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there isnt really anything in this tank at the moment

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
I did major cleaning on all 3 tanks yesterday, filter pads, gravel and glass all got to be shiny new again. Every time I clean the sewer, it gets cloudy for a day or so, weird but whatever, the fish are happy and healthy so guess it's just one of those weird things. I'm super happy today, not only is it Fri, and a big weekend, but my daughter is moving out (well, mostly, she will still have things stored in the garage for awhile longer) and my stepson is moving out next weekend! I finally get my art room! Bf is laughing at me cuz there are bets out on if I'll suffer from 'empty nest syndrome' but he knows it won't happen. We still have my son here and he'll be here for a few more years, and the other kids are still in town, around 20 mins away from either of their places and they are only here rarely at this point anyway so yea, some folk are gonna lose some money this month cuz I'll be happily working on my glass and ceramic projects, WooHoo! All these years of 'mom-dom' have paid off! Did I mention WooHoo? yea, getting all my art stuff out of the dining room and a corner of the living room and into an area where I can actually work and leave things to dry where I made them is going to be amazing. And I'll be able to set up my easel too and finish some paintings while I'm at it. And will finally be able to use the kiln I got that's been sitting in the shipping box for 3 mos too. Next summer I'll be able to get the torches and tanks I need for my metal work too. Empty nest my eye, I've got plenty to do and it's all for it should be hehe. Well, enough of that. What have you been doing this summer? Besides killing and breeding fish that is hehe. Oh, did I tell you that for the first time ever I lost a fish while cleaning? Yup, 2 weeks ago was doing a water change in the sewer and a stupid zebra danio just zipped up the gravel vac, even though he had to make a serious effort to do so and well, into the real sewer he went...glad it wasn't a glofish, they are expensive!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/01/2011 08:23.56 AM Report This Comment
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06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
plenty of choices
well a fresh start is always a new and beautiful thing i leave you a vote as the means to new life hope to see you at captain ahab enjoy the beauty of it all

Come visit me, barnacle bob & captain ahab.

05/22/2011 06:32.11 PM Report This Comment
storage, there's never enough. I can't believe how much fish stuff I have either! OMG where did it all come from! Have a lot of stuff I don't want/need from getting 'free' fish from others an had to take their junk along with. Other than the sewer tank, I don't really have an need for the crazy colored gravels (I have some that are so neon they hurt your eyes!) or the stupid no fishing signs etc. I use the gravel for lining the bottoms of my outdoor plant pots, great for drainage and weight so the wind won't blow them over and I don't ever have to look at it again hehe. Wow, the e-glades (sounds like a cyber trip hehe), how exciting! I've only been as far as the Dakotas Mississippi. Perhaps someday I'll make it farther but I'm a left coast born and bred brat and like my left side of the states for now. Well, that and I don't have the money to travel hehe. Hopefully you'll have better luck with the Amano's. I'd like some too but for now, all my ghost shrimp are several years old and breed nicely so they are it for now. Would like more cherry shrimp too, but don't have a tank they could survive in as of yet. That 120 is going to be so much fun, I'm hoping for around the winter holidays it will finally come this way. Sooner is good too, but don't want to wish my aunts last few fish dead, she really likes them. I'm glad she didn't want me to take them on till they died, I have no desire to clean a tank that has a 24" pleco that looks like something out of a dinosaur movie! He's creepy scary! I'm a wuss, I like my little fins!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/10/2011 09:57.16 AM Report This Comment
Holy Mackerel!!
Pre-Calc!?!? OMG I'm taking ceramics I and artistic welding...nothing that requires as much brain matter as PRE-OMG-CALC classes! Jeesh! Not much else to tell, blasting my brains out with punk rock noise and painting fun stuff. Exciting life I have! First day of class was easy, I got lost and was an hour late and then he said well, not much to do today so we'll meet up in 2 weeks and get started on the real stuff. So I got credit for showing up, got my syllabus and other needs, like my locker/shelf for my work etc and got to come home. Tough day indeed hehe. Apparently I wasn't the only one lost and he was really funny about it so guess I'll survive it after all hehe. Guess that's it, hope you are having a good weekend. When will you find out about your test score?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

