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Name: reeffreak

Size/Category 34-Gallon Saltwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Square

List of Fish:
1 - Green Chromis
1 - Maroon Clown
3 - Pajama Cardinal

Lighting: t5

Filtration: built in back of tank

Invertebrates: snails,crabs,ur- chin

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Swimming by with a super quick vote.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

03/23/2015 11:03.17 PM Report This Comment
My sincere apologies for not getting in touch sooner. Been having trouble using the computer, not cuz of the computer but because of my neck issues. YAY, appt for pain management doc on Tuesday will hopefully shed some light into my chronic and very annoying pain! Also, turns out I have R.A...never thought I'd get rheumatoid arthritis, but will just add it to my growing list of UGH issues hehe. Actually this may also shed some light into some of my pain issues so I'm super happy about it to that degree. Perhaps there's hope for me after all! Pets are all doing great, and dogs and I are getting better at walking each other hehe. Old cat is getting OLD and is just being such a brat about it hehe. Loki enjoys teasing her and I think it helps keep her young at heart hehe. Anyway, how are you? I have much more to babble but need to get dogs out to the dog park for an early morning run so I can do some laps before the hordes of hounds show up. Feel free to send some real winter weather this way, I had to hook up hoses and water yesterday! I miss you and I will be in touch with more on life and the universe hehe. BIG HUGS and wishes for a lovely Sunday to you! Here we had DST, so my day was an hour earlier, I wish we'd get rid of that annoyingly archaic tradition!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/08/2015 08:41.09 AM Report This Comment
It's not supposed to freeze tonight! And it's supposed to be in the 70s soon. I cannot believe it. Just thought I'd make you jealous.

Leaving a vote of sympathy.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

03/06/2015 11:48.04 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for stopping by. I don't envy your weather! Our winter was like that last year. No winter really this year. Still fairly warm!

Leaving another vote.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

02/26/2015 11:53.13 PM Report This Comment
Dropping by with a quick vote. I hope you're having a great weekend!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

02/14/2015 11:44.59 PM Report This Comment
Thank you for the birthday wishes. I was at the coast. It was raining the entire time we were there but we did ride on the beach which was fun!

Raining here at home too and we came back to a flooded valley but we do need the precipitation.

Leaving a vote for you.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

02/08/2015 08:11.21 PM Report This Comment
Swimming by with a super quick vote. Have a great weekend!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

01/30/2015 11:47.05 PM Report This Comment
Life has been very hectic, crazy and stressful the past 2 months, jeez. How was the concert? My daughter saw them a few years ago and loved the show. We are also fans around here of the Trans Siberia variety! I finally got a pain management doc appt, for March 10...well, at least I have a date, not just a wondering when! Weather is crazy here, heat wave last week, record high...drizzly rain yesterday, clear and chilly today. I'm tired of this, dogs and cats are shedding like crazy! Well, need to get back to being very busy...I'm tired of the stress but at least I'm alive! hehe. Actually, all is pretty good around here, I'm just cranky and trying not to be! My son found me a new video game addiction, the predecessor to Skyrim, Oblivion...Between that and my massive reading addiction, at least my brain is keeping busy even if my body can't right now! HUGS to you and sure hope you're doing well. Update me on everything when you can! HUGS!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/28/2015 11:18.27 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for stopping by. I'm counting down the days till spring too though here it feels like spring again! We've hardly had a winter and things are growing. I'm worried that the trees will think it's spring and start blossoming and then winter will suddenly remember to come and freeze and we'll end up with no fruit again this year and no plants. I guess we'll see. In the meantime, we are taking advantage of this nice weather!

Leaving a vote.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

01/19/2015 11:38.51 PM Report This Comment
Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
A belated Merry Christmas & the hopes for a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year to you & your family!

