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Freshwater from Woodstock

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Name: 29 Gallon - Main tank

Size/Category 29-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
10 - 10+ assorted platies
1 - Marbled Molly
1 - Clown Plecostomus
1 - Honey Gourami
1 - Flame Dwarf Gourami
1 - Powder Blue Gourami

Lighting: Current USA Satellite LED+

Filtration: Aqueon QuietFlow 30, Aqueon QuietFlow 20

Invertebrates: 1 Ghost shrimp, 2 Nerite Snails, 4 Amano Shrimp

Other Accessories: Plants: Anubias nana, Anubias Afzelii, Marimo moss ball, Crypt Wendtii, java moss, Moneywort, Amazon sword, Pennywort, Crypt Spiralis, Aponegeton (Ulvaceous?), Tiger Lotus

Driftwood mounted on slate
Malaysian Driftwood
Mopani driftwood
Assorted rocks

Nutrafin Natural Plant System

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I won a Fluval Spec III from my lfs's biannual pet club sale and raffle. I shut off the smaller Fluval Spec and am going to transfer the substrate, plants, and driftwood over. Not sure if I'll re-set up the smaller one just yet. I already moved the young platies from the Spec into my 29 gal, where they're doing well.


The upcoming weekend is Aquatic Experience Chicago (aquarium convention) in Schaumberg, IL, which we're going to. I want to see if there's a pretty betta there for the Spec III.


I've been working on the 20 gal in our bedroom. It doesn't look like the photos I posted. It has sand, a couple of small flower pots, and I just put some plants in. It's a work in progress, but I hope to get peacock gudgeons (or peacock gobies) for that tank.

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

11/03/2014 10:07.32 AM Report This Comment
New pics of my main tank, which is now a 29 gallon. I still have lots of platies, and now their fry are starting to survive in the tank because of all the plants. George the pleco is doing great and doesn't hide in the back anymore. The amanos are thriving, and I have one ghost shrimp that refuses to die (I thought they had short lifespans?) I have 3 dwarf gouramis that all get along too!

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/15/2014 10:00.04 AM Report This Comment
No activity at Fischannel...
So I haven't kept this updated, but...

My panda cories passed away. I still have a bunch of platies, but took a bunch of my babies to the pet store to be sold. I have 4 amano shrimp which are awesome, and a new clown pleco named George. I also have a lot more plants. I just bought a 29 gal tank to upgrade this aquarium. It'll be a long project to update it.

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

07/06/2014 09:32.36 AM Report This Comment
Remodel and platy fry
A few weeks ago, I purchased a gorgeous piece of driftwood mounted on a slate slab. Then I bought Eco Complete gravel in black and red, so I had a big tank remodel. Everything in the tank is now all-natural. No fake plants and no fake decor. I got some stones too, and I'm loving the new setup. I purchased an Amazon sword, but I'm thinking my lighting is not nearly bright enough for it. And then just two days ago, I found Staurogyne Repens which is a compact plant that if pruned right will carpet the bottom of the tank. I think the tank looks stellar right now, but time will tell if the new plants "take."

Also, I have moved all the platy fry from my Spec V into the 20 gallon. I lost a couple, but most are thriving and there's tons of activity in the tank.

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

02/20/2014 09:48.50 AM Report This Comment
New platy
Ok, so we did in fact get a new platy after putting CB to rest. It was something to be excited about, rather than staying sad. We picked up a neon blue wagtail platy and named her Moony because she looks like a blue moon (not that I've ever seen a blue moon). She's gorgeous and she acclimated to the tank very quickly, joining in with the rest of the fishy gang to feast on an algae wafer, rather than cower in the corner like usual newcomers do.

Also, my Hagen natural plant system has arrived and has been set up, so within 48 hours, it should be producing CO2 and giving my plants a boost. I'm excited to see if it makes a difference!

