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Freshwater from Birmingham


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Name: tropicluver

Size/Category 10-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
1 - Sunburst Orange GloFish
1 - blue GloFish
2 - Green GloFish
1 - Zebra Danio

Lighting: 20" Marineland LED

Filtration: Bio-Matrix skilter 250

Invertebrates: N/A

Other Accessories: rocks
Fake plants
Digital thermometer

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How've you been? Keeping busy around here, the new dog is hilarious and so much fun. Oh, did I tell you I got a pup for xmas? We adopted an Australian Kelpie mix from our local humane society. At first she was listed as a German Shepherd mix, but we have recently found out what she really is. What she really is, is 'the weird kid' that makes everyone laugh with her goofiness. Sweetest dog ever too. Turned a year old in April, so still lots of puppy antics. Was already housebroken too! We sure would like to thank the idiots who let her go cuz we sure love her. Anyway, all fish are fine, family is fine, life is pretty good actually. Winning the lottery would be about the only thing to make it better. hehe. Hope you are having a very nice week. So sorry to hear you're melting! It's been chilly here lately, kinda weird but we're all happy cuz soon summer heat will melt us all into submission hehe.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

06/17/2014 01:14.37 PM Report This Comment
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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
Love those GLO's
Have several of them in a tank and many in an outside pond!

Come visit me, acuineg1 & acuineg2.

12/14/2012 01:16.43 PM Report This Comment
Sounds like you are getting to enjoy the efforts of the remodel now, that's the best part, seeing it finally coming together instead of a big mess hehe. Been busy off and on around here, also have been lazy and reading a lot of books lately, had some catching up to do and was tired of tv things. Well, we don't have cable, just my Wii and netflix and our million and one dvd collection. We do watch football and a few things that come through on antennae once in awhile but mostly I'm either working on a project or reading. We watched football games last weekend, but we all had books in hand and had it on mute so we could actually watch the game without all the noise. Old fuddy duddies are we haha. Actually since they do so many replays, you really don't need to hear the announcers yelling out the obvious over and over so yea, we filled in the blanks and had fun making up stories about the game too hehe. Well, guess I need to quit babbling and get ready for this day, have many errands to do and need to wear something besides jammies out in the real world hehe. Then again, I've seen several folk wearing their's out, not sure how I feel about that! Guess as long as you're comfy!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/12/2012 10:16.41 AM Report This Comment
so glad the floor came out! I've learned to never sweat the small things I do when I'm working on the home, I'm not a professional and minor details are usually something only I ever notice, my circle of 'critics' tells me they didn't even notice little things that really stood out to me. and I've become a master at camouflage for things that do bother me hehe. Paint is one of my best friends hehe. Well, speaking of paint, have some projects to finish off so I can get a few more checks on my to-do list. Hope you are enjoying your day too!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

10/15/2012 12:57.42 PM Report This Comment
we're getting a break from the heat today, hopefully it'll stay cooler for a long while. Like until Fall haha. Votes for all but not much to say, getting ready for lunch.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/15/2012 12:39.39 PM Report This Comment
07/10/2012 04:17.05 AM Report This Comment
07/06/2012 07:41.03 AM Report This Comment
Nice you got a refund for the Glo's, they are rather spendy. I have only lost a couple since setting up that tank, and got either a replacement or store credit for 2 of the 3. One just died for no apparent reason months after being established. Never know with fins. They are sure fun to watch though, and yea, the blue light makes them really fun. I always put in the actinic when we're having company, especially if there's kids coming, they all love that tank. Getting the floor replaced on insurance is much nicer than out of pocket for sure! I have to agree about the sump idea, doesn't matter the size of the tank! I'm thinking I'll have to set one up once I move the brackish tank into the 55, water changes in a sandy bottom are such a mess I've learned! Hope you are having a really nice day. So far so good around here!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

