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Freshwater from Alpharetta

Ode to Jack Skellington

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Active within 3256 Days

Name: Harbor Lights

Size/Category 29-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Square

List of Fish:
2 - Cherry Barb
3 - Clown Loach
2 - Goldfish
1 - Long-Fin Swordtail
1 - Platy
1 - Red-Tailed Shark
2 - Rosy Barb

Lighting: Oceanic BioCube Tank Lighting

Filtration: Oceanic BioCube Tank Filtration System

Invertebrates: Accurate List of Fish: 3 Clown Loaches, 2 Cherry Barbs, 1 Banana Barb, 1 Balloon Molly, 1 Swordtail, 1 High-Finned something, 1 Red-Tailed Shark, 1 Mickey Mouse Platy, and 1 Balloon Molly Fry

Other Accessories: TopFin 2-Outlet Bubbler and Breeder's Net

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03/01/2008 07:31.01 PM Report This Comment
i dig this tank. its fun and colorful

Come visit me, Dave's Friendly Planted Tank, Lisa's Cichlid Tank & Lisa & Dave's Saltwater/Reef Tank.

10/03/2007 01:48.27 PM Report This Comment
*The Fry Say Hi*
(Enjoy the rhyme... fry - hi? LOL) Well, my one little fry says hello to everyone. He/she is doing quite well. In about 3 weeks time, (s)he'll probably be ready or almost ready to enter the general population... we'll have to see... meanwhile, he/she is still getting fry food. - Thanks so much for dropping by! :)

Come visit me, Nightmare Before Christmas & Harbor Lights.

10/02/2007 03:51.02 PM Report This Comment
*Did someone say BOO!?*
I just wanted to take the opportunity to share my favorite Halloween poetry with everyone. This excerpt comes from the film "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and is spoken by Santa Claus:
And finally everything worked out just fine,
Christmas was saved, though there wasn’t much time.
But after that night things were never the same,
Each holiday now knew the other one’s name.
And though that one Christmas things got out of hand,
I’m still rather fond of that skeleton man.
So… many years later I thought I’d drop in.
And there was old Jack still looking quite thin,
With four or five skeleton children at hand,
Playing strange little tunes in their xylophone band.
And I asked old Jack,
Do you remember the night when the sky was so dark and the moon shown so bright?
When a million small children pretending to sleep,
Nearly didn’t have Christmas at all so to speak?
And would, if you could, turn that mighty clock back to that long, fateful night?
Now, think carefully Jack, would you do the whole thing all over again?
Knowing what you know now, knowing what you knew then?
And he smiled like the old Pumpkin King that I knew,
Then turned and asked softly of me,
Wouldn’t you?

Come visit me, Nightmare Before Christmas & Harbor Lights.

10/01/2007 02:32.45 PM Report This Comment
*Just An Update... A Journal of Sorts*
Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments! And I love all the corny Elvis commentary, LOL. So, I was thinking about possibly getting out my old 10-gallon tank from the garage and setting up a goldfish tank. If I did this, how many would I put in there, like 5 or 6? And should I get fancy goldfish or just the regular variety? I'm not sure if I'll be able to go through with it, based on the rest of the household's opinions, LOL.... but maybe around Christmas time, so for the time-being, I'm just asking around. And the loaches are my favorite, too. Thanks so much for all of the great input & thanks again for dropping by! :)

Come visit me, Nightmare Before Christmas & Harbor Lights.

09/30/2007 04:55.20 PM Report This Comment
Very colorful
Would that be blue suede gravel?!? haha, lame I know but couldn't resist! nice mix of fins, great pics, glad you got them up and am happy to have you on the site!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/30/2007 04:30.08 PM Report This Comment
Nice pics, I like the loaches

Come visit me, Saltwater.

09/30/2007 07:51.23 AM Report This Comment
I like the added pics

Come visit me, Saltwater.

09/30/2007 07:50.36 AM Report This Comment
You get my vote
really really nice setup, love the pic of Elvis too

Come visit me, Annem1967.

09/30/2007 06:38.47 AM Report This Comment
hey harbor
this a very colorful tank like my daughters tank good job on the combo of colors, brings out the fish aye, i believe that the banana barb is a cross bred shorty finned rosey barb or could be a gold barb, but there is tons of names out there who knows aye, shake that leg hound dog, heres a blue seude shoe vote, elvis is king, happy fishin..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

09/29/2007 10:17.31 PM Report This Comment
*Labeling My Tank Pics... A Journal of Sorts*
I have uploaded all of my tank pictures. This is what each shot pictures with coordinates (Row, Column): (1,1) is a front view of the tank; (1,2) is another front view of the tank; (1,3) is my Banana Barb; (2,1) is my Balloon Molly; (2,2) is another shot of my Balloon Molly; (2,3) is my male Swordtail; (3,1) is my high-finned something; (3,2) is my male Cherry Barb; (3,3) is my female Cherry Barb; (4,1) is my Mickey Mouse Platy; (4,2) is my Red-Tailed Shark; (4,3) is another shot of my Red-Tailed Shark; (5,1), (5,2), (5,3), (6,1), and (6,2) picture my 3 Clown Loaches; (6,3) is a picture of my one fry that came from the Balloon Molly; (7,1) is my filtration system and my bubbler device shown from above; (7,2) is a right-side view of the tank with the thermometer shown at right at exactly 77 degrees.

