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Name: Gone Fish'n

Size/Category 30-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

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1 - Black Tetra
2 - Guppy
1 - Lemon Tetra
3 - Paradisefish
4 - Zebra Danio
1 - Betta




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beautiful tank - left you a vote.

Come visit me, Dana.

08/10/2014 07:44.07 AM Report This Comment
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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
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06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
03/16/2010 06:48.14 AM Report This Comment
You are right about that. You can never go wrong with live plants. I like your tank a lot. You have some real nice looking plants. Your set up looks great. Keep the good work up. Left you a vote.

Come visit me, To fish in love, Tropical Retreat, Aquatic Adventures Plants totally out of control, Aquatic Engineer, Planted aquarium, Big fish, King of the planted aqauriums & New Home.

01/29/2010 06:01.15 AM Report This Comment
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09/13/2009 06:36.19 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for the note
Looks like you have some nice and healthy plants too. I find adding live plants so much better. I have a hornwort, small anubias, red ludwigia, amazon sword, some grasses, a carolina fanwort and a jave lace fern. I have been luck so far in keeping them healthy :)
Plenty of light, iron supplement and 15-20% H2O changes every week seem to help. Ph has been around 6.7 - funny that the swordtails are doing okay. Would like to know your plants since I may add some more. Let me know when you have a chance.

Come visit me, StressReliever.

04/02/2009 03:47.18 PM Report This Comment
Fish Art Upgrade
12/14/2008 07:41.44 PM Report This Comment
that is a very nice looking plant tank. have a vote on me.

Come visit me, Frag Tank & Sunburst Cove.

12/12/2008 08:32.39 PM Report This Comment
Plants in my 55 gal.
You asked how I get my plants to do so well, I have no clue. I do use the nutrafin CO2 System, however, I don't use their Activator and Stabilizer. I use 1 tsp Bread yeast and 1 Tbsp Bake soda instead. Also there is a 1" substrate of Seachem Flourite under the gravel for the plants. My Lighting is 2 T8 18W Aqua-Glo Flouresents. I have seen no effect from the CO2 on the fish. I will try and get more Pictures up in the new year as i am in the middle of renoing my Basement where all my Tanks are going to be moved. I only have 1 communtity tank, the rest i use for breeding and will show those set ups once i have moved them. I also am in the process of starting a Salt water Tank which will also go into the Basement Fish room.

Come visit me, The Community, 10 Gallon Experiment & Swordtails.

12/06/2008 09:17.32 AM Report This Comment
Nice tank!!
11/12/2008 09:57.32 AM Report This Comment
Thanx I like your tank too looks great. I have always been wary of live plants for 2 reasons: 1. I'm not sure about keeping the 02 and CO2 levels balanced, and 2. I worry about maybe there being snails or other undesireables in the bulbs or plants. I dunno maybe i'm just chicken. Any advice?

Come visit me, fishkeeper661.

10/06/2008 10:05.06 PM Report This Comment
nice setup + reply about plants
thanks for the comment on my party pad. i like your setup as well. the varied plant types look amazing! all i've done so far to maintain my plants is keep the lights on 8-10 hours a day and i removed the carbon from my filter bags.

Come visit me, Charlie Gardens.

09/27/2008 03:13.33 PM Report This Comment
fish whisper, hehehehe now lets market that aye, thanks buddy for the nice comments about my setups aye, i do try to take care of them so to say, heck they eat more than i do and thats really funny aye, cool nice to see you are doing good and your tank looks good as well any new changes, later buddy..

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

09/25/2008 08:28.24 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the vote! There is only one live fern in there, the rest are all silk plants. This tank is my girlfriends and little girls tank so i tried to make it a little less maintenance. I have a 40 hexagon that is planted and im working on a 29 long that i have that will be planted as well

Come visit me, Jdaddie & PlantKing.

08/13/2008 09:54.47 AM Report This Comment
Thank you!
I had that lobster for about 2 years. And I have narrowed it down to 2 possible causes of death. The first one, just her time to go, she had been hiding more often then she normally did right before she died. She was getting old. The second one could have possibly been a red tail shark that was living with her. I had kept the red tail shark in my 72 community till it started picking on everything when it reached adulthood. I kept putting off taking it up to where I work (a fish store) because I felt bad getting rid of it. So I put it in with the lobster, and that was fine for about 6 months, but the red tail shark just got more and more aggressive over time. It would try and pick on the lobster on occasion but naturaly the lobster always won. Well the night before the lobster died, I told my husband "I am taking that mean fish to work with me tomorrow." And then the next morning, I found my lobster on her back, dead. So it could have been that she was fighting with the red tail shark...again, and the shark somehow flipped her over on her back, and she couldn't turn herself over. And since this all happened while we were sleeping, I guess I will never know. But thank you so much for your sympathy.

Come visit me, somethingsfishy african cichlids, somethingsfishy pentegon reef, Somethingsfishy lil saltwater, somethings fishy 72 gal & Somethingsfishy Memorial To Blue Lobster.

08/12/2008 12:36.41 AM Report This Comment
My Discus fry are in another tank. At last count I had 17. Thanks for the visit and the vote here is another vote for you.
Have a great weekend.

Come visit me, My Tank, The Fry Tank & Snakeskin Discus.

07/18/2008 10:40.01 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for stopping by and voting for's a vote for you.
Love your tank too

Come visit me, Barbiedee.

07/17/2008 03:41.00 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the comment
Your tank looks great. Take some upclose pics of the tank.

As for as the mollies go, they will eat their young especially if they don't get fed on a regular basis. However, if there is a lot of cover, a good bit will survive. I won't hunt them down to place in a differnt tank, I just let nature take its course. I had live bearers before and ended up with some great offspring.

