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Freshwater from windsor

south american cichlid

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Name: i'm not an addict

Size/Category 55-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

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6 - Angelfish
20 - Neon Tetra

Lighting: 3 150watt 6700k compact fluorescent bulbs on 8 hours a day

Filtration: aquaclear 110
tetra whisper ex70


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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
Thank you!
My bf says I don't have a fish addiction, more of a passion really hehe. He's good like that hehe. So, yup, I was sure surprised by the spotlight this week! All tanks are doing quite well, all fins are happy and healthy and that's always a good thing. Your tanks are so gorgeous, great pieces of driftwood!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/07/2012 09:38.46 AM Report This Comment
The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is pretty even-tempered compared to the standard Jacks. Mine is getting a bit big now, almost 6 inches, and really too big for the tank. But he has a spot he really likes, and while I've contemplated moving him to my 125 I'm concerned he'll be bullied by the two bigger cichlids. Sometime soon he'll have to move though :-)

Come visit me, Jack & Oscar, Maili's Reef & Angie & August.

01/20/2012 02:01.15 AM Report This Comment
Dropping by with a quick vote and happy new year wishes.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

01/18/2012 11:57.12 PM Report This Comment
Beautiful tank, thanks for the vote. :-) I've always wanted a Bolivian Ram, but don't have the room at the moment. Having 5 tanks, I can't justify another!

Come visit me, Jack & Oscar, Maili's Reef & Angie & August.

01/17/2012 07:11.03 PM Report This Comment
Point Taken!
I guess in the Amazon...Neons breed by the billions and are consumed as readily as we consume Chicken and Beef? So Yes, where IS the fun in that LOL! I've always had fish from the Amazon basin as opposed to Asia or Africa, I think they're easier to care for ( my opinion only ) and, are just as beautiful as anything else that swims. You're fortunate to have a great water source. I'm still debating on a small R.O. system??? I can't find one that doesn't waste at some water? It's very dry here in summer and we've had NO rain yet this year. Normally rain should have been falling for the last two months? Oh well! Besides, I don't have a place for a storage tank. The house is designed as a sort of loft cabin style and tight on space. Who knows, I may add some storage later because I'd like to eventually get a larger tank say 125 or so? I'll keep you updated. Take care.


Come visit me, discuslover.

01/17/2012 08:36.14 AM Report This Comment
On The FUN Side!
This may sound rhetorical ...BUT!...We ARE Addicted LOL.
By the way , Congratulations on the new arrival. Now there'll be someone to introduce to and, carry on the addiction. Your story of the Neons is fascinating. I'd have thought a less attractive and, less expensive fish would be the better choice but, to each his own. I never tried to breed Neons, perhaps I should have when I initially bought 100 to start my tank 3 years ago? I was in a Fish Club down in San Diego years ago. I learned a lot though. I hope all goes well? Take care and have a great week.


Come visit me, discuslover.

01/16/2012 09:39.07 AM Report This Comment
I'm in love with this setup, the fish are gorgeous and it has a very natural look to it, which is my favorite :)

Come visit me, My Rigby.

01/13/2012 08:54.44 PM Report This Comment
well things are getting back to normal here...
it 40F and very windy so it feels like 31F...
came home after lunch did more laundry which is never ending and i'm going to do a water change next...hope you have a nice day...leaving a vote, peace, luv..sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

01/02/2012 12:40.38 PM Report This Comment
Thank you!
it was a very nice surprise, nice way to start the new week and the new year! Your tanks are quite amazing, I was reading how you modified a filter to work with a float without having to drill the tank, very clever.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/02/2012 08:32.05 AM Report This Comment
12/22/2011 05:45.10 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for looking!
Here's a Vote in return....Your tank is Nice too. How mature is it? I can't wait to see how much nicer it gets as the plants grow bigger. I know Angelfish love a planted tank. I'm thinking I must have three of the same sex because, they have never displayed any mating behavior at all???? They're certainly big enough and old enough to have paired off? A word of warning though, as your Angelfish grow ...your Tetras will probably start disappearing? Mine did and, I only figured it out when I saw a tail sticking out of the mouth of the largest one of my Angelfish. So keep an eye on the Tetras and, move them to another tank if possible with smaller tank mates. I love Neons a lot but only have the one tank so, I can't keep them anymore. My Angelfish are now about 3"-4" tall now and very beautiful. I'm glad they're solid colors ( which I favor ), The all Black one has caught up in size with the other two and is the most active when I go near the tank. I'll have a look at your other profile as well. Thank you for writing a message. Take care.

I'm Chris from Northern California!

Come visit me, discuslover.

12/21/2011 07:55.32 AM Report This Comment
i was so surprised...leaving you a vote. peace, luv...

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/19/2011 05:14.27 PM Report This Comment
CONCRANT'S on your FWTOTW! very nice & welcome to the FISH CHANNEL. MERRY XMAS :)

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

12/17/2011 10:13.09 AM Report This Comment
Very natural aquarium!

Come visit me, GoldfishEnjoyer & BettaLooker.

