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Freshwater from Sterling

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Active within 2986 Days

Name: RaiderFan92

Size/Category 29-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
3 - Convict Cichlid


Filtration: Aquaclear power filter

Invertebrates: None

Other Accessories: Java moss - Sword plant

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
Nice looking cichlid. Here's a vote.

Come visit me, The Loner & The Family.

03/18/2012 07:04.59 AM Report This Comment
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06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
ive also got a pair of convict cichlids. heres a vote

Come visit me, Convict Cichlid Fry Tank, Jewel Cichlid Tank & Convict Cichlid Tank.

04/30/2010 01:54.44 PM Report This Comment
Become a fan of FishChannel, AFI and FAMA on Facebook today! 12/18/2009 02:35.51 PM
we beat the falcons
just thought I'd see if you are still around little fan, we Raiders got to stick together!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/23/2009 08:28.13 PM Report This Comment
fellow raider luver
Sure hope this year we do something worthy! How's life there? Things are crazy here and we are in the process of buying a home so those dream tanks will get to become reality at long last. Not much else to tell. How's school this year?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

02/18/2009 05:38.37 AM Report This Comment
nice tank! convicts are cool fish, keep up the good work!

Come visit me, fishkeeper.

11/09/2008 10:15.40 AM Report This Comment
Hello-here a vote
just swimming by to see your beautiful tank and fish

Come visit me, fiscofreak.

06/16/2008 05:20.05 PM Report This Comment
cool tank
cool tank. please vist me at GoldFishBreeder

Come visit me, GuppyBreeder.

06/07/2008 07:59.53 PM Report This Comment
hey raider
schools almost out, will you be grounded for the summer? haha. I hope not. All's well in my fins worlds and just waiting for football to begin.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/27/2008 08:35.56 AM Report This Comment
nice tank..i like your fish but they like to eat my a vote..

Come visit me, Guppy Breeder & Angelfish Breeder.

05/11/2008 04:21.12 PM Report This Comment
hey raid
i need your help if you get the chance please vote for my brevis tank i am trying to reach a thousand votes for this setup, cool i appreciate the votes my friend..><}}}">

Come visit me, Pittbull setup.

04/02/2008 08:18.45 PM Report This Comment
92? SWEEEET!!!!!
Excellent news there my friend. I too will miss winter a bit but this year have a lot of stuff planned so won't mind having some more daylight. But I am a winter fan, for sure. Looking forward to seeing who will make the grade in camp for Raiders this year. Be nice if we could do something other than 'almost'. We are due a good season! How goes fins? I still think a raider tank will be cool, it's on my to have list!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/12/2008 09:24.30 AM Report This Comment
welcome back raider
grades, gotta have em if you want the money later in life! Been amazingly busy, sick, etc life is life and sometimes it's quite a ride, no? Later into this summer we are going to be looking for a home to buy and I get a fin room. Coolness. Of course that will be years in the making but well worth it. Spring training coming up, wonder if our team will manage to play this year or just wear uniforms haha. How goes your winter up there? Ours is very mild this year, the mountains got lots of white but we are already back to brown and nice temps, gonna get to almost 60 today with clouds. Gee, tough day!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/11/2008 11:02.10 AM Report This Comment
Thats a cool set up. My convicts, Alvin, Simon and Theodore wanted me to say hello for them. Check out my tank, I think we have the same taste in fish. Here's a vote for you.

Robert, Austintown, OH.

02/23/2008 06:36.30 PM Report This Comment
Nice fish and setup. You have a vote from me.

Come visit me, Lily of the Deep, Lily of the Deep 2 & Lily Of The Deep 3.

02/21/2008 08:01.55 AM Report This Comment
The convicts are awesome. I had some before and they kept having babies. They are I think the easiest fish to breed. Here is a vote for them.

Come visit me, Algae Shrimp, Starfish43, Blue Crayfish & Fugly.