07/05/2012 08:42.38 AM Report This Comment
07/02/2012 05:31.04 AM Report This Comment
06/20/2012 06:06.27 AM Report This Comment
funny enough
my puffer is such a sweetie, actually I've never had an aggressive Fig8, but the dragon goby will sometimes try to eat (and sometimes succeeds) the guppies when they're sleeping if he happens to be doing his gulping for plankton thing and well, anything that gets sucked into that big mouth is food. I only buy the cheap guppies cuz well, just in case they become food. It doesn't happen often though. Great price on the glofish indeed! Wow! I sometimes get them for 2.99, though my gang is pretty settled and we're thinking a few of them might be trying to spawn, that would be very cool indeed. gotta get a move on, my tummy is letting me know that no food since breakfast means I'd better be getting some dinner going! What a busy day!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/15/2012 06:42.23 PM Report This Comment
My aunt loves that pleco, and since it's about 18" long, I really don't want to deal with moving it. Besides, even when I get the tank we have to shore up the counter it's going to go on (eliminating a breakfast bar for it) and also have to run some electrical for it, but don't know yet what kind of filtration we'll use so don't know where I'll need the electrical put. Since it will be visible on all sides (except where it's to the wall on one end) most likely use canister filter so will run that into a cabinet below it. Well, gotta get some chores done and then think a nap is in order, been a super busy day to end a super busy week and I don't have to cook dinner tonight, woohoo!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

04/14/2012 03:38.25 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for plant lissting for your led lights, I am still debating what to put in the 20 gallon tank. Part of me wants another heavily planted tank but the other half wants some Dwarf Cichlids.

Have a good weekend

Come visit me, Shrimp Tank & Plants&Fish.

03/03/2012 05:08.12 AM Report This Comment
how's the fish? Just stopping by with some votes and a quick hello!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

02/26/2012 11:24.31 AM Report This Comment
Very nice setup.. I left a vote
Really nice tank.. I see you are using sand.. how are you able to keep the tank clean?

Come visit me, Tropical Tank & Fish & Live Plants.

02/20/2012 12:41.03 PM Report This Comment
I think I have about 10 or 12 shrimp. My fish got sick and i had to take the shrimp out to treat them. The shrimp are in a plastic storage box for now. A few days ago in the main tank I found 2 shrimp that managed not to get eaten and the meds did not kill.
If you have enough places for the shrimp the hide the Angelfish may not be able to find them to eat them.
Good luck with your shrimp and here's a vote.

Come visit me, Just Gettin' Started.

02/16/2012 09:02.03 PM Report This Comment
Angelfish is fine. Should be pretty full. I think he ate my glofish. It disappeared.

Come visit me, Community Tank.

02/05/2012 11:58.41 AM Report This Comment
I have always like glass fish (without the die ;) That guy at the LFS was good to steer you away from the silver dollars. Some fish stores are all about the sale and some are better than that :)
Btw, I hope the LFS is talking Bolivian Rams and not Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (common name German blue ram). You can do either but the Bolivian is hardier and less aggressive. The GB Ram is also more prone to ick (yup, I had them and they got ick right away - treated successfully but they still only lasted a year or less)

If you can't find confirmed low light plants by name maybe you could order online. I have purchased from this guy several times and he has a good list of low light plants. Great shipping prices and his plants have always arrived in great condition. s

I hope you can post pictures of this new tank soon!


Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

01/06/2012 05:56.16 AM Report This Comment
Hi Again,
Gosh, I hate to be the bearer of "no you should not do that" again LOL but here is what I have read about Silver Dollars:
Silver Dollars do grow large and fast so you will probably need a big tank to accommodate them. Because they grow to the size of a dinner plate (8 inches in diameter), a VERY large tank will be needed to house a shoal of 4-6 adult fish. A 300 gallon or larger tank would be appropriate for these fish. So keep this in mind if you plan on having these fish for a long time.

They not only like live plants but will eat them all ;)
And the Red Tailed Black Shark is another bad choice due to temper and size. Very territorial and get meaner with age. http://www.allabout-aquariumfish. com/2009/04/mixing-red-tailed-black-shark.html. for sure you would not want to mix one with Rams. There would be all out war since they are both bottom fish.

For Angels you may be able to get away with 2 or 3 but don't expect a peaceful tank - there will be the Alpha and if a pairing, one being picked on, etc... I have my pair and ended up catching my female juvie and putting her in the 50 due to fighting.