12/15/2011 05:51.39 PM Report This Comment
Tanks water chages
To explain this to you who's nemo I took alot of planning because I didn't want to drill a hole in the glass. So what I did instead, is I drilled a 3\4 inch hole in the side of the Aquaclear filter about half way up. I installed a 1\2 inch pvc barbed bulkhead fitting with a half inch hose attached to it at the other end of the hose is a normally closed 24 volt irrigation solenoid (that they use to turn on automatic sprinklers). this solenoid is plugged into a cheap 120 volt to 24 volt transformer. the transformer is plugged into a digital timer.So every day for 2 minutes the timer opens the solenoid and the water comes streaming down into a collection container. I get between 4 and 5.5 gallons of water a day. Five minutes after the drain solenoid shuts off, the fill normally closed 24 volts fill solenoid is opened. It is run off a seperate digital timer and 120 to 24 volt transformer. The fill water comes from a tap water filter to take out any impurities. It runs through a 1/4 inch hose that is run through the rafters in my fish room. this solenoid is open for 6 minutes. The fill does not turn off by the timer but rather a float swith in the aquarium. The Important things in the setup are the solenoid valves are 24 volts because they contact water, they are irrigation valves because they are made to reliably hold water and not corrode. And the solenoids are normally closed so that if the power goes out or the transformers mess up it cannot open and overflow your tank.You want to make sure the bulkhead fitting is above the foam insert to filter out solids. and the most important thing to remember is that I now have 4 to 5.5 gallons of water a day to get rid of ( I water plants, gardens, lawn, other peoples plants nad lawn). Remember to never flush aquarium plants, fish, or water down the sewer. And also note that nothing makes a plant grow like fish water.

Come visit me, i'm not an addict & Still not addicted.

12/14/2011 05:56.30 PM Report This Comment
In my dreams!
I am so happy to hear you have a tank that does it's own water changes! I didn't know that such a system is even available. You gotta tell me how it works one day. I'm busy today gotta go. Here's a Vote!

Come visit me, Who's Nemo?.

12/14/2011 01:33.46 PM Report This Comment
a congrats vote from Fancy Walk N That Way from HC.
Merry Christmas!

MaryFrances, Lexington, NC.

12/14/2011 05:57.13 AM Report This Comment
on winning fish of the week. Love your setup! And, "You are an addict!" We all are!

Leaving you a vote.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/13/2011 11:31.30 PM Report This Comment
Awesome tank!!
I left another vote for you.

Come visit me, My Tank, The Fry Tank & Snakeskin Discus.

12/13/2011 12:23.21 PM Report This Comment
8 tanks total!
Fish addict, maybe! Great tank and you must be very busy maintaining 8 tanks. I have two freshwater and one salty tank and that's work enough for me. Anyway, you have found a home here cause we are all fish addicts here! Congratulations on setup of the week and I look forward to seeing some more pics from you, take care.

Come visit me, Who's Nemo?.

12/13/2011 11:53.36 AM Report This Comment
Cool Tank!
Welcome to Fish Channel, Great Tank!


Come visit me, discuslover.

12/13/2011 08:16.56 AM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW!!
Nice setup and welcome to the channel! Would love to see more photos of all your tanks then you might have to change your title! Congrats and have a great week!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

12/13/2011 04:16.44 AM Report This Comment
on your SOTW beautiful tank..i hope you have a wonderful week in the lime light...leaving a vote. peace. luv

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/12/2011 10:21.43 PM Report This Comment
Monday Evening Hello!
Congrats on SOTW!!! You have a beautiful tank & love your profile name as well! :o) So true...once you start your first tank set up it's so addictive! Lav4u!

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

12/12/2011 07:55.11 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW!
I love your center display of grass with the driftwood on each side. Nice aquascaping :) V4U!

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

12/12/2011 06:35.31 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW. pretty tank, heres my vote

Come visit me, chester & Mollies.

12/12/2011 06:08.02 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW !!

Come visit me, Community Tank.

12/12/2011 03:23.26 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on SotW. here's another vote

Come visit me, The Community, 10 Gallon Experiment & Swordtails.

12/12/2011 12:47.32 PM Report This Comment
Congratulations on SOTW
12/12/2011 10:17.37 AM Report This Comment
Great profile name! Beautiful tank!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/12/2011 09:03.48 AM Report This Comment
12/12/2011 08:14.51 AM Report This Comment
Congradulations on SOTW
Enjoy the spotlight this week.

Come visit me, GuppyGuy, PlatyLover, Angel Dreamer, TetraGuy, Shark Bait & BettaGuy.

12/12/2011 08:09.57 AM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW!
Congratulations! I'll bet the tank looks real nice with the val grown in thickly. But it looks great now! Now you are famous as well! Congratulations again, and here's another vote for you.

Come visit me, PectorAL.

12/12/2011 05:48.00 AM Report This Comment
congrats on sotw

wanda, USA, ME.

12/12/2011 03:54.15 AM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW
Well Done!

Come visit me, Osaka 155, Day 5, Live With Nature 8 & Loup.

12/12/2011 02:52.27 AM Report This Comment
thanks everyone for all the great feedback. To answer kimk`s question this picture was taken about 4 months after the tank was set up. Since the picture was taken about 6 months ago the corkscrew val. in the back has exploded to the point that I pull it out by the handfull almost monthly. hopefully I will be able to post new pictures of this tank as well as my other 6 freshwater and 1 saltwater tanks.

Come visit me, i'm not an addict & Still not addicted.

12/09/2011 02:17.33 PM Report This Comment
How long did it take for the plants to catch?

Come visit me, kklopping.

12/09/2011 10:37.33 AM Report This Comment
We're all fish addicts :)

Come visit me, Kuhli loaches & Gobywatch (still cycling).

12/08/2011 04:21.42 PM Report This Comment
Nice Tank!
Love the South American theme! Looks awesome!

Come visit me, The Epic Fishkeeper 2, Epic Planted Tank, The Epic Fishkeeper & Pumpkin.

12/05/2011 01:30.10 PM Report This Comment
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