02/09/2008 04:19.22 PM Report This Comment
hey raider
how goes the fins? Where ya been hiding?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/22/2008 01:14.20 AM Report This Comment
tks for comment

Come visit me, female guppies, Zip & Sons, Duncle & Teg.

01/21/2008 09:56.45 AM Report This Comment
im new on, and i wanted to give you a vote! i hope we can be friends! swim by anytime!! ♥ nemo

Come visit me, ♥Nemo♥.

01/05/2008 07:47.30 PM Report This Comment
stopped by to day hi and leave you a vote. I like the pictures below!

Come visit me, & .

01/04/2008 07:04.05 PM Report This Comment
where are you?
just checking in on ya and these awesome convicts

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/03/2008 07:18.11 PM Report This Comment
Hey Raider
hows the vacation? All is well here, had TONS of company for the craze and survived them all. Tonight it's just me and the pets for a few more hours, then my son and nephew come home after a day of frivolity with their friends. Cleaned my tanks today, whew, that was a chore but it's always worth it. Hoping '08 will be a raider year, been a long time and is well overdue! I do have a lot of blog pages, never really thought about it. I try to keep up with everyone who stops by, and well, I am a babbler so it's not that hard. Well, that's about it from here, hows it going there?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/01/2008 07:33.42 PM Report This Comment
convicts are one of my favorites. your tank looks great.

Come visit me, Great White's Cichlid Tank, Great Whites GoldFish Pond, Patio Pond & Great White's AngelFish Tank.

12/27/2007 12:17.48 PM Report This Comment
for stopping by. I'm glad you like my pond. I like your tank too. Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/24/2007 10:40.24 AM Report This Comment
I hate being sick
sniff, ugh, cough. Bleah. I have all kinds of gravel, natural, scary glow in the dark, insane colors abound it's true. I know about having what comes with the tank, I buy used so much and keep the gravel no matter how scary cuz sometimes I run across someone looking for that style. And it makes great bottom weight in fake plants or outdoor plant pots to help keep them from getting knocked over easily. I saw we didn't do so good over the weekend-oh well, perhaps next season we will get it figured out!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/19/2007 08:50.42 AM Report This Comment
I disagree lil fan
I think this tank looks very cool, I even like the gravel to offset the black and silver of those gorgeous convicts. Maybe a mini raider helmet in there to make it better but really, you have some great rocks, those plants are nice and the different types go well together. It's a proven fact they like those clay pots. I would say maybe try to cover the pots with Java Moss, but only cuz I am learning how not to kill the stuff and am putting it weird places to see how it works out. and it would be fun to watch them try to clean it to their liking.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/14/2007 08:36.33 PM Report This Comment
snow day? SWEET!
Lucky you, my boys are wishing for a snow day but alas, it's sunny & cold here. What tank were you referring to? My new 55-the lost spaz-cost nothing. My boyfriend traded some computer work with my aunt for tank, lids & lighting, then I combined 3 tanks into one so all gravel, heater, pumps, decor & fins were free, also got a gift card yesterday & got top fin 60 filter & 6 neons at 6 for 10 bucks. The Swahala and Malaysian driftwoods were on sale for less than 8 bucks each over the summer, the UGF plates came with a tank a friend gave me (the 40) it only had 4 UGF plates & light-no lid or anything else. I do a lot of thrift store shopping-you'd be surprised at what can be found & lots of hunting, sometimes folks get rid of stuff way, way cheap or free. I do a lot of stocking up shopping when I have the money, & actually need to get rid of some tanks & supplies cuz there's more than I need. I will keep my grey 20 that's in the garage, got it at thrift store for 15 bucks, but will be selling the black 20, need to get rid of a 10, might keep one just to have a bigger tank when I get some more killis as I have a nice stand that I found on craiglist for 10 bucks that is oak (well, oak looking) for it, still have a 10 & a 20 for reptiles in the garage, plus that 40, have no room or money to set up yet-but I do have all decor and most other stuff for it, just that with it no lids, stand or light -our snake is using it, that will be a lot of work/$$. It will be what the spazbees home eventually. Also have scored cool stuff for pocket change at yard sales for fins. Have patience & shop around is my motto!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/11/2007 03:34.54 PM Report This Comment
no convicts
nah, won't have a tank for those until we move which is a little up in the air, maybe Feb, or might wait till Feb 09, so have time to plan. Got 4 Indian Glassfish for the spazbees tank today, will photo tomorrow and hope to get the killis up tomorrow as well. Glad to see you are getting on that water change. Man there is nothing to scavange in the killis tank so I have to clean it every couple of days, ugh. Hoping to find some cherry shrimp soon for them!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/10/2007 06:01.43 PM Report This Comment
us vs gb this weekend
think we can pull it off again? How goes it in the convict world?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/06/2007 04:42.58 PM Report This Comment
Livebearer colony
Man what is in your municipal water supply... Uranium? :) The only reason I say that (jokingly) is the water in my large tank (the 55) is way acidic, has a high level of nitrates and a total hardness of 250. This tank has what is known as old tank syndrome and in all honesty all of my fish do great. I perform some pretty big water changes on a weekly basis to compensate for the various spikes (high and low) found in the water quality but really my Endlers have been very healthy in this tank for over six years now. My Endler colony in the ten gallon tank reside in exactly the opposite conditions. I frequently move the fish back and forth between the tanks (for selective breeding purposes) which probably result in a shock to their systems but haven't had any die yet. These fish are nigh indestructable... almost. The common guppies I've kept (for feeding purposes) in the past have also been just as resiliant. I don't know about the other types of livebearers such as the Mollies and Swords etc. as I haven't kept any in about twenty years or so. Anyhow I love your Convicts... wish I had room for some. HAV Ira