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

12/28/2013 09:44.58 AM Report This Comment
Rest in peace to our most beautiful fish
Our beautiful platy, Chunkybutt, named that way because she was my husband's fish and my husband is a dork, developed an ovarian prolapse. She was still eating and swimming, but most of the time she was hiding and when she did come out, the prolapse looked pretty gruesome. We made the decision to peacefully euthanize her before the area became further injured or infected. I did my research and found out that Eugenol/clove oil will put fish to sleep before grain alcohol is added to stop respiration. I'm really sad to lose her, as she's been the most interesting of our fish so far. When we got her, she was the biggest scaredy cat, but when she finally came out of her seclusion, she ran the tank. She gave us babies, and I'm comforted to know that I have two of her kids still in my tank, one who looks a lot like CB but with faint zebra stripes. I'm going to miss her greatly. I'm not sure if I want to get any more platys for a while (but I do have a ton of platy fry being raised in the Spec V).

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

12/27/2013 09:49.19 AM Report This Comment
Improvement to go with the floramax bulb
So I went to my LFS today as they were having a special sale. I decided to finally purchase a real background for the tank. The black background I had was actually taped pieces of construction paper! So I bought a black background that was blue on the other side. It turns out that the blue side looks quite attractive and helps balance out the pinkish glow of the Floramax bulb. I think I like it! I also purchased a small bunch of lloydiella (aka Creeping Jenny) to see how it does. It was cheap and my online search said it needs moderate light. We'll see how it does. I moved some anacharis into the Spec V to make room for it in the corner since it's kind of tall.

My husband is going to roll his eyes when he gets home (because I spend too much $$ on this hobby...).

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

12/20/2013 03:47.20 PM Report This Comment
New lighting
I bought a new light bulb for my hood. I picked up the Aqueon Floramax bulb to replace my full spectrum, hoping it'll stimulate my plants into growing faster/better. I kind of hate the Floramax, as I didn't realize that it would totally change the look of my tank. I looks dim and pinkish. It kind of hurts my eyes to watch my tank for too long. My husband likes it because it makes the oranges and reds crazy fluorescent. It's amazing how easy it is to want to spend $$ on a tank because now I'm wondering if I should try to save up for a T5 light hood which would have 2 different light bulbs for a brighter look AND plant growing effects. Still wanting CO2!!

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

12/18/2013 06:00.45 PM Report This Comment
I visited Aquatic Experience Chicago last weekend and won a Fluval Spec V tank + fish. It was overloaded with rasboras. The ones that survived were given away to one of my local fish stores, and I also gave away my existing 3 Harlequin Rasboras. I also gave 5 of my 7 3-month old platys to a nice platy lover who was at the store at the same time. Now my 20 gallon is stocked lighter and I have a Fluval Spec to stock. Once it cycles, I'd like to give cherry shrimp a try, and maybe get a few guppies or Endler's live-bearers. I think I'll try raising some platy fry again, too. Plus, I've finally rid my tanks of all plastic plants and moved to all live ones. They aren't heavily planted tanks and I only picked hardy, beginner plants, but this is still an experiment. Maybe Santa will bring me a CO2 system for Christmas :)

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

11/24/2013 10:27.02 AM Report This Comment
Nice tank
I like the gravel and plants. I love live plants, their a challenge but worth it!

Come visit me, Deni.

11/12/2013 09:48.49 PM Report This Comment
New plants
Bought an anubias afzelii today :)

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

11/12/2013 08:29.56 PM Report This Comment
Plant update
Anacharis has been sending out roots like crazy and growing branches. The anubias has sprung a new leaf, and the "dying" moneywort is growing new baby leaves. So far so good!

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

11/10/2013 05:34.56 PM Report This Comment
Good luck
Good luck with the live plants. This site has all the info you will need to start and keep a well planted tank. I use Flourish Excel as directed and use Flourish Tabs twice a year. Algae loves fertile water so I have added 2 very small Plecos to my tank. Remember this things will get big. I have made a deal with our local shop to trade them in when they get about six inches for the smallest ones they have in stock. works great no algae!


Come visit me, Fishzilla & Underwater Forest.

