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Saltwater from streetsboro


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Active within 1258 Days

Name: ramoth41

Size/Category 125-Gallon Saltwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
1 - Marine Comet
2 - Percula Clown
3 - Yellow Tang
4 - Yellowtail Damsel

Lighting: 4 VHO blue and white
2 175W 14K MH

Filtration: Sump, live rock, skimmer Tank is pre drilled with 2 overflows

Invertebrates: LPS=Torch,Frogs- pawn, Pink Bubble,Red Meat Coral,& Red Favia. SPS= turquoise Acro , green Acro, Purple Montipora, Leathers= Brown Devil's Hand & Green Trees mushrooms in green, red, brown, metallic green. Zoa's= in green, brown,blueish,o- range,pink. Corky Finger Gorgonia. Star polyps in green & neon green hermits, snails, serpent star, Coral Banded Shrimp. Also fish not on "list" are 2 Convict Blennies, Coral Beauty Angel, Singapore Angel, & breeding pair of 4 Stripe Damsels

Other Accessories: 4 in tank power heads,2 are small and behind the rock work and 2 on the sides for more turbulence rio pump for returns and magdrive pump for the skimmer

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You got my vote!
Will get over and vote! You are so lucky that was all you lost. Thanks for the laugh I needed that!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

10/06/2009 08:29.32 PM Report This Comment
Braver than I am
No way would I want to attempt closing that pond that way! WIsh I could give you a bunch of votes for all of your pages for that one lol! YOu deserve them! Blogging here but voting everywhere!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

10/05/2009 10:43.36 PM Report This Comment
Votes all around
So when are you going to bring in the pond?

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/25/2009 09:00.53 PM Report This Comment
Leaving votes
voting all blogging here!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/24/2009 06:11.46 PM Report This Comment
Stopping by
With a vote!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/23/2009 11:22.57 PM Report This Comment
Leaving a vote!
Just stopping by with a vote for you!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/17/2009 03:18.47 PM Report This Comment
Here's some votes on all your pages!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/16/2009 03:49.45 PM Report This Comment
Leaving votes!
Leaving votes on all your pages! Take care!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/09/2009 08:04.37 PM Report This Comment
Voting for You!!
First time to see your setup. Its wonderful.

Come visit me, IBARKALOT.

08/07/2009 04:54.47 PM Report This Comment
Lost at sea?
Are you lost at sea or just on vacation? LOL!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/01/2009 11:39.48 PM Report This Comment
Voting all blogging here..
My good news with the path report didn't last long...Going to cut and paste this message for all of my friends here. My 11 year old (my youngest I brought into this family) has been getting, well hairy.. thick black hair on her back, bottom, arms, and legs. It is of course starting to bother her so we made an appointment with the dr. Mom had a job interview, so I sent her with grandma, not really thinking this was anything too serious... Long story short the Dr. mentioned a few things it could be.. a simple hormone issue.. to a tumor behind the kidneys. So now we are being referred to a large children's hospital and in the meantime our doc was contacting them so she could begin testing at her local hospital. I live in such a small area that its about 45 min just to a dr I would trust with my children. Pretty scarey! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

07/28/2009 11:12.51 PM Report This Comment
Votes all around!
Here are votes all around. I was excited, got a toadstoal frag the other day. I sold some stuff to a guy that is new to the hobby and he needed help with his tank. I drove down to his house (about an hour away), tested his water and took him some of mine, so he gave me a snip! ARe those red death palys below? If so I would love to get a frag sometime of those from ya! Been busy working on my frag business. If you would like added to the mailing list when it is up and running, send me a private email. Don't want to get introuble for doing business on here! LOL

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

07/27/2009 07:26.59 PM Report This Comment
Talked to a guy that a rely on a lot at a fish store, he told me he has heard of the outdoor saltwater ponds. Said they are pretyt hard to maintain but it is possible! Good luck! I love your pics below, did you just ad some?

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

07/19/2009 08:22.14 PM Report This Comment
Blogging here and voting everywhere! I sent you an email!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

07/18/2009 04:36.02 PM Report This Comment
Leaving you more votes. Just curious, I don't know much about those kinds of gobies. Have they been known to breed in home aquariums? I think its so neat that you are trying!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

07/16/2009 03:05.17 PM Report This Comment
What a cool concept, a saltwater pond. HOw will you keep the temp regulated? Got to forgive me if its a dumb question, because I am in Ohio. Our weather changes constantly! Thanks for the vote, I am blogging here, but voting all of your pages (I always return votes!)

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

07/14/2009 12:26.53 AM Report This Comment
This tank show what happen when someone take the time to care about there tank(it look so natural) I have been on fish channel for about 6month and I visit alot of people pages and I thought I seen it all, before your. Great tank and fish.

Come visit me, fiscofreak.

06/25/2008 08:32.55 AM Report This Comment
Yeah, your tank rocks.

Right on.


Come visit me, New Saltwater hobby dude.

05/30/2008 11:57.57 PM Report This Comment
Great tank!!! Heres a vote!~!~!