Sorry to hear that your hubby is without work. Being without a job is never a good thing, especially in today's market (or lack of it)and at our age. Employers don't want to hire older people (even though they have a much better work ethic than the newer generation of potential employees), simply because (in most cases) they can hire two for the price of one. How much longer does he have to work before he can retire and/or collect Social Security, etc? I've, technically, got 7-1/2 yrs before reaching the age when I can collect the full amount of SS, (if it's still available to collect, that is!); as I just turned 60 in late Sept of 2-14. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll remain employed until that time, because it gets tougher to get hired anywhere with the older you become.

My knee is still on the mend & probably will be for many more months, however, I did return to work at the beginning of the year. My employer shuts down during the time between Christmas & New Year's and started the "new year" on Monday, 1/5/15. Going back to work after 5 months off was extremely difficult but, I managed to make it through it without too much pain & discomfort. I got some papers to be filled out by myself & my doctor for his approval for me to participate in physical therapy sessions of one hour per week for 8 weeks (paid for by the company). I'm also going back to the PT location but, I'm taking your advise and asking for a different therapist to work with me.

I was driving 2000 Buick Park Avenue Ultra that was doing the old "nickel & dime" tricks and small things were starting to break, so before it left me on the side of the road it got replaced. My wife & I talked about it and I went looking for a car that was big enough for me to fit inside & get there without too much trouble. She suggested another Buick. I went on the hunt and ended up at the nearby Buick dealership. I tried out the space inside a Lucerne and found it to be quite comfortable and luxurious. So, on Dec 12th we came home with a 2007 Buick Lucerne CXL (with lots of bells, whistles and leather interior; including heated (electric adjustable) leather seats and a leather wrapped heated steering wheel. There is also wood trim on the leather dash & interior door panels. The car's exterior is a light (sea mist) green and the interior is a light gray color. The mileage is fairly low (less than I had on the Park Ave) and the car looks like it was rarely used.

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

01/11/2015 10:12.37 AM Report This Comment
Christmas was enjoyable this year, because I/we didn't have to play hosts this year(we just had to show up at my sister's house with an appetite; and bearing gifts). My nephew has a new woman in his life (or should I say he has 4 new women in is life.) He's living with a woman who was previously married and (thinking she couldn't get pregnant) had adopted 2 young girls before becoming pregnant. Then her hubby left her. The girls are 11, 8 & 7 and are some of the sweetest, well behaved (in public) children I've seen in a long time. It's very enjoyable having young kids "in the family" to buy for; and watching them open the gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas. Dinner was (as usual) delicious and consisted of raw oysters & (cold) cooked shrimp for appetizers, and we had surf & turf of Shrimp Scampi over fresh pasta & Steak and everyone had a great time!

All is well in the water world although I'm still doing battle with the algae problem I have. It's not as bad as it was & I'll have to continue working at it to keep it at bay.

Wishing you the best for the coming year!

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

01/11/2015 10:04.06 AM Report This Comment
That's not a great way to start the year! I hope you feel better soon!

Leaving a get well vote.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

01/03/2015 11:48.42 PM Report This Comment
Happy New Year!

It's cold here now. Winter has finally come.

Leaving a vote and best wishes for the best year yet!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

01/02/2015 11:54.00 PM Report This Comment
Merry Merry Christmas!
Wishes for a lovely day to you and yours! And hopes for a more stress free time for you as well! HUGS

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/25/2014 09:22.25 AM Report This Comment
I'm glad you're enjoying the photos!@

Leaving a super quick vote.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/03/2014 11:59.30 PM Report This Comment
Been busy, figure you are too. Am adjusting to this annoying diabetes thing, keeping busy walking dogs, living life and just enjoying most of it. Winning the lottery would ensure loving all of it though HAHA. How are you? How's kitties? My son got a new job at an Amazon warehouse, he really likes it too. Says he's never worked anyplace where employee safety is #1, and says everyone is really good to work for so that's nice. He and I go for MRI's and x-rays on Thursday, then to the neurosurgeon on the 30th. Looking forward to seeing what can be done for all this pain. Tired of pain! Annoying enough being diabetic and, ahem, getting older, much less any additional irritations! hehe. Anyway, hope all is well with you. When is your vacation? or all you already there?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/07/2014 04:30.37 PM Report This Comment
Seems like there's no time for anything but quick votes!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

