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Freshwater from Stone Mountain

Dwarf Cichlid

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Name: PectorAL

Size/Category 29-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
2 - Otocinclus

Lighting: Compact Flourescent 2x65 watt

Filtration: Aquaclear 70

Invertebrates: a few algae eating shrimp

Other Accessories: Contains a family of Apistogramma Rotpunkt. Numerous aquatic plants, and a few surviving cherry shrimp

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Swimming by with a quick hello and a vote!

Come visit me, Johnson Pond & Arendelle.

12/12/2015 11:20.32 PM Report This Comment
Swimming by with a vote!

Come visit me, Johnson Pond & Arendelle.

08/26/2015 02:19.36 PM Report This Comment
Hello! Can't believe it's been awhile since I've made my voting rounds! We still have our hummingbirds :) They are here year round. This year my husband bought me a heated hummingbird feeder for my birthday. I've already had a few weeks this fall that we needed to have it on at night so the nectar doesn't freeze. We are getting ready in the next month to order some more native plants to add to our garden. This fall my Dad and I "harvested" our Mason bees. Basically that just means we opened their houses and took the cocoons and cleaned the poop and stuff off. Then we put them in the fridge in a sort of bee humidifier to finish out their hibernation. In the spring, we'll take them out of the fridge and put them back in their houses where they can wake up and start pollinating.

Come visit me, Johnson Pond & Arendelle.

12/16/2014 02:13.10 AM Report This Comment
Thanks again for the vote....
I like all the live green in your tanks, hope to do a plant tank soon.

Come visit me, M Tank, D tank & A Tank.

12/15/2014 02:33.38 AM Report This Comment
I like it green
very nice, plants glow so good in your tank. did you just use plan gravel?

Come visit me, NaturalAquarium.

11/30/2014 09:45.56 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for visiting and voting for me
11/28/2014 02:21.59 PM Report This Comment
Hey thanks for the comments and vote. love the planted tank. left a vote in return.

Come visit me, Cichlidcrazd & Cichlidcrazd2.

11/10/2014 09:42.19 AM Report This Comment
11/04/2014 05:49.31 AM Report This Comment
Hi, and thank you for the vote. The snail problem is under control but now am dealing with a growth of duckweed! Must scoop it out today again. The guppies, cories and loaches all seem to be thriving, though. Love the photos of your planted tank. Java fern, water sprite and anacharis are what I seem to be able to handle :) thanks for the comment

Come visit me, Dana.

11/01/2014 07:25.09 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the welcome
Hello and thanks for the welcome and the vote. You have a beautiful planted tank. I am just getting my plants started from corms and hopefully won't get the snails everybody is talking about. I love live plants because they are good for the fish. That is what is important. :)

I am really new to all of this and cannot believe how much I enjoy it! I have already gotten a larger 16 gallon tank for my Cory's and bought them some friends so they can school. They seem so happy!

Betta was starting to bite them in his five gallon tank, so now I cannot tell if he is lonely without them or just relieved...he lurks on the bottom like he is looking for them and began making bubble nests.

They will all be happy and thrive I hope. They all seem very interactive with me. I love it!

Come visit me, newfish lover & newfishlover.

10/29/2014 06:39.33 AM Report This Comment
The glass bowls I put in the 20 gallon were conceived as a bare-bottom minimalist look that I'd have some real plants grow in. However, I have since taken them out as I started to get the initial brown algae bloom that all of my tanks have gone through. I put some fake plants in the tank and put my platies from my 29 gal in the tank to treat them for parasites (they've been flashing for a while and I recently had 2 stop eating and waste away). They're almost done with treatment, then I'm going to switch them back into the 29 gal and take my 3 gouramis and treat them. THEN, I'm going to put sand and plants in and hopefully will get peacock gudgeons and maybe some guppies.

I initially set up this tank as a platy fry grow-out tank, but some of the babies died off and the final ones are big enough to go right into the 29 gal, so now I have a blank slate for a 5th tank. The funny thing is that my husband a while ago made me promise that I'd stop at 4 until we moved into a more spacious home, but...that didn't happen.

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/18/2014 10:08.01 AM Report This Comment
Hello :)
I saw you commented on one of my tanks recently. I wanted to tell you that I've updated the pages and they have new pictures. I'm now at 5 tanks - I've gone crazy!

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/15/2014 10:12.10 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the tip on the plants. they look cool, like little lily pads. What I was looking for was like something I used many, many years ago. They floated like a cluster and was thick with small leaves. It was great for fry to hide in. You see I am starting a 10 gal. tank for birthing live bearers and I want some place for the fry to hide from mommy till shes done and I move her back to large tank. But I might get the amazon one for my reg tank.

Come visit me, jjsjr55.

10/13/2014 05:50.12 AM Report This Comment
Love live plants
My set-up is new. All my plants are fake, but I love real plants. I had aquariums off and on all my life and had live plants off and on. I was thinking of a type of floating plant. Any suggestions? Your tank looks GREAT!