08/28/2010 07:15.06 PM Report This Comment
too much yard work
ugh, I really over did it with front yard rocks yesterday like an ID10T and well, am pretty sore this fine chilly morning. Yes, it's chilly here, the house is 62 inside! WooHoo! Today's big project is simple, I'm going to get some shelves painted up fancy for one of the bathrooms. There's only 4 and they aren't that big, maybe 3 ft wide, so it should be rather quick and painless hehe. And have to do some serious sweeping/vacuuming/mopping cuz dogs & cat SHED TOO MUCH even with multiple daily brushings. I think this may be my last batch of fur babies, I'm tired of hair everywhere! Of course, I always say that. We'll see how it goes after all kids finally move out. Someday they are sure to, right? hehe. My bf teases me about fins and makes up stories sometimes too. At least they make an effort to be good bf's! I'm so happy bf gets a 3 day weekend. We have a few things to get done and a bunch of star treks to catch up on. The life of geeks is so exciting hehe.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/01/2010 07:41.25 AM Report This Comment
You know I worked
yea, not the best moms' day for me but not cuz of my kids, they are awesome. No, because my mom and bro...but by 4pm it was all a bad dream and life got better from there! I had to go get everyone, pay for every thing (even though none of it was my idea nor did we have the money to spare) plus do most of the cooking, bf grilled the chicken (wow, was it yummy) and I had to then clean it all up...on a happy note, I slept in this morning, and plan on finishing my ceramic dragon that my nephew said was the most awesome one he's ever seen (he's my fave of course). We also made choc chip cookies and I ate too much dough but it was soooo yummy! Weather is weird, hoping it's going to rain soon, and all in all life is good. I'm so very excited about my classes this fall! How was your day? Did you spoil your mama? Hows fins?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/10/2010 10:34.56 AM Report This Comment
Happy Pi to you too!
yup and it's daylight-saving time again too. What a day to be enjoyed! mmmm...key lime pie would be tasty for breakfast about now HAHA!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/14/2010 08:31.44 AM Report This Comment
sore muscles
so who knew painting furniture would be so strenuous hehe. I'm getting old, it's painfully apparent HAHA. At least my projects are moving along nicely and by the weekend all should be in place. Knock wood anyway hehe. Critters are great, and kids are pretty good too. My son had to go to ER the other day, has a nasty ear infection and strep, poor kid! But thanks to the miracles of science, he's on the mend and back to being a boy. He gets to take over the helping of the projects today which should be fun. There's no radio set up in the garage yet and need some noise, boys are good at noise hehe. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/08/2010 07:59.18 AM Report This Comment
sunday lazies
so I did get some tank remodeling done, but most of what I thought I wanted in lostspaz didn't work so it's looking rather sparse and well, not camera worthy yet. I also did spazbees but will only put on new pics of the dragon goby in it, cuz that tank is still only a temporary one until I get the bigger one set up for the goby in the future 40. Oh, but my aunt is waiting for her last 3 ANCIENT & HUGE fish to die and is going to make me an incredible deal on her 120 tank, so that will be yet another GIANT project and will now have to really think about where it can fit. If I knock out a wall and add a room it would work HAHA! Dont' think bf will go for that idea hehe! Wow are my dogs rowdy and I am not ready to brave the elements to walk them yet, UGH!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

02/28/2010 07:42.31 AM Report This Comment

Come visit me, The Auglaize river, The Maumee river, The Little Auglaize river & The Ottawa river.

