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Name: goldie

Size/Category 12-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Acrylic

Shape: Bowfrontshow

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Lighting: standerd

Filtration: Marineland Bio wheel

Invertebrates: NONE

Other Accessories: heater

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It's my same pics too, guess we've been so lax in keeping in touch we've forgotten each other! Jeesh! Wow on the new stuff, good for you and I'm looking forward to actual new pics hehe. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

08/31/2013 08:24.03 AM Report This Comment
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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
Any luck on finding a tank? Maybe Craigslist or freecycle can help. Thrift stores too, I've seen some crazy deals on huge tanks in a few around here anyway. Been super busy, and still trying to get that busted elbow cap to heal. it's taking forever it seems. I just miss using my arm normally! All is well around here otherwise. Summer calmed down a bit, hopefully that nasty heat wave a bit ago won't come back. Triple digit heat isn't my friend ever, I can barely function if it's more than 85 out as it is! Well, gotta get my chores done so I can enjoy the rest of the day. Hope your Friday and the weekend are just what you'd like them to be!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/12/2013 09:31.02 AM Report This Comment
Happy 4th!
Just stopping by with a quick hello and a wish for a wonderful day!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/04/2013 09:13.11 AM Report This Comment
How's it going? Weather here has been fabulous! Until this week end, of course. Just thought I'd check in and give you a vote. I'll be busy with Angry Birds Space! Lol! Take care!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

03/23/2012 03:59.26 AM Report This Comment
thank you for your vote! It was exciting winning the set up of the week.. left a vote for you!

Come visit me, sumthnfishy.

03/17/2012 05:03.14 PM Report This Comment
Thank you!
I set up this tank last year, turns out you can win once a year, so I was super surprised indeed! This month I'll be adding an albino bushy nose pleco to it, and maybe a nerite or 2. Otherwise all the fins are doing great and we sure enjoy it. I'm watching some lovely black clouds roll in, I hope it rains even though they are saying snow showers. We didn't really have winter this year, so now that I'm out of snow mode, all the chanting for lots of rain begins hehe. Living in the desert is just such a dry life! Even our rain is dry! Last time we had a serious rain, we were still only at 76% humidity! How goes your world? Been kinda busy here, but most of it good so no real complaints. Not that anyone would listen anyway hehe. Hope you are having a pleasant week!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/06/2012 07:44.36 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the suggestion on the algae. Can't afford one of those right now. Trying to sell my 14 gal oceanic bio cube so I can put the money into the salt tank. So right now I'm just hand plucking the algae. Hope all is well with you and the fins! Talk soon!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

02/28/2012 05:14.06 AM Report This Comment

Thanks for the congraulations on Set up of the week, was a shock as I haven't logged in this week. Yeah the Betta is very happy in the tank, he loves hanging out in the large clump of Java Fern in the back left of the tank. I even found he has made a bubble nest back there as well.
Have a good weekend and left you a vote for you cool setup.

Come visit me, Shrimp Tank & Plants&Fish.

02/23/2012 04:30.26 PM Report This Comment
How are you doing? Are you enjoying the new year? I sure hope so. I hope you had a nice Christmas too. Your main picture looks kind of Christmassy. I like it!

Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

01/20/2012 11:32.03 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the vote here's one for both of yours!

Come visit me, 10 Gallon Planted & 20 Gallon Long.

01/13/2012 09:39.36 AM Report This Comment
Thank you!
Have missed you, glad to see all is well. Our holidaze craze was very hectic but it was all soooo much fun. We will be going smaller next year though, as it was a lot of work for me to do almost all the cooking and ALL the cleaning both before and after plus take down all the decor. No wonder I got sick! My bf has head chest cold, I have sore throat ears chest thing and my son has finally conquered a migraine that plagued him for 2 days! Crazy week here for sure! But, winning SPTW to start out the new year and the new week is awesome, plus I've had time to clean and do more organizing in my art room and have made some more projects that are now drying in hopes of getting them in the kiln over the weekend. Plus I'll start making some more of those easy to feed ceramic fish hehe. The ones on the wall I made in class but found my own mold and am now enjoying making my own things. Speaking of, I need to finish FC so I can go play, I mean, create some more!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/06/2012 10:26.53 AM Report This Comment
It's good to hear from you again. How are you doing? Is it cold there or is it still in the 50s? It's really cold here though it finally warmed up enough to snow a bit. Now everything is slippery.

No, unfortunately, Eddie the horse did not win! I was a a bit disappointed because I was sure we had enough votes but such is life. We'll try again next year. So glad you liked the photo though. I drove him this afternoon and we had a lot of fun. He was full of pep and raring to go!

Are you ready for Christmas yet? We're still putting up lights and everything is so pretty.

Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/15/2011 11:20.13 PM Report This Comment
Thank you for the congrats:) This setup still looks like Christmas to me with that red substrate LOL. Love it! I originally had them in a 29 gal setup that had been running since 2009 with white clouds and peppered cories (which I gave away eventually) - it became an an Angel setup in 2010. I transferred them into the 45 gal sometime in July 2011 I think.... Farily new but I was able to use cultured canister filter right away to prevent cycle.