Come visit me, jjsjr55.

10/11/2014 06:23.18 AM Report This Comment
10/04/2014 07:51.08 AM Report This Comment
i didnt even know i had won it. didnt get an email like normal, or at least not that i paid attention. love your photos. great plantings. dropping off a vote for you, Kay

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

10/02/2014 06:54.16 PM Report This Comment
Hi There
Hi just wanted to say thanks for the message and the vote. I have only been on this site for a day and you are the first person to comment and vote for my tank. I really like how lush your setup is I gave you a vote as well.

Come visit me, The Garden.

09/21/2014 05:17.25 PM Report This Comment
moving 20 tanks sounds like a most daunting task, you'll get no envy from me on that! Good luck with that move, must be exciting! And yup, nice to see you in the spotlight after all these years! I forget how long I've been on here now, been awhile though. Now, quit goofing off on the computer and get packing!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/10/2014 03:46.02 PM Report This Comment
Here's a happy hello vote to go along with that congrats! How've you been?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/07/2014 08:57.31 PM Report This Comment
Beautiful arrangement!! Congratulations, you've got my vote!

Dante, Hyde Park, MA.

09/03/2014 11:21.08 AM Report This Comment
Blue lights
Yes the lights do have a blue tint to them but and the tank is still cycling and the bacterial bloom makes the blue much more apparent. I too am building a planted cichlid tank eventually I hope to get some discus in my tank.

Come visit me, Osaka 155, Day 5, Live With Nature 8 & Loup.

08/19/2014 01:53.34 AM Report This Comment
Thank you
Hi & Thank you for the vote! I left one as well. I really love your planted tanks I hope to make one as nice as yours one day. And thank you for your comment my tanks. We plan on re doing our 55 gallon with lighter colored rocks so it looks more clean and bright!

Come visit me, Ghost Shrimp, African Cichlid Tank & Tropical.

08/14/2014 08:54.00 AM Report This Comment
Stopping by with another vote! Right now we have 3 hummingbirds that come regularly and a 4th I've seen a few times. We have 2 species of hummingbirds (Anna's and Rufous) that can be found where I live and 1 (Anna's) of those is here all year round. Today, the 3 Anna's were chasing each other around the yard (they're a bit protective of their feeder). I'm going to add another feeder so maybe everyone will be happy. HA I can hope anyways :) We're big bird lovers here so we've worked hard to make the backyard friendly for all. The hummingbird garden is actually new this year and I specifically designed it with hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees in mind. I also have an Orchard Mason Bee (native bee around here) house on my shed right next to the garden. We also have wild honey bees and bumblebees that frequent the garden.

Come visit me, Johnson Pond & Arendelle.

08/06/2014 03:08.22 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for the kind complement on my new little pond. Our patio is just around the corner from it. We actually plan on putting down pavers to extend our patio out and around the garden so we can sit closer and enjoy the pond (and the hummingbirds!) We want to maybe even add a small fire pit. That's next year's project though. Right now I'm more often than not found sitting in the grass right next to the pond watching the fish and enjoying the view of the hummingbirds when they feed (I have a feeder that hangs on the corner of the shed almost directly above the pond). Left you a vote in return!

Come visit me, Johnson Pond & Arendelle.

08/03/2014 01:02.33 AM Report This Comment
I'm back
I guess the weed problem in my garden was the fact that the co. I worked for shut down plant for 2 weeks every July.
Do you vacuum the gravel on water changes?
I had a power outage a few days ago, before I had fish,only 15 min. Will have to find what one should do with filter bag and air supply when it happens again

Until latter Bedbug

Come visit me, bedbug.

07/30/2014 06:40.30 AM Report This Comment
new tank & new hobby
The tank is new 2 weeks. and I got 2 pepper Cory yesterday. Future additions. Dwarf Gourami and maybe half dozen Cardinal Tetra. Haven't read enough to know if they all get along and how many I can have in 10 gal tank
The plants are all plastic, are real plants as much a problem as the weeds in my garden was?
Have never had fish tank before, Took care of neighbors out door goldfish pond when he was on vacation.

Come visit me, bedbug.

07/28/2014 08:47.02 AM Report This Comment
response to 7-7-14 comment
Hello, Thank you for you welcoming comment. Just now resolving a log in problem had so couldn't comment earlier. Love the photos of your tanks - I have an angel too, but in another tank. Plus I love those healthy plants. Especially what I think is Cabomba in the first pic. I've only been able to grow java fern, water sprite, anacharis and sometimes lilies (no flowers on the water lilies, though). I'll blame my pleco but suspect there is a little more to it than that :)) I sent a vote your way.

Come visit me, Dana.

07/12/2014 07:01.03 AM Report This Comment
thanks for the comment
i only joined this because i couldn't find any magazines worth subscribing too and i wanted somewhere to read up on tips and that but people seem to like what ive done with the tank so its pretty cool, so I'll put some more pics on soon. thanks for the vote i gave you one back.