02/27/2010 06:27.51 PM Report This Comment
Become a fan of FishChannel, AFI and FAMA on Facebook today! 12/18/2009 02:35.51 PM
too excting
having a hard time concentrating. Dogs have me WORN OUT haha (but my pants are already looser, nice bonus!) and am so ready to just get moved! So are the boys, they are more than ready having packed most of their things awhile ago. Well, how goes your day so far? Are you able to move about a little easier? How goes all fish?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/19/2009 10:01.35 AM Report This Comment
camera woes
maybe the pearl broke it, they are rather mean you know haha. Whew, had a very busy day. A friend and I took an art class, learned to do some wax and transfer stuff, it was really fun and very cool to learn a new medium. I am happy to say bf says I don't need to worry about all my previous classes for accounting/business and I get to indulge my art passions. Already have some classes picked out for the winter's very good to be me for sure. Should have an update on the house sometime Tues. The best part is the big garage and big back deck art projects of course. Gonna be tough to prioritize this moving thing, of course, fish first, but after the painting of walls is done, might have to take a break from unpacking anything important like clothes or toiletries and just go play in my mediums HAHAHA. Well, gives me something to look forward to and a reason to get a hustle on anyway! Oh, in our class today the teacher asked if I did grahick design...SWEET! I don't but wow, what a compliment! Well, off to finish dishes, just cuz I wasn't home you'd think they could have done themselves HAHA! New fins sound great, look forward to those pics!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

06/27/2009 06:37.54 PM Report This Comment
busy and fun
been having a marvelous weekend and just waiting on the t-storms they keep predicting. Had an awesome lightning storm Fri night, even stopped my movie so I could watch it! Things going well in fishy worlds, and got news on the house, things are moving along nicely so we may be out as planned. Will be kicking the packing and cleaning into high gear this week. Ugh. For now just gonna enjoy having bf home today, these 3 day weekends are so much fun! Been canaling? Find anything cool?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/25/2009 10:00.49 AM Report This Comment
weekend fun
been so busy lately, jeesh! We did get an update on our house, should be around 10 days for the lender to get things in high gear. Perhaps we'll get to move before July after all. Gosh I hope so! It's supposed to be in the 90's here Sunday. Not ready for that at all, did not want to be packing and moving in the heat. But at least we'll be moving so guess I need to stop complaining! Fins are all fat and happy. Always like a bunch of dogs begging for attention and of course, food haha. Go canal playing and let me know what you find!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/16/2009 10:01.28 PM Report This Comment
home today
I am super happy to be home today, tired of being on the go and busy! think I'll watch the old 80's/90's Batmans to help facilitate my housework ventures. Ugh, where does the mountain of laundry appear from? It's like magic I swear! And dishes, I am so tired of them too! It's all because I just want to move NOW NOW NOW haha! So far no luck but the hunt is going better than usual, something will come along and it will be perfect...I can dream hahaha!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

04/09/2009 11:08.29 AM Report This Comment
cool tank
here's a vote, have a good day

Come visit me, Aqua22.

03/20/2009 03:46.31 AM Report This Comment
gonna need a bigger pond
haha, yea, we know kinda what we want and where it will go so have to base it on how much room, but plan on making it fairly deep for winters here. I figure in about f2 years we can get that project going if all else goes well. Like finally moving in haha. Sun is shining, and I am enjoying an absolutely horrid shark movie (I love them all haha) and life is cruising along. How goes school?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/05/2009 03:01.30 PM Report This Comment
aah, school work...
I don't miss that! So far life is pretty good, found a few houses and one dream home yesterday so we are hoping hoping hoping that things will work out in our favor on it. There was a sale on the python part that I keep breaking at PetSmart the other day so I got 2 for only 6.40 (+tax of course) and my bro works in a machine shop and is gonna see if he can't get that stupid thing made out of brass or something so I don't have to keep replacing the whole unit that hooks to the faucet, just have a nice sturdy inner piece since I am prone to bouts of klutzy and need a helmet some days hahaha. We are having sunny warm weather last week and all of this week. I figure this to mean that when we move it will be in some crazy world record breaking blizzard haha. Not much else to tell, have a good week and don't stress the homework!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/12/2009 09:13.32 AM Report This Comment
that is a good idea. i do have an extra ten gallon i could set up. thanks for the tip. have another vote.

Come visit me, Frag Tank & Sunburst Cove.

01/10/2009 04:26.51 PM Report This Comment
Here's a vote
Thanks for sharing!

Come visit me, 1st Planted Tank.

