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Saltwater from Naples


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Active within 2937 Days

Name: sea animals

Size/Category 10-Gallon Saltwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Show

List of Fish:
2 - Domino Damsel
1 - Percula Clown
1 - Volitans Lion
1 - Queen Trigger

Lighting: 100 watt florescent

Filtration: penguin power head,& water fall

Invertebrates: live rock & live sand
clown fish "nemo"
i have some worms in my tank and i grabed 1 and it hurt so bad it has lil hairs on it like fiberglass i couldnt get them out what are they???

Serpent star
red sea star
6 cleaner blue crabs
lil anomes & mushrooms, a feather duster,

Other Accessories: live sand
live rock
this tank has only been running for a week. it will be the best tank i have yet when im done but it will take time and lots of $$$$$

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Thanks for sharing! Here's a vote!

Come visit me, 1st Planted Tank.

01/26/2009 03:49.20 AM Report This Comment
Where'd you guys disappear to? Chunky eat you out of house and home or just your computer, lol. How is the monster? Take care, vote.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

10/27/2008 05:45.58 PM Report This Comment
Hello there. I love your fish. Yes I do feed him bloodworms. he LOVES THEM!! lol

Come visit me, RIP Flaming ELL :'(.

10/23/2008 09:56.26 AM Report This Comment
Nice tank
Didn't think you could get so much in a 10 gallon tank I can imagine it is alot of work to keep it looking good.

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

10/09/2008 07:14.49 PM Report This Comment
How's it going? How's the Chunkster doing? All's fine with me. I have a blind fish who I think got whipped by a reclusive pistol shrimp. I've never seen it but I've heard it plenty of times. The fish was all of a sudden all stressed out, I thought he was going to die. He's still alive and it's been almost 2 weeks. He's eating by sniffing and hanging out at the top of the tank. I guess he's adapting poor guy. Talk later, vote.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

09/02/2008 10:34.54 AM Report This Comment
Didn't get home Friday night from work till 8:30 and I was too tired to blog. Tonight we just got in at 7:30, being away all day. We went to a radio controlled jet show in Gardner MA which is up in western MA about a 2 hr ride. We planned meet a doctor friend I work with there that loves jets. We had a nice time till a thunderstorm ripped through pretty much ending it all. Got back to the cars and our friend's car had a flat. Rode around looking for Fix a Flat, got it and fixed it. Then we followed him back to RI to a restaraunt that was really good. Different. It was Brazilian and Milanese. It was all you could eat. There was a huge antipasto bar with about 200 different things for starters. They gave you a thing that was red on one end and green on the other. When you turned it up to the green side thees "gaucho's as they call them" came with many different kinds of meat and other things on skewers and sliced some of whatever you wanted. Filet mignon too! When you wanted a break, you'd flip the thing over to the red side and they'd give you a break until you flipped it back over. Really good stuff! The best garlic bread I ever had in my life too. We were there for over 2 hours. I've never been in a restaraunt that long before. We were stuffed to capacity. Quite reasonable too. It was $28 a person. They have a website, check it out. Yum Yum. Vote for ya.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/16/2008 06:15.49 PM Report This Comment
We've been having the strangest weather lately. We're having another thunderstorm right now. Almost every day for the past week. There was such bad flooding in the next town over, they showed a guy on the news going down the street in a rowboat. There was also another tornado warning in the town next to that. What is going on!!!! I don't like it. The planet is broken. Who's turn is it to fix it? Maybe we can turn the streets into fishponds, lol. Vote.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/11/2008 05:06.54 PM Report This Comment
I did tank water changes today and got beat up by the new tiny little pipsqueek of a clownfish. He kept launching himself at my arm and biting me. It tickled. He's really got a set for a tiny little creature! Then I got bonked by the blenny! I guess I'm not welcome in their world. I should charge them rent with that attitude! We lost a gouldian finch the other day. Sad as he was one of our first two. Have a good weekend my friend, Vote.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/09/2008 06:04.59 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the tips. My mother just gave me her digital camera when she got another. Maybe I can learn how to shut the flash off on that one. The one I have now I'm going to have to find the directions to figure it out. This tiny house is a black hole when it comes to finding stuff. There is too much crap piled everywhere so you can't find anything. I'll practice when I get a chance and post some updated tank pictures. Vote my friend.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/03/2008 02:46.42 PM Report This Comment
This is lovely! How long have you been hiding this on me, lol! Your pictures are fabulous. How do you get them without any glare? Mine always have glass glare and the halides seem to distort too. It looks bigger than a ten gallon. You still have space where you could fit a thing or two, haha. I like it very much, thanks for sharing. Vote of course.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/01/2008 01:13.25 PM Report This Comment
happy Sunday
not sure if that applies really but since I am happy, figured I's spread it around like manure hahaha.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/27/2008 07:39.22 AM Report This Comment
such a nice world this is
well, how was your weekend? Did you have to work through it all or get to have some time to play? How goes life in FL. NV is nice and hot, smoky and all around ugh this time of year. Maybe that's why I have so many fin tanks, to keep my mind off of what's outside haha!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/07/2008 08:48.36 AM Report This Comment
Hello-here a vote
just swimming by to see your fish and tank.