Come visit me, Nightmare Before Christmas & Harbor Lights.

09/29/2007 11:19.44 AM Report This Comment
a visit and a chat
Looking forward to your new pics, though the pooch is pretty cute. ahh, Elvis love songs, nothing like them. The boy could croon, fo'sho'! I got some red ramshorn snails today that are very small but really red and cute. Still waiting on my puffer order, but that just gives the new tank more time to cycle. The shells in the bees tank give them lots of hiding spots and they stake out territory and defend them fiercely which is quite comical. They remind me of bulldogs.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/28/2007 04:13.24 PM Report This Comment
graceland rocks
hey you are a big time elvis fan aye, my aunt is just the same, well cool, heres a hound dog thanks..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

09/27/2007 11:18.36 PM Report This Comment
the minami shrimp tank
is on hold i have a bad spike of nitrite going on in this tank as i have just added new filters and the black sand to this tank, this tank was my hosp tank, so i am waiting til the tank has fully cycled and all perimeters are in check before i add the minamis shrimp, but soon i believe this tank will be fine, happy fishin..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

09/27/2007 11:04.55 PM Report This Comment
fish enthusiast
well i have been in the hobby for 20+ years a really long time, my oldest tank is the 30 gal it has been up and running for 6 years, but here soon i am upgrading to a 55 gal and i will donate this tank to a teacher at a local school, i have already made plans to donate this tank plus i do education at local schools in my area on fish husbandry at least once a week me and my collegue have a program for teaching animal husbandry to elementry schools and some local college groups, my 120 gal is about 3 years old and i have 3 10 gal with special projects in them via inverts, happy fishin..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

09/27/2007 10:42.04 PM Report This Comment
whats up harbor
no problem, well what i do is get a chair and set up shop at the front of tank so that fish will get used to my presence, get the camera with different angles out and camera flashes, just sit there and wait until i get a good shot i know i have deleted several hundred of photos before i decide to keep a photo also if you have some fish that wont come out i usually feed some cichlid pellets this usually helps to bring them out, it can be achieved, with patience and know how, and a good digital camera, you can get some good photos, heres a vote and happy fishin..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

09/27/2007 10:11.18 PM Report This Comment
*Just An Update... A Journal of Sorts...*
Well, thanks so much for the warm welcome. I will try to get tank pics up this weekend. I will also try to post some pics of my "happy campers" this weekend as well. Well, to the point of the update, eh? Yesterday I brought home 2 more Clown Loaches (so now Koby has friends! yay!) and I also brought home 2 Balloon Mollies (yes, I know they are tank hybrids...). One molly was pregnant and has birthed 2 fry; I have them in a breeders net and her in a separate 1 gallon tank. I am feeding them Wardley's fry food (<- $8... what a rip-off!!). So, the 2 "Goldfish" listed are actually Balloon Mollies... mollies just aren't on the breed list. I will also try to visit everyone's pages who posts here through Saturday and I will post my comments on your pages. Until next time!... thanks so much for dropping by! :)

Come visit me, Nightmare Before Christmas & Harbor Lights.

09/26/2007 04:09.03 PM Report This Comment
It seems they don't have dog fish on the menu either, haha....look forward to fin pics when you get them up, especially the banana barb, never heard of one but all places have their own peccadilloes when it comes to naming their stock, so welcome to the site!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/25/2007 08:03.38 PM Report This Comment
Sounds like you really have a nice setup...of course, the dog is nice, too!

Come visit me, Gourami Tank, Loopy, Blue, Community, Future Tankbusters, Brackish Puffer Tank, Red & Betta.

09/25/2007 04:12.37 PM Report This Comment
Pics of the tank please, although I do like the dog pic.

Come visit me, Saltwater.

09/25/2007 11:14.04 AM Report This Comment
and welcome, nice photo of the terr. your tank sounds nice, nice to meet you and drop by to chat and vote, BTW heres your vote and happy fishin..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

09/24/2007 10:11.09 PM Report This Comment
*Explaining My Tank Preview Picture...*
Since I just became a member, I have not had a chance to take pictures of my tank. For this reason, my 7-year-old West Highland White Terrier (McDuff) is going to be the picture you see until I can take some pictures of my tank "in action."

Come visit me, Nightmare Before Christmas & Harbor Lights.

09/24/2007 07:14.15 PM Report This Comment
*My Poor, Little, Lonely Clown Loach*
Yes, I am aware that Clown Loaches are social fish. I plan on going out to get 2 friends for him sometime this week or this weekend if I don't get around to it during the week. Then I will have three Clown Loaches and they should be one, big, happy family!

- Thanks so much for dropping by! :)

Come visit me, Nightmare Before Christmas & Harbor Lights.

09/24/2007 06:55.59 PM Report This Comment
*IMPORTANT: About My List of Fish*
I do NOT actually have 2 Rosy Barbs... I just put that there to represent two types of fish that are not represented in the drop-down menu, but which I happen to own. These two fish are: one Banana Barb and one small, high-finned something.

- Thanks so much for dropping by! :)

Come visit me, Nightmare Before Christmas & Harbor Lights.

09/24/2007 06:52.58 PM Report This Comment
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