Come visit me, Corydoras hastatus and Snowball shrimp setup, Green shrimp and Red Cherry shrimp tank, Shrimp Potpourri, Yellow shrimp tank & Zhangjiajiensis (wild Snowball Shrimp).

12/05/2007 07:49.03 AM Report This Comment
Well that stuff seems to be a miracle worker, the fungus seems to be shrinking in size and as I said there's no sign of him being sick, so a few more weeks and maybe I can add some new fish again. :)

Come visit me, Zardra.

12/04/2007 04:48.25 AM Report This Comment
here's a vote

Come visit me, my babys, african cichlid & my salt water tank.

12/02/2007 09:54.13 AM Report This Comment
it's ok, if you lived in New England you would surely hear them called the Pats but enough about football, how the fish doing? One of my new fish already has a fungus on it's fin, figures I wait so long to find them and then one is sick. Not acting sick though it the bully of the tank and eats the most too.

Come visit me, Zardra.

12/02/2007 08:02.05 AM Report This Comment
where are you?
busy kid stuff I hope. Spent the last 2 days getting the 55 set up, so hoping tomorrow to get pics of it. It was not easy catching all the fins I have from the 3 tanks, the loaches are insane cuz they hide well and the killis were so fast and are so small it was tough, but they are in their own tank with one mini otocinclus cat and the sewer, gargoyle and t-rex tank are now all roommates in their new mondo condo, haha. Take care!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/01/2007 07:38.51 PM Report This Comment
Hey there.No babies yet.I don't think she's pregnant.

Come visit me, Konvict Keeper.

11/28/2007 03:48.13 PM Report This Comment
You can't be serious
Of course the Pats are a pro team, you can't be a raiders fan and not remember the snow bowl in New England! We are talking the best team in football right now and will probably lose only one game this season and will be during the playoffs..............I hate the hype! Here's another vote for you :)

Come visit me, Zardra.

11/28/2007 04:25.05 AM Report This Comment
hey raider
pats are the patriots, to let you know. Hows your world? Too bad about Taylor, rough way to go-getting shot like that! Anyway stay out of trouble. Oh, got the killis tank set up today, will add the plants and wood tomorrow and fins this weekend. Looking forward to that.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

11/27/2007 09:21.08 PM Report This Comment
convict cichlids
11/27/2007 01:32.18 PM Report This Comment
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