01/04/2009 07:23.01 AM Report This Comment
and red velvets too!
what great news! Such gorgeous fish all of them. Makes me start thinking of another will be so thrilled...NOT hahaha. So, was Twilight as bad as it looks? I am a vampire fan literally my whole life and have so many books, movies etc but this one I have ignored. Is there a need for more teenage soap/drama? That and the special effects look...ugh. Will wait for the dvd. Not even sure I will ever read the books cuz whiny vamps don't impress me. I'm sure they'll eventually end up in the collection just for the sake of collection but for a change, I am not too open minded about this series. All glo-fish and danios here are super happy in boys room, what a lively crowd they make! I did a water change in spazbees before breakfast and it sure looks better. Not very easy either since I broke a toe again (#4 toe, ouch). At least its on the left foot, tired of busting my driving foot up haha! well must be hobbling along, have a werewolf movie fest to do this afternoon and need to finish my chores! chores, they are with you forever UGH!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

11/25/2008 11:35.00 AM Report This Comment
my grandma
what a lot of fish you have! Good for you! Pineapple swords, wow, gorgeous! Not much here, been super busy with life and sickness and injuries. Yea, I am a riot lately but since the weather isn't very pleasant I don't care. Been watching TONS of movies, around 3-4 a day and have laughed so much I am sore. And well, I read a LOT, average at least one book a week plus whatever else is about and on the internet. Such a rowdy life I lead haha. Making up for my vile youth and keeping a low profile is more like it hahahaha! yes, I pitt-stalk you all the time, you crack me up lil miss! Killing of the gravel vac, yea, I know that one well! Of course, I have never done such a thing, oh no, just know of peeps who have hahahaha YEA RIGHT!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

11/09/2008 08:44.45 PM Report This Comment
I love your avatar on this tank, its sooo adorable! Well heres a vote for you.

Come visit me, Betta, Betta gal, Pufferrocks & Fishtank.

11/02/2008 06:28.27 PM Report This Comment
Lol, lucky betta!!
10/27/2008 09:29.30 AM Report This Comment
good call
yup, she's a corn of some sort. Definitely a morph and she is gorgeous, the pics don't bring out that blood orange like I had hoped. Got her for my son's 13th b-day off of craigslist, and she was about 2 then so she is doing quite well for an old lady haha. She has a 55 gal tank that has tons of stuff for her enjoyment and safety and looks good too. One of these days I'll get a pic of that too. Well, the day is a busy one so need to sign off for now but glad to see your worlds are thriving!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/10/2008 10:22.16 AM Report This Comment
dirty equarium
just a little FYI, it's looking pretty bad with those floaters in there haha! The spawning corys were the albino ones, but I like them so it would be nice to have some babies just to have some. Well and if some money or trading for foods would be a bonus extra!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/08/2008 10:08.05 AM Report This Comment
flies, I hate flies
so one snuck in this morning while I was watering plants and the thing will NOT leave me alone! It's bitten me twice and is making me crazy! All day! How was your holiday? I got all my tank stuff in order so tomorrow will get the killis back into the 5, put the Amazon Puffers into the 10, put the red cherry shrimp in the 55 and weed out some red ramshorn snails cuz my LFS owner guy said I could bring some in and he'll barter me some live worms for them. Coolness! I spent most of the day cleaning the apt and getting all our dvd's back in order and made room for more to come. Since we don't have cable we have lots of movies. LOTS! The cory spawning yesterday was really cool to watch. All of us (there were 7!) watched them for about an hour. Looks like some may get the chance to hatch, they didn't all get eaten and I have fed the tank well in hopes they'll have a chance. Well, dinner is about done so I had better go finish playing house!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/06/2008 05:21.25 PM Report This Comment
didn't think of home depot
they have nifty stuff there at those home improvement places and give me an excuse to go cuz well, wally mart had not one flower or tomato I would bring home anyway so can go cruise in the h.d around the corner and find some stuff and throw in a timer for good measure while I'm at it...maybe 2 just in case I decide our bedroom will need a tank again which, well, it does in my opinion. Just not sure yet the placement or size I could do! I do like the sound of the water at night though, helps drown out other noises I hate like teen boys sneaking ice cream in the middle of the night hahaha! Glad to see your worlds are doing so wonderfully. Well, better get the day ended here so I can hit my list of to-do's tomorrow (tues). later my friend!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