Come visit me, fiscofreak.

06/19/2008 05:03.47 PM Report This Comment
Saltwater too?
I see you also have a Lion fish.So you don't just have the Clown Knife.Well here is a vote for your Saltwater tank looks good

Come visit me, Sammy, Suzie Q & Carry and Harry.

05/20/2008 06:59.33 PM Report This Comment
Hi to you too
Nice set-up. Starfish and everything. Here is a vote. Talk to you later.

Come visit me, Naturalandfake.

05/13/2008 07:41.56 AM Report This Comment
Stopped by to drop a vote off. Really cool set up. Swim over when you can and have a fishalishous day!

Come visit me, the2larues.

05/09/2008 11:29.36 PM Report This Comment
Hey again
Looks like the 55 will be well on its way just from what comes out of the 10!! Very cool. Another vote.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

04/29/2008 10:06.49 AM Report This Comment
Just checkn' out your tank. Very nice. You're really gettin' a lot of bang for the buck out of a 10g tank. Gotta be worth a vote. Take care.

Come visit me, Nep2Ns PlumR.

04/28/2008 12:03.40 PM Report This Comment
Thank you :-)

Come visit me, Curious Creatures.

04/28/2008 06:43.53 AM Report This Comment
Thought I would come to your other page today. This is a real nice set up. I know nothing about salt water and reef tanks. So I am asking the red star in your picture, is it living or fake? And I can see a red fish in your pictures. What is that called. Am leaving you with a vote.

Come visit me, Rhonda.

04/25/2008 05:37.14 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the nice words and the visit. Your tank is beautiful, with great creatures. I can't wait to get some gorgonians. Yours are beautiful. Are they hard to care for? Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

04/22/2008 10:09.54 AM Report This Comment
Great tank!!! Heres a vote!~!~!

Come visit me, The Tank, The Tank 3, The Tank 2 & The Tank 1.5.

04/20/2008 06:38.12 PM Report This Comment
Balloon Fantasy here
Just stopping by to wish you a happy Easter and give you a vote.See ya.

shannon, Temple, PA.

03/23/2008 04:14.14 PM Report This Comment
Nice Tank
We stopped by to leave you another vote!>))))">

Come visit me, & .

03/09/2008 08:33.14 PM Report This Comment
This is a really neat setup. It looks like a bit of seashore and tidal pools. That's funny about the gators. I've always wanted one of those. Well, here's a vote for you. ttyl

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

03/06/2008 07:42.16 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the vote. I can't wait to get pictures on my page. I have some good ones on my digital right now so hopefully soon I can get them on. I'll leave you another vote today

Come visit me, Rhonda.

