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Name: FreshWaterLover

Size/Category 60-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

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25+ - Community Tank


Filtration: Marineland 220 Canister


Other Accessories: Just starting up

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Added a volcano bubbler to the tank. I really like it. I took a new picture too. Using my cell phone gets a much brighter picture than using my camera (why, I don't know). I wish I could get the clarity of the digital camera and the brightness of the cell phone camera with one device.

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08/30/2013 02:25.39 PM Report This Comment
Don't Ask, Probably Shouldn't Tell
Aquarium water does not taste all that good... don't ask me how I know. LOL

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08/27/2013 07:51.39 PM Report This Comment
Added a few pictures
Maybe because I switched to a black background, the pictures now all look like a nighttime aquarium, lol. It's much brighter in person. One kind of cool thing, in order to try and elminiate the flash mark, I tried to cover the flash with my finger and got a kind of eerie red glow in one of the pictures posted.

I changed the main image up above to the most recent pictrue. That will have to do until I can get it to lighten up a bit somehow in photos.

Come visit me, FreshWaterLover.

08/27/2013 01:43.42 PM Report This Comment
Awesome Snails, and thanks Pond
Good morning all, sorry it took so long to make a new entry. Hubby and I went on vacation for four days. Left the tank care to my son (grown). He did a commendable job and all fish survived. So I am really greatful for having him help out like that.

First, thanks for all of the fantastic info Pond. I really appreciate the response. Great information and very helpful in understanding what can be a little confusing regarding the way a tank cycles. I've had several tanks in years gone by, but never attacked the methods with such precision. I would cycle and knew to watch amonia levels, but never really understood the nitrite/nitrate part of the process. So really, never actually understood what was going on, and to be honest, I'm just only barely getting a grip on it now (obviously. haha).

I added a couple of snails to help clean up bottom accumulation of feces and left over food. Since my substrate is all sand, it's very difficult to clean otherwise, and looking for a natural solution I came upon the idea of snails. I got a couple "mystery" snails (blue and gold) and have really found myself captivated by them.

I never had snails before. I always had gravel bottoms and would "vacuum" it up, so never had to look for any type of ground solution.

The snails not only are doing a bang up job working on clearing the sand, and of course the glass which was fine, but they must find something on there... but they are actually quite amazing to watch. When they are moving and their antenna are searching, they kind of remind me of the jaberwocky in Alice in Wonderland. I think that caracter is a stoned catepillar, but for some reason, they remind me of it.

I got a few more pics using my digital camera last night, but haven't downloaded them yet. I'll post if they turned out okay. Still having trouble getting rid of the flash glare, but I think the tank itself turned out better.

Come visit me, FreshWaterLover.

08/27/2013 01:12.09 PM Report This Comment
Hello again, thanks for the great upsates!
Thanks for visiting also. To answer a few of your questions first I have a relatively large backyard, but not too close to nature to be a problem with wildlife, although I get the usual heron and egret stopping by and have lost a couple of fish to them. The trick is to 1. not have the pond in an open area, at least for the herons which require a bit more room for take off and 2. have a lot of surface cover like the water lillies or other floating plants. I also have a dog, which sometimes decides to chase them off.
I also have a pond in the front, right at my home's entrance nook, with some platies. This one is visited by a curious cat which I'm sure has tried to swat at the fish, but I doubt with any success as the fish are quite small.
To answer to you pictures question I believe you are doing this correctly. The reason why you see other pics on the upper are of other peoples profiles has to do with different set-ups, in other words for those of us with more than one tank we can create other set-up pages for them, but I believe what you are doing is correct as these pics on the bottom are for your same set-up. So when you see several pics on the upper section of other peoples pages they should technically be from tanks other than the main one pictured.
As for your tank cycle I believe you mean "nitrites". The cycle is complex but in a nutshell part of the by-product of fish activity is nitrites so your first spike is that until enough "nitrosomonas" bacteria build up to break it down. Unfortunately this breakdown creates amonia and so until a second bacteria "nitrobacter" builds up, the level of amonia spikes. Therefore the reason for slow introduction of fish, or using fish more tolerant to "bad" water conditions until the cycle stabilizes. You can also add start-up bacterial cultures now available for sale, but nothing replaces a slow methodic and natural introduction. These bacteria are carried in the fish so all they need is to find a medium to populate. This medium can be your sponge, power filter pad, UG filter, or simply the walls of the tank, tubing, and other structures; and so it is never a good idea to do a "super-through" tank cleaning as you can realy disturb this cycle and cause it to crash. As for your pH it is fine at 7.6, remeber most of the fish you are adding probably came from Florida farms and have been grown on hard and alkaline water with pH's 8.0 and above. Please note that alkalinity, pH, and hardness are all different measurements but have very close interactions and so your pH can be 7.6 but if your water's buffering capacity (alkalinity) is low then it can quickly crash to 6 if your fish load is heavy.
Amonia toxicity is related to pH and temperature directly, so 1.0 ppm amonia can be highly toxic at 8.0 pH and/or 86F, but might be mildly or not toxic at 6.0 and/or 70F; this is species and other variable dependent but a general rule.
I also need to update pics of my pond and add some of the fish in it, it has ch

