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Freshwater from Osprey


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Active within 13 Days

Name: acuineg2

Size/Category 10-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Long

List of Fish:
3 - Panda cory
1 - Black cory
20 - Glofish danio

Lighting: 13W Serenity CFL (x2)

Filtration: Generic Sponge Filter with Power Head


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I've had 4565 friends visit me.

I'm the 9,281st member on

128 friends have voted for me since I joined Fish eClub!

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Beautiful Setup
I couldn't help but vote!

Come visit me, Cherie.

06/29/2016 06:38.50 AM Report This Comment
Nice Glo fish tank

Come visit me, Swampman.

10/07/2015 08:06.51 AM Report This Comment
Thank you so much!! I have a red-capped oranda, black moor, and a comet! I love your glofish tank!

Come visit me, Fancy Goldfish! & Tetras.

09/19/2015 02:51.01 PM Report This Comment
Thank you
Thanks I voted for you too!

Come visit me, Betta tank.

08/22/2015 05:56.09 PM Report This Comment
mahalo ( thankyou ) in hawaiian
I like your setup too and am new to this hobby. It's a calming solution for my PTSD from the military life I deal with everyday. Thanks for your vote too again.

Come visit me, flyn hawaiian.

08/18/2015 04:40.34 AM Report This Comment
Thanks, I like a good community lol. Left you a vote also.

Come visit me, PhischLuvor.

06/21/2015 09:43.58 PM Report This Comment
Your fish are beautiful.

Come visit me, GloFish Fry Tank, Goldfish tank & GloFish Tank.

05/14/2015 07:34.17 AM Report This Comment
Dovii Tank
My Fish Profile
Freshwater from Sun Prairie
6 inch long Dovii Tank

About Me
Active within 1 Day
Name: Money's hideout
Size/Category 55-Gallon Freshwater
Type: Glass
Shape: Standard
List of Fish:
1 - Dovvi "wolf Cichlid"
Lighting: Florescent aquarium lighting
Filtration: Tetra whisper EX70
Other Accessories: Black cichlid Sand and decorative log with artificial plants attached
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My Fish Stats
I've had 32 friends visit me.
I'm the 9,565th member on
5 friends have voted for me since I joined Fish eClub!
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Money's hideout
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My Fish Blog
Description Date Edit Delete

Thank you for stopping by my page and dropping a Vote, very much appreciated! Money is about 6 inches long . We have had him about two months, he has grown almost two inches so far in his new home.

Love both your setups! Your glow fish are beautiful! You must have quite the green thumb with all those beautifully placed plants!

Come visit me, Money's hideout.

03/25/2015 06:31.17 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the 2 visits and votes. Love the glowfish and pond.

Come visit me, wrenchheadk.

03/15/2015 04:54.26 PM Report This Comment
Sweet setups!
Loving the 10 gallon! I have one set up as a growing tank for my baby koi fish. Not nearly as good looking as yours though, your plants and fish look so happy. Dropped a vote in for you while I'm here. Just curious how long have you had your setups going?

Come visit me, Underwater ruins.

01/22/2015 02:21.01 AM Report This Comment
Nice set ups!
Hey, I like your tanks a lot! Still figuring this whole profile thing out, so I am not sure what the votes go toward, but I gave you one. :)

Come visit me, Matthew.

01/06/2015 04:32.50 PM Report This Comment
Prince peacock nice tank
Thanks for visiting me your tank looks awesome I have to get a bigger tank at some point

Come visit me, Princepeacock.

12/24/2014 06:32.48 AM Report This Comment
Nice Tank
You mentioned what fish might get along. I bough a book by animal planet called Freshwater Aquariums by David Boruchowitz. Gave me a good idea of what fish get along and charts on good groups to get. Costs about $12.00. The fish I chose was from this book. One thing I would do for your tank, (if you don't mind me saying) is find a nice backing to go with you tank theme so you don't see though the tank at your wall. I chose an ocean bottom and matching gravel to make the floor look extended. Thanks for your vote. I added new photo (with fish). I also voted for you.

Come visit me, jjsjr55.

10/11/2014 06:42.14 AM Report This Comment
Love it! gave you a vote :)

Come visit me, The Garden.

09/23/2014 04:56.30 PM Report This Comment
fish friend
Stopped by to say hello. Left a vote. Take care.

Come visit me, 2 Betta fishes, rest in peace.

09/12/2014 09:49.55 PM Report This Comment
should have hit the vote before I hit the comment

Come visit me, bedbug.