09/04/2014 11:45.46 PM Report This Comment
I'm feeling & getting better!
Three weeks after surgery…I have to say that things are getting better. The swelling in my entire leg has gone down and the leg is starting to look much better. There is still some swelling at the knee; and it’s still discolored due to the bruising caused by the trauma. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did, and I’m able to move it more than I could a week or two ago. I have an appointment to see the surgeon this coming Tuesday morning (8/19), so we’ll just have to wait & see what he has to say about it. I’ve been working it by doing the exercises that I was given to do and getting up and walking around the house a bit. I just can’t be up on it for too long or it gets sore and I need to lie down again and ice it. My thigh is tender & sore from all the exercises I’ve been doing. I (kind of) want the next few months to go by so that my knee will be working & feeling that much better but, I’m sure it will come in due time.

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

08/16/2014 07:46.14 AM Report This Comment
Hiya buddy pal! See I still drop by, lol! Sorry I never got around to sending and Christmas cards this past X-mas. Never had enough time to get my ducks in a row. Hoping you guys had a very merry one and sending belated hugs and Christmas kisses. Miss you and hope to catch up soon. Stay warm and dry, this weather is a pain!!! Say hi to the boys for me.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

01/24/2014 01:24.12 PM Report This Comment
I have a Question for you
I have this 30 gallon tank with 2 silver tinfoil fish and 1 jewel cichlid and 1 red jewel cichlid. well my 2 cichlids were fighting or it look like fighting but I could have mistaking it. because they could have been mating. I really don't know much about cichlids. but I separated the one jewel cichlid and put her in a 10 gallon and now she is stressing and the male cichlid is pist that I took her out of the tank. I'm trying really hard to find someone who knows anything about Jewel and red jewel cichlid breeding behavior and telling the difference between breeding and fighting. Do you know anything about them or know anyone that does?? Please let me know. Sincerely, fishlovertrp

Come visit me, Fishlovertrp.

01/19/2014 12:49.26 PM Report This Comment
yep i remember you, hehe. i dont know why by that tank has been up for the past 4 weeks as sotw. i have contacted them and no reply. dont know what is going on, but they could at least give me the points each week, lol. how are things with you? not much going on here, but just not doing as much on the puter. hope all is well and you have a great night. take care, Kay

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

11/19/2013 06:50.35 PM Report This Comment
Hey there! How are things going? I know it's been a while since you've heard from me, on the site. I read that you spent a few days in Maine, at Old Orchard Beach, and it seemed that you had a decent time of it. Good for you, we all need to take a step back and breath deep once in a while. Sorry to read that the car is causing problems, again! :( I Hope things get better for you.

I know that you are a salty, but I thought I'd attach a wee plea in the thought that you might know where I could find some help. I’m looking for some help with identifying something that has taken over my tank, and what I need to do to eradicate it. This is a teal colored growth that has grown on the leaves of the plants, rocks and other ornamentals. It grows very fast, I think it was about a week or less from the time I noticed it, to having everything in the tank being covered with this stuff. Its low growing, covering everything in a thin sheet of growth, and has a velvet like appearance to it. It seems to be very fragile and breaks apart easily, which seems to be the way it has the ability to spread and grow so fast. A friend told me that he thought it was some type of bacterial growth and that he had it once in his tank. He went on to explain that he could peel it off the ornaments and that it smells real bad. He said that he used Erythromycin it clear it up. I’m looking for concurrence; and I’d really like to know what it is that has invaded my tank. I’m also concerned for the health of the fish; and my wife & I as we are consuming the water from the same source I use in the tank. Attaching some photos to my blog page. Thanks for any help or insight you can give me.