Come visit me, 90g Mixed Reef & 12g nano.

07/09/2008 08:40.37 PM Report This Comment
Looks great here's a vote.

Come visit me, angels & freinds.

06/21/2008 05:04.56 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the compliment, and the vote. Heres one for you. You have a beautiful tank.

Come visit me, aikomay1 & aikomay.

06/17/2008 05:37.04 PM Report This Comment
thanks for stopping by
the photo i had up was not my tank, but i have it up now. i love having plants in it. yours look great. i need to get some more gravel in the tank. any tips on how i can do it now that it is already up?

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

05/29/2008 10:00.51 AM Report This Comment
thnx alot for the vote, and BTW if you have never had pearl gourami's they look amazing and are real easy to keep, although i would suggest to have female's along with the males, only because i have 2 males alone in my tank and sometimes they can be a bit nippy. but like i said before, they're an awsome fish... you got my vote

Come visit me, lilsaltyfresh.

05/28/2008 12:16.34 PM Report This Comment
Stopped by to see your tank. Really great photos! Hope all is well in your part of the world. Visit us anytime. Voted 4U

Come visit me, the2larues.

05/27/2008 09:34.50 PM Report This Comment
i luv the variety of ur tank!!! its awesome that u have so many fish. good luck and hope you excel, your fish friend from Nebraska!!

Come visit me, Pinktaylor17.

05/24/2008 04:59.31 PM Report This Comment

Come visit me, CHUNKY BUT.

05/18/2008 07:16.04 AM Report This Comment
thanks my friend i appreciate you helping me out heres a vote for you..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

05/16/2008 09:18.39 PM Report This Comment
hey buddy
its that time again i need your help please if you get the chance vote for my pittbulls west african setup so that i may reach 1000 votes, thanks my friend..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

05/15/2008 10:17.40 PM Report This Comment
cool deal yeah if you start right right now on that walking here you should be here in a month and i will gladly give you my shrimp for free and a tank, hehehe, sweet deal, yeah you wont go wrong with plants in your shrimp tank just as long as you dont add any ferts to the aquarium co-2 is ok just watch out for fertilizers they will kill your shrimp, hey spaz lives close to you she may be able to tell you were she got hers blog her spazbees profile, cool i am glad i was of help for you my friend take care and a vote..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

05/13/2008 05:20.40 PM Report This Comment
i cant believe how much these shrimp have gone up in price since the last time i looked which was last summer so i did a search i found cherry shrimp on ebay, and out of the three aquabid seems to be your best choice for your buck if you go to on the main screen type in cherry shrimp in the search field at the top you will hit a list of folks selling cherry shrimp there is this one seller out of NY selling 30 shrimp for 23.00 dollars plus 6.00 dollars for S/H so basically a buck a shrimp, as for me i have about 50 cherry shrimp right now how close do you live to me i am in fort knox, KY, if you do go to ebay put in red cherry shrimp in the search field and you will get a couple of hits on the shrimp but honest aquabid is your best choice unless you live close to me, i'm not setup to sell or transport live animals, i do have a couple of those kordon breather bags that the shrimp came in that i saved, take a look and let me know what you think, yes i am a seargent in law enforcement animal division have been for 11 years, later buddy..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

05/08/2008 08:18.32 PM Report This Comment
What's Happenin?
Thanks for droppin by-I still love those lush plants of yours. Lookin Good.
here's a vote back at ya. take care

Come visit me, Cops and Convicts.

05/02/2008 09:16.19 AM Report This Comment
Hi from Deepblue
I've been fighting still with ick in my main tank so I haven't been on for a bit. In spite of the ick the corys spawned again this past week. This time I put some of them in a tank with some guppy fry and some by themselves. Even though the guppies were really small themselves they ate them up... But the last two pictures I uploaded from the other tank. They are from Thursday and Friday. One I put a dime in front of them to show their size, the other the grid showing under the tank is an inch. Teeny cute little guys. Love them! Have to see if I can actually feed them now! Take care, leaving you a vote!

Come visit me, Fred's tank & Deepblue.

04/19/2008 04:48.56 PM Report This Comment
Sorry im posting more pics today.I took that one with my phone, it was ok c u around.

Come visit me, small tank & salt xpert.

04/17/2008 06:51.16 PM Report This Comment
well cherry shrimp usually go for about a dollar a shrimp on line i dont know how much at pet shops but probably go for about 3 dollars or so, not at all they are easy well the red cherries are i havent owned any other shrimps and the they only get to be an inch so i would say stick with fish that wont see them as a snack i started out with 7 one died right off and my first 6 are now 50+ i need to start finding homes for them, i have my cherries in with otos and pygmy corys and they seem to be fine they keep having babies, just avoid certain chemicals and they will be fine, i have been to and the owner has alot of info on them and several types of shrimps, later my friend..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

04/14/2008 10:12.07 PM Report This Comment!
No!I dont think I would ever!Even though I think it would be neat!!!Here is a vote!!SWIM BACK SOON!

Come visit me, betta fish.

04/14/2008 04:28.18 PM Report This Comment
thanks for visiting
and for your vote,great looking tank!stop in anytime,thanks again:)

Come visit me, blue74.

04/05/2008 08:55.09 AM Report This Comment
hello buddy
i need your help if you get the chance please vote for my brevis tank i am trying to reach a thousand votes for this setup, cool i appreciate the votes my friend..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

04/02/2008 08:39.21 PM Report This Comment
nice plants. here's a vote

Come visit me, planter35.

03/31/2008 03:02.04 PM Report This Comment
just stopping in to leave you a vote

Come visit me, koi person.

03/26/2008 08:47.48 AM Report This Comment
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