Come visit me, liamthegod.

07/07/2014 09:18.58 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the congrats! How are you? Been busy around here, new pup keeps me going, and the cats are always a big help. The young cat and pup are my shadows and help with everything. I had no idea I shouldn't take out trash, or do housework or yard work, or shower, cook, etc without their help. Still not sure how I managed to get shoes on by myself either hehe. Fish tanks are doing fine, getting ready to finally get rid of my big clown loach so I can turn the 55 into a tank for Gobi-Wan. He's getting too big for that 20 and I'm ready for a change anyway. My brother is going to take the loach for me, got him hooked on fish about 2 years ago, he now has 5 tanks, lots of live plants etc etc and yup, he says it's all my fault hehe. Summer is coming and I'm not ready. I don't like heat! Never did though, so not like that's anything new hehe. Here's wishing you a delightful weekend!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

06/19/2014 01:06.57 PM Report This Comment
Wow. Really amazing planting job. I appreciate what you said about my use of the plastic plants. I see why you prefer live plants because your picture is amazing and every time I see a photo of a well planted tank with real plants, it's impressive. I was trying to get that effect with the plastic ones and I'm glad you like it.

Come visit me, Tropic Thunder.

06/11/2014 06:56.17 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the welcome
Sorry for the late response. I had some computer issues and couldn't connect to the internet for awhile. Thanks for the welcome. l enjoy browsing through your photos. I really like the plants in your aquarium as well as the fish. To your question about the white gravel. I have some apple snails in there. I am not sure if they do help clean the gravel, and I also use a vacuum pump to clean as well. But some areas I can't get to with the vacuum because of the plants but I have yet to experience the gravel getting dirty. This is my first time using white gravel. I have read that black/dark substrate is supposed to help bring out the color of the fish as they try to blend in with the back ground. I don't have any experience with a dark substrate to compare with the white substrate. The colors in the fish in my aquarium look just as brilliant as I see in other aquariums. Thanks again for the welcome!

Come visit me, aquacolors2 & aquacolors.

05/28/2014 07:49.07 PM Report This Comment
Nicely planted and planed tank.
The plantings are in excellent condition. You have an aquatic green thumb. I have been giving a lot of thought to making Harry's 4 gal. tank into a Nano tank but haven't come up with a good idea for the aquascape. I know it takes time to get an established tank, and I figure Harry will help in the decision. I sent you a vote and hope to hear from you again.I'll post some pictures of Harry's new Nano tank once it is done.

Come visit me, BettaPhototramp.

04/06/2014 02:06.47 AM Report This Comment
Awesome planted tank
Thanks for the comments. How long did it take for your tank to become this established. Do you inject Co2? How do you keep algae in check?

Come visit me, Pellia53.

02/28/2014 04:33.37 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the good feedback! What a fantastic naturally planted tank. Very nice looking.

Come visit me, Erinslittleparadise & Fishguy38.

01/14/2014 01:56.22 PM Report This Comment
Rumor has it FC and all the pet channels are about to go away, which is why there's not much happening on the site any more. I'm so sad! How's life in your world? Been busy around here. We got a new puppy last week, adopted from our local humane society. She's an 8mos old German Shepherd mix and is such a delight! We're all totally in love with her already. Well, the cats, not so much but it's all working out hehe. We finally got some winter weather here this year. Last 2 years we had dry and wildfires so seeing snow come along with freezing temps to keep it around has been very welcome. Besides, we don't get much here anyway, 8" about shuts the valley down. As I've lived in snow country most of my life, I find it rather humorous and plan my day accordingly so I don't have to deal with traffic or slippery roads. Guess that's about it for me, need to get some breakfast and finish laundry so I can get this happy hyper puppy out for a walk. Hope you have a good weekend!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/13/2013 09:38.55 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the vote and the encouragement. I voted for you as well. I'll be adding some live plants to my tank in the next couple days and I'll add a picture once I have them in. The plants in your tank are wonderful! I'm sure you have some very happy fish with all those places to hide.

Come visit me, Atlantis.

11/21/2013 08:56.24 PM Report This Comment
I like your plants and thanks for the vote.

Come visit me, Piranha101.

11/21/2013 09:46.15 AM Report This Comment
Love it!
Wow your plants are fantastic! Love the tank!

Come visit me, My first tank.

11/19/2013 08:36.00 PM Report This Comment
Very Interesting!
Never thought of that! Just only 2 - Otocinclus fishes & few algae eating shrimps too! Great idea for your beautiful tank! Awesome! Left you a vote!

Come visit me, BumblebeeLuvr.

11/14/2013 07:45.22 PM Report This Comment
There is a frog with binoculars at the far right. Thanks for your nice comments. I'm new to this but enjoying the experience. Come visit me, Deni

Come visit me, Deni.

11/12/2013 08:24.12 AM Report This Comment
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