Still, you can try it, because sometimes it can work. Just be sure they are small in the beginning. And if you add neons - add them and let them grow up a bit and become established before the baby Angels so that the Angelfish don't look at them as food. I have heard others successfully keeping Angelfish and neons together this way...

Setting up a low light (average light) planted tank is not too hard if you follow a few steps from the beginning. Use some kind of substrate advertised for live plants like Eco complete or... and obtain plants that do well in low light such as Java Fern, Anubius, some Crypts and African Fern (best growth when attached to something and put in water flow area)

Hope this doesn't discourage you too much. I would be lost when it comes to Saltwater and Corals!


Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

01/04/2012 09:38.13 PM Report This Comment
Thank you!
It was a very nice surprise and a nice start for the new year!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/04/2012 08:45.17 AM Report This Comment
I agree with your LFS, you don't need to worry about hardness with domesticated fish as much as long as there are no extremes either end. I consider my water extreme soft which is why I have fish that prefer it.

Regarding the dry-start method, I did that with my nano dsm 2.5 gal. Many aquatic plants we buy are actually started emergent which is a dry start. The soil or aquatic substrate is kept wet with plants planted in it but the tank is not flooded yet. I glass top is best to keep it humid and with artificial or window light the plants will grow like crazy :). After about a month or when there is good roots established you than flood with tank water. At this stage is it also cycled. We have information on it right here as well as other websites. -fish-international/december-2011/dry-start-method- .aspx
Not all plants work with this such as delicate stem plants but many do. I used crypts, African fern, Anubias and Pygmy sword among others.

My Bolivian Ram is in my Chocolate Delight 50 gal setup :). I used to have chocolate gourami in that one hence the name. I never planned for a ram in this tank as it was setup with all tiny fish in mind but my mother needed to re-home him from her 20 gal long where he was unhappy. He has bloomed in my 50 and over all does not bother my other fish :)

The Discus are over all peaceful but they are cichlids and can become aggressive with territory issues as they mature.... With your tall tank why not utilize all 3 depths? Here is one idea I found online:
37 gallon (same footprint as a 29 but taller.)
I like my choices here because the whole tank is used and the species are peaceful together.

3-Botia Striata on the bottom
3-Gold Barbs, use the middle of the tank mainly, with trips up and down
6-Blue danios, mainly hang out in the upper section but do venture down when they feel like it.
Cherry shrimp
You could plan something similar utilizing all levels - just be sure the bio load isnt over what a 29 gal can do as the 37 is just taller and doesn't allow more fish than a 29 can handle - unless you do lots of large water changes :)

And instead of Cory or loaches at bottom maybe get a pair of Rams or Kribensis with smaller schooling fish for middle and upper levels such as the 5 banded Barb for middle to bottom (alternative to aggressive tigar barb ;) hatchet, danio or emerald eye Rasbora top area....

It is always so exciting setting up a new tank. Wish I was :). Keep me updated!

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

01/02/2012 12:53.58 PM Report This Comment
Hello to 2012 :)
Have fun setting up your 37 gal. Have you ever had Discus before? I haven't since the early 80's but in my research you might be pushing it with a tank that size. It's best to start with 5 due to less stress and territorial issues that pop up? Unless you are interested in a breeding pair in which case 2 would do fine in that 37 gal. But again you would need to start with 5 to obtain a breeding pair and than re-home the other 3 or obtain another tank (50 gal or more) for the 3 and add 2 more to make 5 and it goes on LOL

I recently did research cuz I wanted Discus too but I could only house them in my 50 and I would need to re-home my Ram and possibly lesson the many schools of tetras, etc. to prepare. Not ready to do that. I like my Ram and can't have another big tank.

Is your water hard or soft? I would look for fish that would do well in your water. Let me know if you want more ideas :)

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

01/01/2012 07:40.19 AM Report This Comment
Happy NewYear!
Keeping this short as it is late (for me ;) We went to my mothers for a New Years dinner along with friends of hers and it was fun. Good for my mother as well to get through the holidays. Oh, and we all watched Kungfu Panda :). Cute LOL

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

12/31/2011 11:09.58 PM Report This Comment
tiger barbs
Do your barbs ever nip at the gourami? Two barbs is a small school and their aggressive behavior will be more common.