03/06/2008 04:42.21 PM Report This Comment
nice looking tank. Here is a vote!

Come visit me, Rhonda.

03/05/2008 06:39.30 PM Report This Comment
Thanks! I don't think I'll be starting a saltwater tank for a while, though. When starting something new with an aquarium, I like to take things into consideration and plan things long before I start something like that. That way, when I do it, it's not so much of a whim. Here's a vote!

Come visit me, plantedtank & Puffer tank.

03/05/2008 02:08.38 PM Report This Comment
Cool lionfish! I would like to keep a lionfish, but don't have any expirence with saltwater. How many years expirence of freshwater do you thnk would be needed before starting saltwater? Here's a vote!

Come visit me, plantedtank & Puffer tank.

03/04/2008 05:05.08 PM Report This Comment
nice set up!

Come visit me, & .

02/22/2008 08:06.46 PM Report This Comment
Great Tank.
Pretty fish ><}}}>
I've got a small reef too
Check it out

Come visit me, Clownfreak.

02/20/2008 04:59.35 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the congrats on set up of the week. Here is a vote for you.

Come visit me, Algae Shrimp, Starfish43, Blue Crayfish & Fugly.

02/19/2008 10:07.25 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for stopping by.Heres a vote back at ya.What an ugly day compared to yesterday.I can't wait for this winter to be over.All this warm weather and then cold weather is driving me nuts.One day I'm out riding my bike the next I'm in the house so I don't freeze.Crazy.Take care now got to go get the rest of you guys now.See ya.

shannon, Temple, PA.

02/19/2008 01:24.34 PM Report This Comment
Hello again

Thanks for the tip on the live sand but I was ahead of the game already I guess. I had added 5lbs of live sand about 3 weeks after I put in the live rock. I added the pics of putting in the sand to my profile. I only put in 5lbs though. Should I put in more? Is it too late to put in more? I have tons of little bugs crawling all over the sides of the tank now and on the rocks. Supposedly from how I have described these bugs to someone they are Amphipods and are good for the tank. While I am here, here is another vote.

Come visit me, Algae Shrimp, Starfish43, Blue Crayfish & Fugly.

02/12/2008 08:32.27 PM Report This Comment
cool stuff there I hear. I am a left coast baby all the way, though am currently in NV and HATE IT, Reno is not the biggest little city, it's the biggest armpit! haha. Well, its not entirely bad as it's easy to drive to cities I like in a matter of hours. I forgot my monster password too, it's buried somewhere in an email to myself. Not that I have monster fins of my own but nothing wrong with a little voyeurism eh? haha I must be feeling better! Yea, got a new bank account today and already had to change the password cuz I am queen of the idiots and well, it's all good now! This is such a great tank, very nice my friend!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

02/11/2008 03:53.03 PM Report This Comment
Hello again from Northern Canada

Thanks for the warm greeting from "sunny Florida" I only wished I lived in Florida right now. We have had a really big cold front here in the past week and temps went down to -43 C which I think is about -20 Fahrenheit. ( Not much good at Math). Cars were not starting, things were breaking from the cold, etc etc. We get used to it but tired of it after awhile too. The summer up here though is really nice but very short. I have been down to Florida a couple of times as my ex husband has family there in Sarasoda and Tampa Bay. Obviously went to Disneyworld while we were there also. I love palm trees and it was so cool to see them growing in folks backyards. Up here its evergreen trees and poplar trees for miles with lots of moose. Anyways besides getting out to work in this cold, I have been spending alot of time on the fish channel and looking after my aquariums and really enjoying the new SW one. Anyways, thanks for the vote and here is one for you also again.

Come visit me, Algae Shrimp, Starfish43, Blue Crayfish & Fugly.

02/10/2008 03:05.15 PM Report This Comment
Another vote and thanks for voting for me.

Come visit me, Algae Shrimp, Starfish43, Blue Crayfish & Fugly.

02/08/2008 01:16.04 PM Report This Comment
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