressed about my job now for so long that I tried to cheer myself up! Having to do this on call and staying here at the hospital so much is taking it's toll on my psyche. I think I'm pretty close to being classified as clinically depressed. I've been on this computer for over an hour and we're being monitored as to how long we're on and where we've been so I must go. I'll probably get my butt kicked when the manager gets the usage printout next week. Take care chiner and have a great weekend. My best to you and your family.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

10/09/2009 03:38.47 PM Report This Comment
Voting! Its 4:23 am and...
Can't sleep, so I am stopping by pages of people I haven't talked to in a while, people I talk to every day, and those new to the channel! Leaving everyone votes! Take care and have a great Sunday!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

09/20/2009 01:24.37 AM Report This Comment
how are you
was wandering if you have ever tried ordering online some of the best fish i have got have been orded online they have been healthy and in very good shape i cant get anything that comes close to them in the pet stores around here

Come visit me, discus pride & discusluv.

09/19/2009 01:28.58 PM Report This Comment
ugh, I am no fan of any monkey, they freak me out. Chimps will rape and murder and well baboons have funky butts. Too human like for me I guess haha. I have seen/read about how the monkeys can really become a problem, I myself would be afraid to walk near them! Be more inclined to hang with Hyena's! We have a feral dog problem is some states, an older couple was just killed by a pack about a month ago. Can't remember where cuz, well, it wasn't here! Coyotes are a nasty thing when they want to be. Vicious killers for sure, but very crafty. I have to admire that. I have been moping for a beloved musicians death, Jim Carroll died the other day. His life story was made into the movie The Basketball Diaries. I am going to miss him, such talent and strength is rare. I sent pittbull some pics of where I've been walking my dogs, we have a herd of wild horses out there. Will forward the email to you so you can see my old desert area. Well, the rare and small part I don't mind! Sadly the only monster out there in the little creek is my dog haha. Loch Ness Monster, I don't care where they find it, as long as one can be found! Preferably several. That would really be grand! That's about it, figured I hit both your blogs and leave you be to enjoy your company!

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