Come visit me, nano comunity, ares, Hephesteus, Hermes, dionysus & mini planted.

12/28/2011 02:02.58 PM Report This Comment
new tank fun
Once you master keeping things smooth in a 10, the 65 will be easy, the bigger the tank the easier the parameters. My first salt tank (FOWLR or corals) was a 40 and it ran smooth for 7 yrs. The only reason I got rid of it was had to move unexpectedly so it went to a good home. Well, I assume a good home, that was 10 yrs ago and I don't know what it's doing now hehe.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/12/2011 10:30.33 AM Report This Comment
Nice new pic, the blue is stunning! How goes fins and feathers?

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/11/2011 12:53.47 PM Report This Comment
That would be cool if you could do a larger saltwater just for him ;). Maybe with a few larger fish that wouldn't be eaten! V4U:)

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

12/07/2011 01:41.18 PM Report This Comment
Thank You
For the congrats. I was quite surprised LOL. I love your blue profile picture and the pictures below! Wow, a flounder! I didn't know you could keep one in freshwater. Is it a FW species of flounder? V4U!

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

12/05/2011 07:05.01 AM Report This Comment
11/17/2011 05:02.33 AM Report This Comment
11/15/2011 05:10.31 AM Report This Comment
11/13/2011 11:33.29 AM Report This Comment
How are you doing? Did you have a nice halloween? We don't really celebrate it out here. Too far from civilization. The kids go into town for trick or treating. I expect the dogs are happy about that. No one to disturb their evening peace.

Guess what! I got a really nice surprise in winning top setup! And then I looked at my e-mail again and saw that I had also won critter of the month with my squirrel, Acorn. She's the cutest little thing and I'm happy that she's in the spotlight this month on the Small Animal Channel.

Now that it's turned cold the fish are steadily turning into the vegetative orange blob state. I expect we won't see much action from them until late spring.

They got to play a small part in a horror movie that I just made. It's the featured video of the month on the Dog Channel. I'd love for you to go over and see it. It's called A Tail of Horror.

Actually the video of the month on the Horse Channel is also mine! It's the tribute I made for my friend on there who died in September.

I hope you're all staying warm there. We've had some snow already but it was mixed with rain. So, instead of making everything pretty (snows one and only pro) everything is cold, wet, and slippery.

Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

11/08/2011 11:47.42 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the congrats! Right now it looks like a barren waste land, but I hope to get it back and going strong again. Here is a vote!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/07/2011 02:03.36 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the Congrats!!
Thanks for stopping by! Nice tank and love the parrot! Left a vote 4 u2!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

11/02/2011 09:05.19 PM Report This Comment
Happy Halloween and a spooky vote for you!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

10/31/2011 02:05.16 AM Report This Comment
Thank you so much for stopping by with congratulations for my surprise setup of the week win. It was so nice to log in on Monday and see my pond up there in the spotlight!

The fish are doing great and since we amazingly still haven't had a frost they're still pretty active and shamelessly begging for food whenever someone walks by.

How is it there? Cold yet? Love the parrot. Is it on BC?

Here's a vote for you and thanks again for stopping by.

P.S. On another note, I entered a photo of Eddie, big Percheron horse, in Dover Saddlery's online photo contest. I would love to have your vote and you only need to vote once. The contest ends on Friday so the sooner you can vote the better. And if you would pass it along to your friends I'd appreciate that so much.

The contest is at No spaces or dashes. His is the 2nd photo on page 10 in the Best Black & White category. The title is, "Tall, Dark, and Hansom."

Thank you!!! (I have a photo of him on my page for easy reference.)

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

10/12/2011 11:31.25 PM Report This Comment
You are so lucky. I have always wanted a freshwater flounder. Did you acclimate him to freshwater or will you move him to brackish? What do you feed him? Great moss ball too.

Come visit me, nano comunity, ares, Hephesteus, Hermes, dionysus & mini planted.

10/10/2011 04:03.39 PM Report This Comment
Thank you!
Vote 4 you two. you have a nice day! love your setup!

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

10/06/2011 04:01.58 PM Report This Comment
Nice tank! Leaving a V4u!

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

10/05/2011 07:05.47 AM Report This Comment
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