11/03/2013 09:45.12 AM Report This Comment
Since I have too many fish, I've decided that it's time to give live plants a try in the tank. I went to the LFS and picked out some hardy, "beginner" plants. I got an anubias nana, and anacharis. The employee there also gave me a tiny, browning specimen of moneywort for free to see if I could save it. I'm excited to see if they'll work in my tank.

And today when I turned on my light, I discovered that the snails have completely eaten all of the beautiful fuzzy green algae on my "wood" ornament. I hope they'll finally get off the thing and go eat up some of the unsightly brown that grows on the grass, gravel, and plastic plants. I put some zucchini in a veggie clip on the glass too, but so far only platy fry have started pecking at it.

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/31/2013 11:21.12 AM Report This Comment
Nice set p and enjoyed reading your blogs. Here's a vote.

Come visit me, GuppyGuy, PlatyLover, Angel Dreamer, TetraGuy, Shark Bait & BettaGuy.

10/31/2013 07:20.05 AM Report This Comment
Algae eaters
The nerite snails have been going to town on the tank, munching all the algae. Yay!

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/27/2013 04:33.07 PM Report This Comment
New additions
After spending all morning thinking about aquariums, I decided to go out and visit the local pet stores. I picked up a small Anubias Nana to give a live plant a try. I had it written down as a beginner plant, so we'll see if I can keep it alive. At my favorite little mom 'n pop pet store, I picked up 2 Nerite Snails. Of course, I didn't think about whether or not they'll eat my new plant, but after I came home, I looked up info on them and they do have voracious algae appetites. Patrick, my go-to LFS employee, helped me to decide on the snails for algae eating.

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/24/2013 02:49.30 PM Report This Comment
Very attractive tank, even if the plants are artificial. Of course, you don't have to worry about the plants dying anytime soon! And I'll bet they take very little fertilizer. In addition, it does look very nice. Welcome to the fish channel, and here's another vote for you.

Come visit me, PectorAL.

10/24/2013 11:55.58 AM Report This Comment
My Malaysian Rainbow shrimp died overnight. I wrote about my tank today, then went in the other room to turn on the light and noticed something sucked up against the filter intake. Poor little guy :(

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/24/2013 10:02.29 AM Report This Comment
Platy Babies
So the 7 babies back at the start of having my tank are all still alive. Most were still on the smallish side when I decided to release them into the rest of the tank. I was horrified almost immediately when they started getting chased by their older platy tankmates, and then worried later on that evening when I couldn't see them all. Well, I guess they all found good hiding spots and got over the terror or being released from their safe and cozy breeding net because I started seeing them swim around. They were getting chased here and there, but were fast enough to get out of the way. Eventually the adult platys gave up. Now, months later, all 7 are still alive, though they are different sizes. None are even close to adult size yet, but 3 are bigger than the others. There's also a range of colors, so I know Chunkybutt (mom) must have gotten it on with a few different males before coming home to us (we bought her pregnant). The two largest fry couldn't be more different from each other. "Tiger" is fatter bodied, with a light gray color and black stripes. The other, "Goldie" is longer bodied, light gold, with some black on it's tail (gold twin-bar daddy, maybe?). Two other babies also resemble Tiger, one baby looks most like mom with the tea color and reflectiveness already developing, and one of the smallest is a shiny orange-gold (darker than Goldie).

They're certainly fending for themselves as they never shy away from the bigger fishes' feeding frenzy. So far they all appear female. I'm not quite sure when you can start sexing them...

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/24/2013 08:09.17 AM Report This Comment
Hello (continued!)
See, platys are so much more interesting!!

So, once I started getting algae growth, I went back in to try to find a small algae-eating catfish, but ended up walking out with a trio of panda corys (which prefer protein foods) because they were so darn cute. I can't tell the 3 of them apart too well, but since they are so adorable and wiggle around the tank, we call them our puppies. The guy that netted the corys accidentally also netted a shrimp (free of charge!), which was a mystery species to me, but I have since figured out it's a Malaysian Rainbow shrimp. I only see him once a while, eating algae from the plastic plants or when I disrupt his little hiding spot during a tank cleaning day.