Have a nice day and thank you again. V's4U:)

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

12/06/2011 06:03.30 AM Report This Comment
happy turkey day!
..and here is a vote! A day off! Yeah!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/24/2011 04:27.37 AM Report This Comment
Me again
Yeah, all the dead stiff is gone, but one fish I didn't find. My one crab still lives! Hope I get fish store gift certificates for the holidays, so I can start restocking. Any thanksgiving plans? We are just going to stay home and relax. Take care!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/20/2011 01:25.39 PM Report This Comment
Vote time
Been busy this week, but I wanted to stop by with a vote, hope all is well!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/17/2011 05:35.18 PM Report This Comment
Well, the tank has cleared up and stoped stinking! Snail died, but there is still one hermit crab kicking! I plan on starting over again, but will take time. I'll add pics as it goes along. Ammonia is still too high yet, I'll keep you updated! Sending a vote!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/13/2011 03:27.20 PM Report This Comment
The search for a bigger better faster tank goes on. Lucky my bf is pretty indulgent with me and doesn't complain about my hobby. I do keep things on the very cheap, I mean, FRUGAL side hehe but I will spend any extra money I come across on fish or tank things. It's more of an addiction than a hobby I think but at least this one is good for your health!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

11/07/2011 09:48.29 AM Report This Comment
Me again
Nothing survived. I did see a snail yesterday, but have not seen it since. Did 2 major water changes, but the water still is clowdy and stinks. The fish store says I should be able to keep the rock and sand, but I think the sand bed is going to have to go. I'll give it some time and see. Well, that's the update for now. Enjoy the rest of the week end!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/06/2011 06:14.38 AM Report This Comment
Good news, after 6 days the power came on! You should see the protein skimmer go. Hope the power stays on, ya never know. Once I do a major water change, I'll see if anything survived.

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/04/2011 11:28.33 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for stopping over, it's nice to talk to people who know and understand what I'm going through. Most of my friends and family are not into fish, but they know how much it it means to me. Not sure if I'm going to stick with salt again, to soon to think about. Going to see if my house insurance will cover any of the loss. Hope all is well with you!!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/03/2011 12:37.13 PM Report This Comment
10/31/2011 05:56.51 AM Report This Comment
Thursday night & I'm pooped!
Hi John! My name is Rochelle. I am in awe every time I look at your pictures...looks like it takes so much to keep your display tank running. I don't even have a room in my house that something like that would fit in! Lol! Have a party at school tomorrow so better get some sleep. I haven't been able to enjoy my tanks as much as I'm use to this week due to the party planning and it's starting to make me a bit grumpy. Leaving votes for you!

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

10/27/2011 07:14.48 PM Report This Comment
Thursday Hello & V4u
Have heard that salt water is much harder to have (& more expensive) than freshwater tanks. What do you think?
Hope you have a great day!

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

10/27/2011 08:43.07 AM Report This Comment
Tuesday Hello!
Thanks for the congrats on SOTW! :o) I did have several tanks! I had 3 - 29g and the betta bowl. Recently I combined 2 of the 29g's into a 55g. So now I have the 55 with all community fishies, the 29 shark tank that has the SpongeBob theme and my red betta in a fish bowl. Will get new pic's on soon! I always had fish tanks in my younger days. I was out of the hobby for about 20 years but have gotten back into it full force the last year or so. What about you? Leaving votes!

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

10/25/2011 08:26.26 AM Report This Comment
Well, I've never had a breyer horse but, of course, I always wanted one when I was little. Now I have the real thing so I'm not too upset about not having any.

Thanks for your compliments on our property. We live in a beautiful area. We are just south of the Oregon border in a valley in the mountains of Northern California. I'm sorry about your mom being sick. Why does she have to stay in Las Vegas?

If you would like to see some shots of our area check out this video on YouTube: Pippin: Valiant Protector of Honest Creatures. And just in case you need to ask after you've seen it, no, I don't take myself too seriously!

Here's another vote for you.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

10/07/2011 11:27.50 PM Report This Comment
Me again
I live in CT. The other pics on my page I took at Mystic aquarium. It's a small place, but very nice. They have a lot of different seals, and beluga whales. My favorite is their jelly fish tank. I would love to someday be able to go to sea world, but I would have to win the lotto first! Lol have a great week end!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

10/07/2011 03:42.55 AM Report This Comment
on you SOTW...hope you celebrated...leaving a vote, peace, luv....sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

10/05/2011 04:18.12 PM Report This Comment
Back to leave you a friendly vote. Hope you have a nice day.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

10/05/2011 02:26.13 PM Report This Comment
Nice tank, other tank looks great also!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

10/05/2011 04:34.36 AM Report This Comment
I'm on my way to bed but I just wanted to stop by quickly and say thank you, thank you, thank you, for voting for Eddie!

Here's another vote for you page.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

10/05/2011 12:50.00 AM Report This Comment
on winning setup of the week. Very nice!

Could I ask a great favour of you? I entered a photo of Eddie, big percheron horse, in Dover Saddlery's online photo contest. I would love to have your vote and you only need to vote once. The contest ends soon so the sooner you can vote the better. And if you would pass it along to your friends I'd appreciate that so much.

The contest is at No spaces or dashes. He is on page 10 in the Best Black & White category. The title is, "Tall, Dark, and Hansom."

Thank you so much!!!

Here's a vote for you and I hope you are also enjoying some nice autumn weather.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

10/04/2011 11:12.16 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW
Nice setups. Very bold colors just right for goldfish! Heres a vote for you

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

10/04/2011 08:54.59 PM Report This Comment
You have a couple of really nice setups. V4u

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

10/04/2011 10:48.08 AM Report This Comment
I love the bold color of your setup :)

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

10/03/2011 08:38.48 PM Report This Comment
Great looking goldfish & tank!! Congrats on SOTW!! Love the gravel! Red is my fav color but I've never seen red gravel. Have a great week!

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

10/03/2011 06:46.16 PM Report This Comment
I love goldfish! congrats of being SOTW!

Come visit me, Kuhli loaches & Gobywatch (still cycling).

10/03/2011 03:47.02 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on SOTW !!

Come visit me, Community Tank.

10/03/2011 03:19.48 PM Report This Comment
nice fish kudos

Come visit me, ethan.

10/03/2011 02:37.47 PM Report This Comment

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