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Freshwater from Sparks

Spaz Living Room

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Name: K-Spaz

Size/Category 55-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
7 - Orange Von Rio Flame Tetra
1 - Bolivian Ram (male)
2 - Clown Pleco
7 - Horseface Loach
7 - Black Kuhli Loach
3 - Albino Cory Cat
7 - Harlequin Rasbora
1 - Clown Loach
7 - Glowlight Tetra
7 - Neon Tetra

Lighting: Florescent

Filtration: UGF and TopFin 60 Powerfilter

Invertebrates: many MTS for the clown loach

Other Accessories: Combination of live Java Ferns and Java Moss, and fake plants, large variety of driftwoods, some large rocks, couple of shells and some nifty raggedy buildings courtesy of Selik's Weg and Rufus! The kuhli's and neons really like going in and out of them!

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We are all doing good here. Hope all goes well with the sugar diabetis , my dad has that so I have to be wary too. Polar got her first shots today, Jake said she cried. whimp hehe. She is slowly making her mark around the house, she is meeting the neighbors dog, big husky and they seem to get along. Buddy used to go over and steal his bones but he didn't mind. Jake loves having his cousin staying here, maybe here way past summer he thinks. He takes them fishing and tonigh they are cooking fish for supper. Sounds like the pets are quite a riot at your house, great they are setting in so good. We have been having some cooler temps and lots of rainy days here. Take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

07/31/2014 04:08.31 PM Report This Comment
That's great to hear you love your Rottie! What's her name? I love this one dog at our animal shelter and he's a black retriever named Wario. :))) Sophie is a cutie still and is getting a bath today. :) Big day today, last day with the horses. I'm putting half weight on my foot and I have 2 weeks and 2 days to go. Can't wait. :)
It's been raining a lot and some sun. I'd gladly send you some rain. :) I'm sure Yellowknife though could use some of it, all their forest fires.
Have a nice day! I don't watch tv, I like playing games like Phase 10, Uno, Sorry, and 3 different kinds of Monopoly. :)))) And then animal fun. Going to clean the fish tank soon. Talk to you later!

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

07/31/2014 09:32.34 AM Report This Comment
We are slowly trying to train the puppy, takes a lot of patience. That and a rug cleaner and mop haha. We had a nice tstorm yesterday morning, then cleared up a bit. Gardens got lots of water and flowers are slowly coming out. The boys are going fishing tonight as long as it doesn't rain. We are in need of a fish dinner this week, because that is my night off of cooking. Hope you have a nice day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

07/23/2014 05:41.36 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for your sweet comment! You make me smile! I'm doing much better, I'm starting to put weight on my foot and it's doing nicely. Yes, some things the kids laugh about but I'm more independent now as I go about. My family is amazing! I will give the animals a hug for you. :)))))
Looking at a new dog eh? Sorry to hear about the other Rottie, hope that this one might work out. :) Sophie is a jealous dog; she doesn't like us to pet other dogs. :) But she loves to play. Right now she is sleeping beside my chair, even though it's still morning. :) Fishies are good and fat. I did some figuring and Bo is over two years old and still going. :)
Have a wonderful day; hope you get more rain. We got some storms coming through. I like it when it rains because of the smell. :) See ya!

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

07/22/2014 10:10.59 AM Report This Comment
Hi! The pond is doing great. Thanks for asking. Summer so far has been busy and doesn't seem to look like it is slowing yet. Weather hasn't been too bad though a few days it has been too hot for me! I actually did complete 1 backyard project this summer. I designed and planted a butterfly/hummingbird/bee garden. There is one corner of the new garden where the downspout from our shed ends. So I had to design something to disperse the water so it doesn't create a big mud pie. Of course that means a new pond! :-) It's just a small one as the space was limited, but there are 2 fish in it. I just added a profile for it. My daughter named the fish Elsa and Anna so naturally the pond should be called Arendelle. Hope your summer is continuing to go well (left you some votes too).

Come visit me, Johnson Pond & Arendelle.

07/20/2014 03:04.12 AM Report This Comment
Got Bill off to work yesterday. The boys went fishing with Brian after he got off work. Polar is slowly getting used to the neighbors big husky but she is not to sure about the guy, hehe. Last night she got her head stuck in an empty pop can box, will try to remember to send the pic, so goofy. Hope you have a nice day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

07/17/2014 06:19.28 AM Report This Comment
Sorry to hear about your sons back and hope your bf gets over his cold soon. No rest for you will all the hurting guys at home. Jakes bday today and we have cake and ice cream cake and will make him tacos for supper. They have been fishing and catching some, had lots of supper last night. The puppy sure has lots of energy and loves to play. Take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

07/16/2014 08:02.48 AM Report This Comment
Just got back from camping....had a good time! Rained a bit though. Glad to hear all is well for now, yep, I'm trying hard to wait! But it's doing much better still. :) Can't wait!
See you later!