Earlier on I had also added 4 ghost shrimp though only one remains. He's definitely a great helper grabbing up extra food off the bottom of the tank, and I see him running around all day long and even swimming to the top at feeding time.

SO, over the 4 or so months that I've been keeping my tank, I've learned how to cycle a tank and how to test the water, and I've kept alive every fish that I've put in the tank. I've also saved 7 platy fry who are growing bigger every day and are so cute (though I don't know what to do with them when they get bigger; my tank is probably maxed out).

Since I still don't have any major algae eating animals, I kind of want a snail, but I didn't have luck keeping snails alive with my 10 gal, and I know I'm already pushing the limits of my bio-load now...So far I've kept up with cleaning algae build-up, testing the water, and doing water changes before the nitrate reaches unhealthy levels.

Any suggestions, tips, or warnings from the more experienced fish-keeping community?

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/24/2013 07:59.42 AM Report This Comment
Hello. I'm new to the community and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 27, a wife, and this is my 2nd aquarium ever. The first I had was a little 10 gallon starter tank when I was in junior high and high school. I didn't know enough about the water chemistry aspect of aquarium-keeping, so I lost several fish and only managed to keep a small group of zebra danios for their entirety of their lifespan. I had a sunset platy baby that lived from birth to adulthood too, but I never got him any platy friends.

This summer, my husband and I were discussing that I needed a hobby and he suggested I get back into the fish hobby. Because we live in an apartment, we stayed on the small side and purchased a 20 gal long. I did my homework this time and learned about the nitrogen cycle, and I discovered a great independent LFS that helped me in selecting the right fish for my water quality (my pH is on the high side).

We started with 3 harlequin rasboras to establish the tank. They're shiny and flashy, but they don't do much except for swim in the upper portion of the tank. A couple weeks later, we went back to the store and decided on platys. I've always wanted live-bearers, so I selected 2 platys, a green tux female (named Pearl) and a dwarf coral male (Red). My husband picked out a third platy, which she and her tankmates were named "assorted neon platys". I told him to name his girl and he jokingly said Chunkybutt, as she was rather large and pregnant at the time. I kept telling him he needed to pick a real name, but CB has stuck. Chunkybutt gave birth and I saved 7 babies and started raising them in a breeder net. She's become our favorite, partly because she's the mom of the tank, and partly because her colors are so interesting. In front of the light, she just looks like a tea brown and black fish, but behind the light, she has beautiful bluish-green reflections.

Weeks later, we returned for just a couple more platys to round out the group. Red had been ignored by the girls, so I decided to get another dwarf coral, this time a female, so he could have a girlfriend (Rosie). I also had been eyeing the red-tailed salt & pepper platys, but didn't want to pick one to start off, as I hadn't had very good luck keeping platys the first time I had a tank. Since Pearl, Red, Chunkybutt, and the rasboras were thriving, I picked out a male who I named Speckles.

Once I added the 2nd male, Red became the stud of the tank and mainly tries to mate with Chunkybutt (when she's not heavily pregnant). CB and Pearl take turns about every two weeks giving birth, but I only saved babies the first time, since I know I can't keep them all. Red wants nothing to do with Rosie, the girlfriend I picked out for him, and he also bullies the larger Speckles. I rarely see Speckles trying to mate because he's often chased off by Red, but I think I saw him trying to "hook up" with Rosie, though I've never seen Rosie pregnant. See, platys are so much m

Come visit me, Fluval Edge 6, 29 Gallon - Main tank, Fluval Spec II, 20 Gallon Long & Fluval Spec V.

10/24/2013 07:57.01 AM Report This Comment
here is a vote.

Come visit me, grand scheme of things, luxury, life & turtle, turtle.

10/23/2013 04:28.11 PM Report This Comment
10/23/2013 04:20.46 PM Report This Comment
Welcome Aboard
Totally awesome looking tank. Left a vote. Cheers!

Come visit me, FishySwaw.

10/23/2013 03:05.50 PM Report This Comment
A platy's paradise indeed! Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, acuineg1 & acuineg2.

10/23/2013 07:21.39 AM Report This Comment
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