Come visit me, acuineg1 & acuineg2.

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Top Tank Photo Contest
Enter your saltwater tank in the Top Tank Photo Contest. Winning entries appear in the upcoming Marine Fish & Reef USA magazine and win a cash prize! Deadline to enter is August 30. Click here for details.
08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
A couple pics of the aquarium
Added a few new pics from the aquarium. Why they are at the bottom of the page and not in the above photo section I have no idea. Still figuring this layout out.

Come visit me, FreshWaterLover.

08/18/2013 03:00.51 PM Report This Comment
Tank Doing Great
After a week, my new tank is doing really well. I have been having morning readings of >.25 amonia, 0 both nitrates, and 7.5 PH (finally took steps to reduce the PH a little today). After a 20% water change the amonia consistantly reduces to 0.

Today however, I was quite surprised to find the early morning readings for amonia to be 0!

I thought that was awfully fast for the cycling to be complete. Yes, I am cycling with fish (I know, I know, but I have only once in my life been patient enough to do it fully without). The fish are doing very well. Up until today I had a few Tiger Barbs and a few Platys in there. Today I added 2 gold gourami.

Come visit me, FreshWaterLover.

08/17/2013 07:18.11 PM Report This Comment
Update on New Tank
Hi! Thanks for stopping by guys. It has been a little while since I've had a tank, and I am sure enjoying both the "build" of it, and watching the fish as they play.

My levels are staying really good. Amonia and Nitrates all at zero, although my PH could be just a little better. It's 7.5. Is there any way to reduce that by about .5 without the chemicals from the store? I have always worked on amonia and nitrates but have to admit that in the past never paid much attention to the PH portion of the test kit. So this time I'm going to try and get that part right too.

Since the levels are maintaining well, I added two more plants, and a ceramic structure to the right side where it was bare. I am planning on adding a five more fish on Friday, and I'll see how well my levels maintain after that.

I'll post a new pic as soon as I can get one without a glare. I tried taking a new shot yesterday but I'm still getting the reflections. I forgot to try again last night. Hopefully if I can remember to take a picture tonight after the sun goes down I won't have that annoying glare on the tank.

I appreciate the visits and the comments. I'll check out your pages today too.

Come visit me, FreshWaterLover.

08/15/2013 04:56.21 AM Report This Comment
here is a vote.

Come visit me, grand scheme of things, luxury, life & turtle, turtle.

08/14/2013 05:02.50 PM Report This Comment
Yes, the correct way to start a tank! No need to hurry. Post pictures of your progress as it moves along! Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, acuineg1 & acuineg2.

08/14/2013 06:09.47 AM Report This Comment
Starting New 60 Gal Community
I posted a picture above of my new 60 gal aquarium. It's cycled and I have just begun to slowly add fish. At the moment it just has 5 Tiger Barbs and 5 Platy.

I am also working on making it a planted tank. I've had many freshwater tanks in the past, but this will be the very first time I have ever attempted live plants. We'll see how that goes. At the moment I just have two small plants in it to start out.

Come visit me, FreshWaterLover.

08/13/2013 03:08.37 PM Report This Comment
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