07/28/2014 08:57.36 AM Report This Comment
New tank & new hobby
The tank is new 2 weeks. and I got 2 pepper Cory yesterday. Future additions. Dwarf Gourami and maybe half dozen Cardinal Tetra. Haven't read enough to know if they all get along and how many I can have in 10 gal tank
The plants are all plastic, are real plants as much a problem as the weeds in my garden was?
Have never had fish before, Took care of neighbors out door goldfish pond when he was on vacation. My Irish setter at the time also liked the gold fish. Maybe she thought they were tennis balls.
thanks for the note.

Come visit me, bedbug.

07/28/2014 08:55.47 AM Report This Comment
thanks for the vote!
first comment on my page, and probably the first vote. I'll be uploading more pictures soon because so far people actually seem to be viewing my tank, which is good i guess. i gave you a vote back as well.

Come visit me, liamthegod.

07/07/2014 09:21.04 AM Report This Comment
Another Vote
06/02/2014 04:08.14 PM Report This Comment
Good morning,
Thanks for visiting & I appreciate your vote. Your tanks are both set up nicely. The one you got from Craig's list is especially cool. Gave you a vote on both of them.

Come visit me, Linda Deal.

04/27/2014 07:45.24 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for your vote on Harry
Very nice set up.

Come visit me, BettaPhototramp.

04/01/2014 03:10.44 AM Report This Comment
Nice setup
A vote for you

Come visit me, Pellia53.

03/25/2014 04:39.08 PM Report This Comment
Also left you a nice vote.

Come visit me, To fish in love, Tropical Retreat, Aquatic Adventures Plants totally out of control, Aquatic Engineer, Planted aquarium, Big fish, King of the planted aqauriums & New Home.

03/10/2014 03:33.15 PM Report This Comment
Nice setup
Very nice looking aquarium and nice pictures.

Come visit me, To fish in love, Tropical Retreat, Aquatic Adventures Plants totally out of control, Aquatic Engineer, Planted aquarium, Big fish, King of the planted aqauriums & New Home.

03/10/2014 03:32.33 PM Report This Comment

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/10/2014 01:38.33 PM Report This Comment
Awesome tank set up, and your pond is awesome too. Left another vote, Congrats on winning set up!

Come visit me, Community Living & Guppy & Neon Land.

03/10/2014 01:11.36 AM Report This Comment
Have a great week!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/09/2014 04:40.22 PM Report This Comment
Enjoy Your Saturday Night!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/08/2014 03:35.16 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW
Jesus loves you

Come visit me, Nemo & TropicalFish.

03/08/2014 07:03.09 AM Report This Comment
TGIF Again!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/07/2014 01:20.58 PM Report This Comment

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/06/2014 01:03.58 PM Report This Comment
Happy Hump-Day!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/05/2014 02:36.29 PM Report This Comment
Very nice tank

Come visit me, My Tank, The Fry Tank & Snakeskin Discus.

03/05/2014 08:35.56 AM Report This Comment
I hope it is ok to ask you a meny fish can I keep in a 5 gl tank. I have herd abowt the 1 inch per gallon but then i have herd that is not right. I have one tetra and a glo tetra and a sucker fish . But my glo tetra is geting beet up by the ather tetra and I know tetras have to be in groups of 5 . So I won't to get a feu more tetras so things will even out sum. But then I wary abowt breeding. and I can't posbly tlush the little fish fry it would be so sad. And I don't have money to spend on a biger tank . I hope all that made send. If you don't won't to answer that is ok I jest thuoght you had a nise tank so i thuoght I would ask you.
Tootls .... : )

Come visit me, charley.

03/04/2014 08:45.29 PM Report This Comment
Here's another vote!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/04/2014 04:29.30 PM Report This Comment
Both of your set-ups are awsome!! I am working on a betta fish community and hope to put it on fish channel, eventually!!
- Ronnie Lee

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/03/2014 04:28.39 PM Report This Comment
Thanks to all ......
who visited and voted for me and those who also commented on my little set-up. It was just a couple of month that I found this tank for free on craigslist. I liked it because it was a bit different from your regular 10 gal, being a little longer but not as wide, reminded me of some old fish store tanks from the early 80's. I got the cover without the light too, it seems like on the two from corners the cover had 2 little doors for feeding, these were long gone but the holes are so small that I did not bother to cover them and that's from where I feed. Special thanks to Ronnie Lee in North Carolina who has repeatedly stopped by!

Come visit me, acuineg1 & acuineg2.

03/03/2014 09:08.12 AM Report This Comment
I agree with the others, very nice tank set up and excellant selection of fish. Left a vote also.

Come visit me, Community Living & Guppy & Neon Land.

03/03/2014 04:00.25 AM Report This Comment
Very Nice Tank!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

03/02/2014 12:04.12 PM Report This Comment
on winning top setup! That's pretty good. Right after winning setup the week!

Leaving another vote for you. Enjoy your month in the spotlight.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

03/01/2014 11:11.57 PM Report This Comment
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