06/30/2008 08:40.40 PM Report This Comment
timers for lights
so one of my timers failed for the lighting on the spazbees and the killis (as they are on the same stand, one of those metal ones that holds a 20 on top and a 10 on the bottom) and I also have a black light for a huge plant that is in a spot that doesn't get much light and I hate having to replace timers! There are a million types and I just want a cheap easy one. But nooo, I will spend 20 minutes checking them all out cuz I am nosy like that. But looks like I need to spend more than 4 bucks and get a decent one. I think my smelly boys actually broke this one but can't prove it so they will be off the hook for now. But I am watching them! Teen boys grow like weeds and have no idea where their feet are at any given moment due to all that growing they do at night I think! All your worlds look very nice and now I am thinking about more tanks....I think you are a bad influence hahaha! Bf is impressed with your ponds, we have been cataloging ideas for when the time comes we can have a pond (or 3 at the rate I do things haha) and you and pitt have some great looking ones! My albino cories have been spawning sporadically but the eggs get eaten too soon for any real chances. But the cories eat them too as I had put them in a tank by themselves to see what would happen and so can't blame the other fins when the folks are just cannibals too! I know what you mean about those Betta prices, it's insane what they charge at chain stores. Wonder how many they end up throwing away rather then selling due to price gouging? My summer so far has been pretty good. Today am going to get some tomato plants and a few flowers for the patio I slaved on yesterday, I cannot stand expensive tomatoes that taste like nothing, so will have my own. I am hoping to figure out some sort of out door water thing for it but so far, room is limited out there and really, I wonder if my cat would think it's for her rather than for me! She's a most excellent hunter and while she never bothers the fish tanks other than to watch once in awhile I have no idea what she might think of a bowl of fresh water with some edible toys in there as an added bonus for her exquisite taste haha!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

06/29/2008 09:35.47 AM Report This Comment
Hello-here a vote
just swimming by to see your fish and tank.

Come visit me, fiscofreak.

06/19/2008 04:43.28 PM Report This Comment
this one is looking good
Me, I am loopy by nature so no worries there! Need to do a water change on the 55 today, and reset the timer for the light. It's out of sync again. One day I will invest in really good ones. Maybe when I win the lottery haha. Schools' almost out YAY and we are in for a nice summer. My step son will be gone for almost all of it (again with a YAY) and my boy will be out and about a bit so it will be nice to have some ME time. I am selfish like that haha. Will be starting to pack up non-essential items as we hope to move in the next 8 mos to our own place. I am tired of apt life. Need my own MOAT, ok will settle for my own pond but still....

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/23/2008 08:53.05 AM Report This Comment
Nice shrimp. Please start voting for my Ryan Miller set-up. Thanks for all your votes. Here is a vote.

Come visit me, Naturalandfake.

05/04/2008 10:37.52 AM Report This Comment
when you set a tank up it at first is like wow look how big it is and as time passes your like wow i need a bigger tank well thats what i think, and my 120gal was like that in the beginning and now i want a 220gal to replace that funny aye, it just means you are used to looking at your tank, yep its the same here i can get alot of fish but for special fish i have to order them, later kiddo..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

04/24/2008 06:36.54 PM Report This Comment
Great tank!!! Heres a vote!~!~!

Come visit me, The Tank, The Tank 3, The Tank 2 & The Tank 1.5.

04/20/2008 06:49.06 PM Report This Comment
ewww crays!
I keep laughing cuz girl, there is NO WAY they could convince me to pick up one, I have been nailed by too many in my youth to ever think about it as an adult! Kudos to you on the chutzpa to handle critters. I have never touched a cricket either, have utensils for them or usually just sprinkled the bag with the vitamin powder and dumped it in, my lizard was a wild caught meanie and would bite quite hard so no one wanted to stick their hand in the tank. It was a scary chore doing sand changes!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/09/2008 05:06.44 PM Report This Comment
just checking in on ya
hoping all is well, you got spring break coming up soon and please tell me you won't spend it all cleaning your pond haha!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

02/26/2008 08:14.38 PM Report This Comment
02/15/2008 09:09.15 PM Report This Comment

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