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

11/10/2013 07:39.09 AM Report This Comment
Top Tank Photo Contest
Enter your saltwater tank in the Top Tank Photo Contest. Winning entries appear in the upcoming Marine Fish & Reef USA magazine and win a cash prize! Deadline to enter is August 30. Click here for details.
08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
Have a good time in Maine. Need to talk to you before you come to find out what kind of picnic sammiches you like and etc. Can't BBQ on the boat so we'll have a picnic. Chat me on FB early next week.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/09/2013 07:21.38 AM Report This Comment
Drooped in on your tank, and found it absolutely gorgeous. Left you a vote
Hope you have a wonderfull week.

Come visit me, Family tree.

08/06/2013 02:39.49 AM Report This Comment
We'll have a lovely picnic and boat outing soon. Looking forward to it :)

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

07/19/2013 05:39.21 AM Report This Comment
oh yeah
By the way I think the set up the week with the betta is fake, kinda looks like a pic pulled from the internet

Come visit me, 2manyfish, Mollies & My Reef.

04/30/2013 10:47.53 PM Report This Comment
how r things
Been busy but I managed to pick IP a no name 6 fixture t5 ho for my salt tank. Neen making alot of changes hopefully for the best. I come to turms tha a reef wasnt made overnight and have been letting the tank do its own thing. The lighting and my diligence with wtr changes has seem to pay off. Will post a few pic in a few Weeks of the way the tank looks. I thought about the leds but I had to reason with being able to replace a balkasy compared to trying to solder a a circuit of leds. But I will say it came as close as Eentering my billing info.

Come visit me, 2manyfish, Mollies & My Reef.

04/30/2013 10:44.31 PM Report This Comment
that sounds great glad you raised the money for the Kitty Angels of CT year let me know and i'll try and get there it sounds like fun...
i'm still waiting for the 80's but it's nice that everything is in bloom my favorite is the forsythias their bright yellow flowers are so happy and spring like..
the cats are fine they helped me change sheets hehe...and supervised when i did a water change and changed filters in the fish tank..
leaving a vote, peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

04/28/2013 03:13.25 PM Report This Comment
Hey Again!
We had a wonderful time in Cali. The weather is about a month or two ahead of ours , so we were experiencing spring type weather…trees had leaves on them, flowers & shrubs were in bloom, and the temps were in the low to mid 60’s. The sites were rat and we saw just about everything we had planned to see & we even saw a few things that we hadn’t planned to see. I took lots of photos, I’ll send you some.

We are enjoying the new bodies (it’s a lot of work!) and the improved mobility, etc. I don’t look that much different, but she looks like she’s about half the size she was. She was wearing size 16-18 pants and now wears a size 8; and she’s gone from a 2x top to a size med. She recently told me she’s dropped about 80 lbs.

I cleaned the tank really well before we left, put the food in a (battery operated) automatic dispenser and the lights are on a timer. My father-in-law came by the house and checked on things a few times and I believe he had to add more food to the dispenser. Things were fine and I didn’t even lose any fins. What is kitty angels of ct? An adoption site for cats??? How is this fish selection at the Petco? I’ve been to a couple shops near you Exotic Fin & Feather Superpets in East Hartford & Aquatic Wildlife in Manchester. I’ve also been to the Petco in Waterford & Lisbon, Petsmart in New London, Puppies to Guppies in Saybrook, Pet Supplies “Plus” & (no longer) Fin & Feather (both) in Groton, Pet Safari in Westerly, RI, and Tropical Isle Aquariums in Framingham, MA, just to name a few!

Don’t fret over your son’s driving, we were all a bit wild in the beginning (new found freedom!) but tend to settle down after a while; he’ll be fine, mom! It appears that you are a very active person, and an animal lover! Will keep in touch!