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

07/10/2014 11:32.29 AM Report This Comment
We had a nice trip and the kids did lots of swimming. My cousin came and visited us for a while and we had a great chat. It is much cooler and we have been getting some rain. Jakes friend went home and the rest of the kids headed off to the beach. The new puppy is having fun, loves to play. My parents had her for a night, my mom chased her around with the pee pad, but she had a few accidents. Hope you have a nice day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

07/09/2014 09:19.05 AM Report This Comment
on winning setup of the month! Wait, did I already do this? I don't see my comment below so I think not. But since I do suffer from ABS you never know. But since you also suffer from ABS you never know either! :)

Anyway, I'm glad you won even if the FC finally managed to get its act together and only let you have sotw for one week! Soo wrong!

Hey, I think it's late. I start to write like this when it's late. zzzzzzzzz

Leaving a victory vote!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

07/08/2014 12:12.36 AM Report This Comment
We are getting some cooler weather and rain. Kids have been bringing the new pup to the beach, really tires her out. She is not buddy and we keep comparing her to buddy. Got to train her to do the same cool things buddy did. She chewed my cord for my ipad yesterday, wasn't too impressed. hehee. I hope you have a great day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

07/06/2014 06:46.44 AM Report This Comment
She is slowly getting trained. Jake tried to give her a bath yesterday, almost sounded it like he was hurting her, she was crying and trying to escape. She must be paper trained because she has been doing her business on there most of the time, when she is not outdoors. She slept with me, so she is slowly getting used to us, she still loves Brian since she spent the first couple days with him. The boys went fishing last night and caught some for supper tonight and will be going back out again. Take care, have a nice day, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

07/03/2014 07:34.44 AM Report This Comment
Crazy pets, they sure have little quirks that they like to stick by. Buddy had this thing about always going out the front door and in the back door. Even if she scratched on the back door to let us know she wanted out, she would have to go out the front. Now we got the neighbors old husky coming on the deck and begging for a treat. He likes to hang around for a while til his master comes and gets him, even then he doesnt want to leave. The boys hang around the girls and went swimming and I decided to cut the grass. Boy was it hot, there was a breeze, but that wasn't enough. Today is the day we get to meet the new pup, even Jakes friend begged his mom to stay here another night so he can play with the pup. We got rain last night and today is back to being sunny. Hope you have a nice day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

07/01/2014 06:54.25 AM Report This Comment
We have a new pup now. Brian picked it up for Jake while he is home for the weekend, will send you some pics later today. A female lab/husky mix. She will be a bigger dog, I hope Jake will figure out how to handle her. He always wanted a hunting dog, hehe. Hot and humid here, just hoping for the rain, garden could use it. I hope you have a nice day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

06/29/2014 06:41.53 AM Report This Comment
Thanks...yeah, because I'm thinking of the future I'm doing what I am suppossed to be doing. :) It's hard. But I can get around more and I am leaving my air cast off more often. All is well, Sophie's still a shadow. :))) Hope your friend doesn't mind "help" because it looks like he can't help it! LOL! At least you have them to be with you other than little brothers I have to chase. :) LOL! Have a great day.

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

06/28/2014 05:35.41 PM Report This Comment
Jake got his report card yesterday and is skipping the last 2 days of school. The guys went fishing after they ate and caught some more. I painted the deck yesterday adn today have some chairs to paint. Do you have a honey-do list for the bf while he is off, hehe. Bill headed back to work yesterday. Hope you have a great day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

06/26/2014 06:36.44 AM Report This Comment
Lifes Good
Working on 125 gallon planted discus tank in between vacation and work. With respect to rain we had 4 inches in an hour last Friday, I would gladly have sent some your way if I could.

Come visit me, Osaka 155, Live With Nature 8 & Loup.

06/25/2014 03:06.18 AM Report This Comment
Thanks...yes it's wonderful to stretch my muscles!!! I have been exercising my foot and it's getting stronger. This sat. will be 3 more weeks to put on HALF weight. Grrr...but at least it's a step in the direction of my goal! ( Goal is walking.)
It's a rainy day today. Sophie particularly doesn't like it. I personally don't care for today but tomorrow we are going to see a canoe/kayak quest with some friends and I don't want to miss it. :)
hope all is well! Left a vote. :)

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

06/24/2014 04:23.27 PM Report This Comment

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

06/22/2014 04:19.37 PM Report This Comment
Wow, hope your little gash will heal up fast. We had a nice day yesterday and went out in the boat fishing,dropped the kids off at the beach for a bit so they could swim. Of course I outfished the boys, hehe. Just relaxing for a bit, never turned the puter on yesterday, so got a lot of catch up on. Hope you have a nice day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

06/22/2014 10:22.05 AM Report This Comment
A1 Setup!!!
I plan to get my betas from a local fish store in September!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

06/21/2014 03:53.42 PM Report This Comment
Congrats !! nice set up left a vote !!