Come visit me, The Tank, The Tank 3, The Tank 2 & The Tank 1.5.

04/19/2008 10:02.43 PM Report This Comment
Great tank the water is really clear and the coral is awesome.

Come visit me, FishRMe, Nano FishRMe, Nemo FishRMe & DoryFishRMe.

04/07/2008 08:06.40 PM Report This Comment
love your tank hope my salt water looks that good someday.. my pond in the basement is made from 2x4 and plywood and liner 4'highx4' widex 12' long it keeps them safe from the cold for now and i can enjoy them all winter i'll post a pic soon

Come visit me, koi person.

02/15/2008 12:24.43 PM Report This Comment
nice tank
Love the way you set up the rocks and you have some nice fish.

Come visit me, FishRMe, Nano FishRMe, Nemo FishRMe & DoryFishRMe.

12/15/2007 09:02.03 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the votes!!
Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Beauty Beneath contest. I WON!!! For Nov. 07! Never did that before!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

12/05/2007 07:14.25 PM Report This Comment
I love your tank! Looks great! Lotta time and money into it im sure. Here is a vote for your awesome tank. Keep up the excellent work!

Come visit me, Rookiereefer.

11/13/2007 04:28.21 PM Report This Comment
thats a beatiful looking tank.

Come visit me, blazr113 & pufferfreak2.

11/10/2007 10:02.04 AM Report This Comment
Absolutely gorgeous tank!!

Come visit me, Seahorses & mixed reef.

11/01/2007 10:27.03 AM Report This Comment
You have a very Beautiful tank w/ a lot of growth. It's obivous you have put your time and money into this tank. It shows!!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics = )

Come visit me, Dave's Friendly Planted Tank, Lisa's Cichlid Tank & Lisa & Dave's Saltwater/Reef Tank.

09/30/2007 02:28.58 PM Report This Comment
Nice tank
You have a nice setup and cool pics too !

Come visit me, FlreefDiver.

09/30/2007 07:46.14 AM Report This Comment

Come visit me, skeeterdav2002 & metaldav2005.

09/03/2007 05:27.07 PM Report This Comment
Sorry I side 25lbs live that was suppose to be 25 lbs of live rock

Come visit me, Brads Reef.

08/30/2007 02:38.02 PM Report This Comment
Nice tank. Well to answer you question on my refugium. I started with the CPR Aquafuge pro It's a 17-1/2 gal. sump type and using cpr cs50 300 gal hr overflow didn't drill this tank and using a pondmaster 350 gal. hr. for return to tank. Ok I have 40 lbs. of CaribSea Arag-Alive pink fiji sand. 20lbs. live sand and 25lbs of live sand and plants. About 6 months later I added 1 24oz container of Walt Smith Fiji mud.I moved rock and plants and spread it on top of deep sand bed and a few months later I added more mud same size and afew months later getting into refugium does not cause the tank to become cloudy. Running 2 36 watt pc 10k for light. I did loose everything in fire that was in that room and the loss in live stock in tank was more than i got from insurance. I worry about fire still very much and this time i use gfis on everything

Come visit me, Brads Reef.

08/30/2007 02:18.41 PM Report This Comment
There are mushroom, trumpet coral among others

Come visit me, Saltwater.

08/29/2007 07:55.08 AM Report This Comment
nice tank, looks like you put in lots of hard work to get it there.

Come visit me, Saltwater.

08/28/2007 05:49.31 AM Report This Comment
hello..thanks for the comments,your tank is very nice as well and I will give you a vote.The betta is a great fish and I have had mine for a couple of years now.I am a little concerned about having leather corals cause of the potent sting they have with others.I did just get a frogspawn and hammer and have to be careful with there placement as well.Looks great,take care.Tony

Come visit me, lobo.

08/27/2007 01:22.48 PM Report This Comment
beautiful tank
really nice. a lot of effort.

Come visit me, Betta Vase, 5gal, TetraTank & Future Tank.

08/27/2007 06:21.27 AM Report This Comment
Thanks everyone!
Thanks for all the great comments! I'll be sure to visit everyone asap! lol
Ok well to answer some questions..
We started in a 20L in 1994.. moved to a 55G shortly after and the 125g went up in 2001 so the whole thing has been "evolving" for 13yrs and in it's current configuration for about 7yrs. It's gone through some changes and had a major crash that wiped out almost ALL the LPS and SPS. I lost some really nice open brains and some green staghorn. Not really sure what happened other than "old tank syndrome" seemed to be the cause. Made some changes and things are getting back to "normal"
That monster Devils Hand Leather is 4-5th generation! I traded one that size at a swap which is now living in 3 different tanks! The problem with that type of leather.. you cut it off a rock the "foot" grows back! Now it's big enough to drop babies on it's own! Anyone need some leathers? I really need some ideas on removing that beast as he takes up the entire tank! Shoot me a message if your interested! lol
I'll post some more pics of other critters asap!
Tanks for the votes!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

08/26/2007 08:23.35 AM Report This Comment
08/25/2007 09:33.17 AM Report This Comment
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