Be well,

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

04/20/2013 08:16.27 AM Report This Comment
it was 42° and overcast it feels like snow which they say we'll get tonight...i hopes they are wrong...i hate snow
after lunch i went to Petsmart to buy the cats some more food...
tonight i cleaned the fish, turtle and betta tanks next is laundry...
leaving a vote, peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

03/06/2013 09:45.53 PM Report This Comment
Winter sucks! I have spoken. Let's move to Bora Bora and our fish can live outside in an ocean pen.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

02/24/2013 10:10.13 AM Report This Comment
Things are great. We hardly had any snow then yesterday it snowed and blowed and today is just cold. Can't wait til spring. The pup is still full of energy, she won't be that big of a dog just long and skinny. I am still getting used to this new format, and they changed it again today. Take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

02/20/2013 04:46.12 AM Report This Comment
i got so mad this mooning that i went out to shovel a narrow path to get to my car which was at the top of our driveway so we could go out...
just as i finished our plow guy showed up...i couldn't believe it but now every thing is cleaned up i'm praying no more snow..
tonight at least we'll be able to go out to eat and sherm can play cards....
leaving a vote, peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

02/12/2013 01:52.06 PM Report This Comment
yikes, sorry to hear about that.. :-( ..But I'm sure in time, your tank would look even better than it was..i may not keep saltwater aquariums, but i hear they demand lots of patience.. :-D

Come visit me, BARBarians, The Coliseum, In loving memory of Buddy, The Dragon & DanAquatics.

02/04/2013 10:56.13 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for stopping by. We're all doing well and glad you are too. It's very cold here though. It doesn't get above freezing during the day and it's down in the single digits at night. We have 3 outside hydrants frozen! That means I probably have to dig them up when it thaws in order to repair any cracks the ice made. Ugh.

Oh, and the hot water heater isn't working properly. All has to happen at once. Isn't that the usual way with things? :)

Fish are fine, I think. Hard to see them anymore under all that ice.

Here's a cold CA vote for you!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

01/16/2013 11:42.00 PM Report This Comment
Hello, agaiin!
It's seems like forever since I was last on here. The holidays were good despite the fact that it hasn't been that long since my dad passed away. Mom and the rest of us took it very well, actually. We went to my sister's house this year for Christmas eve dinner and the family get together. The meal was great (as usual) and the company was enjoyable (to say the least). We are planning a trip to the west coast in the spring (our "big ticket item") for our present to each other. New Year's Eve was quiet (as usual) for a pair of old folks that don't get out very often. We sat up and watched a few movies, then saw the ball drop in times square, (gave each other a kiss), saw the few fireworks that were televised...then went to bed. Very uneventful! I managed to keep the tradition, again, and went out for a bike ride for bout 45 min to an hour.
The company I work for shuts down between Christmas & New Year's day so I was out for about a week or so, which was needed and enjoyable! I was out on Dec 22nd and returned to work on Jan 2nd. My wife had been in a reduced work mode after being laid off by a couple of the dentists that she was working for and just recently was able to acquire another position for a few days a week. She's a dental hygienist & also has a degree in botany, both of which are offering very little in the way of available positions in our local area. So is good! The fish tank is doing well and I've been able to keep all of the residents in it for some time now without any losses, (score one for me!) Well, I guess that is all I have for now. Enjoy your day! I want to get out your way and check out a few of the LFS's out there one of these days!

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

01/12/2013 06:57.47 AM Report This Comment
Tanks doing great
Corals are growing fast, had to add a frag tank. Not a bad problem to have. Here's a vote

Come visit me, Fish Art & Fish Art Frag Tank.

11/19/2012 10:23.59 AM Report This Comment
I saw you lurking, lol! The new kid is doing fine. We still haven't come up with a name yet. I think I'm sick of thinking up names for animals. She's a big beastie, bigger than Morgan was with bigger poops too! Love ya buddy :)

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

11/15/2012 05:43.13 PM Report This Comment
doing fine
Were good just fighting some cyanobacteria lately, did alittle aqua scapping and I guess I released some phosfates so I'm looking into a phosfate sponge.

Come visit me, 2manyfish, Mollies & My Reef.

10/16/2012 11:26.45 PM Report This Comment
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