Come visit me, Fish Keeper Jose.

06/21/2014 08:23.37 AM Report This Comment
Great Job!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

06/20/2014 03:47.59 PM Report This Comment
The plaster cast is off and I'm healing nicely! But they didn't give me anything, not even a tensor bandage. So a friend who has the horses gave me her air cast and it fit so it's protected now. :) I went to see the horses(but I couldn't get too close.) and everyone at FT gave me a miss you card. :)))
Have fun with Loki and pup...we have stuff to do today. Sophie has a bit of an owie so we are trying to keep her from scratching it. :(
Left a vote!

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

06/20/2014 09:57.23 AM Report This Comment
We had a nice day. Keeping busy outdoors. Had a nice bbq last night, then the boys went fishing. We are puppy shopping too, the dogs at the humane society were all large dogs and much older then we wanted. The pond is doing great, fish are loving it. Even had a frog the other day. Take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

06/20/2014 05:24.13 AM Report This Comment
Love It!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

06/19/2014 03:45.28 PM Report This Comment
nice setup :)

Come visit me, Darkwyng.

06/19/2014 12:05.08 AM Report This Comment
Hey K-Spaz
Cool looking tank. Congrats on being named SOTW. Cheers!

Come visit me, FishySwaw.

06/18/2014 04:44.38 PM Report This Comment
I'm doing ok....I have about 4.5 weeks to go before I can put weight on my foot and tomorrow they are taking off the plaster cast and putting on a splint or something. the cast is driving me nuts.
LOL, your cat sounds 'helpful". Maybe you should've named him Trouble! lol.
I'm not too bored. I do wonder if I could do this and that though. I am used to working and now I'm not so that is a change. Oh well.
Congrats on SOTW!!!

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

06/18/2014 04:35.33 PM Report This Comment

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

06/18/2014 04:07.18 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on set up of the week. We had a nice day, then a little sprinkle and got nice again. The boys went fishing last night and caught their limits. Jake was pumped and had a blast. Buddy used to think she could catch the birds too, so funny how they chase them and forget that they can fly away. We thought the pond was leaking but apparently it is the hose to the little waterfalls, so will look at that today. Bill had a cat scan and will go see the specialist next month to see if they will operate. Hope you have a great day, take care, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

06/18/2014 07:45.37 AM Report This Comment
Congratulations on SOTW!
Congratulations! I have always loved this picture, it just seems so perfect. Love the colors! I left you another vote too.

Come visit me, PectorAL.

06/18/2014 04:18.20 AM Report This Comment
on winning setup of the week! (Or is it of the fortnight, month, 2 months...?) :) I guess we'll see!

Feeling much better today. Being that sick for several days sure does get me down! I am glad to be on the mend.

Yes, there sure are lots of dogs in need of homes out there but we can't help all of them. Wish it were more of a punishable crime to be abusive to animals.

Leaving a congratulatory vote for you.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

06/17/2014 11:52.53 PM Report This Comment
Great Setup!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

06/17/2014 02:52.55 PM Report This Comment
Congratulations! Spaz!
Great work, love all your pet family pictures!

Come visit me, acuineg1 & acuineg2.

06/17/2014 12:03.47 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW
I noticed that you made setup of the week again, well done.

Come visit me, Osaka 155, Live With Nature 8 & Loup.

06/17/2014 02:22.41 AM Report This Comment
Hey Spaz
Saw you made SOTW. Congratulations! Hope your doing well. Trying to survive the heat here right now.So humid it's Hard to breathe!

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, tropicluver & tropical river.

06/16/2014 08:54.15 PM Report This Comment

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

06/16/2014 07:36.48 PM Report This Comment
on your SOTW....
it was a nice day 79° sunny with a light breeze....i met my friend Donna for lunch after i came home and vacuumed the cats just supervised was also trash night so i was empting all the trash cans and the cats followed me all around.... hope you had a nice day....leaving a vote, peace, luv....sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

06/16/2014 04:42.10 PM Report This Comment
Congrats On SOTW!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

06/16/2014 04:17.04 PM Report This Comment
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