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Saltwater from Las Vegas

Soft coral reef tank

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Active within 844 Days

Name: Fishlover

Size/Category 125-Gallon Saltwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Long

List of Fish:
1 - Green Mandarinfish
1 - Magenta Dottyback
1 - Bicolor Blenny
1 - Golden wrasse
3 - Blue Devil
4 - Green Chromis
3 - Pajama Cardinal
2 - Percula Clown

Lighting: 10,000k Daylight& Actinic 460nm, 65watt

Filtration: 2 Rena XP

Invertebrates: emerald crabs,starfish,- cleaner shrimp,snails,c- rabs, featherdusters,- orange sponge.

Other Accessories: 2 protein skimmers

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
I left you a vote
This is a really nice tank, I am looking foward to seeing more pics.

Come visit me, Tropical Tank & Fish & Live Plants.

02/20/2012 12:23.25 PM Report This Comment
Nice Setup!
Love your tank and it looks like it is an great location as well! Leaving you a vote!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

12/04/2011 04:18.51 AM Report This Comment
Awesome tank!
Awesome tank! It's my dream to start a saltwater tank like yours someday. I've seen really awesome ones, but this is one of the best.

Come visit me, The Epic Fishkeeper 2, Epic Planted Tank, The Epic Fishkeeper & Pumpkin.

11/30/2011 02:13.44 PM Report This Comment
HI Again!
THANK'S for droping by. doing ok thx for asking it looks like your tank is realy doing good. was your THANKSGIVING a hit? we just sat around stuffing are face and watch some movies. since you live in Vages you would be the first to ask if you might whant to buy my reef tank from me when I get ready to upgrade to a bigger tank down the road or you might no someone? for the right price I would through in some extras. have a great weekend! talk to you soon. V4Y

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

11/26/2011 10:00.28 AM Report This Comment
HAVE not herd from you in some time. just droping by to see how things are going. are your new corals doing well? I rec a email from LAfishguys new vids over 1 hour long MACNA aquariume trade show you might like.hope all is ok? sending you a vote. :)

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

11/20/2011 07:47.21 AM Report This Comment
I wish I could do a reef tank, yours look great. Leaving a vote for you.

Come visit me, chris, oscar tank & chris tank.

10/28/2011 05:50.48 PM Report This Comment
10/24/2011 05:29.00 AM Report This Comment
Welome to the club!
It's nice to see new setups I hope it brings you lots of enjoyment! I really enjoy this hobby that's for sure! Leaving you with a vote for all your hard work!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

10/23/2011 09:05.28 AM Report This Comment
How are you and your critters doing? And how is the weather? It finally rained here. Yippee! We are so happy after months and months of dry beautiful sunny weather. One really can get tired of nice days plus we had some forest fires around and the rain got rid of them and the residual smoke.

It's cooler too but still hasn't frosted. Perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold. It's supposed to freeze this week and is overdue but I hope it doesn't. I like eating fresh vegetables from the garden and the frost will kill them.

Could I ask a great favour of you? I entered a photo of Eddie, big percheron horse, in Dover Saddlery's online photo contest. I would love to have your vote and you only need to vote once. The contest ends soon so the sooner you can vote the better. And if you would pass it along to your friends I'd appreciate that so much.

The contest is at No spaces or dashes. He is on page 10 in the Best Black & White category. The title is, "Tall, Dark, and Hansom."

Thank you so much!!!

Here's a vote for you and I hope you are also enjoying some nice autumn weather.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

10/03/2011 11:44.09 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the friendly welcome and vote! Your tank is AWESOME! Just love looking at the salt water tanks (drooling is more like!) when I'm in fish stores. Sent a vote back your way.

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

10/01/2011 09:29.07 AM Report This Comment
Hey thanks for vote. Loving the look of the coral. Hoping one day to be able to take the plunge into saltwater. Sending a vote back to you.

Come visit me, kyle.

09/23/2011 01:46.31 PM Report This Comment
I was buying my coral and fish from TROP AQUARIUM in Las Vegas NV I also bought my tank there and some live rock. I spent over $2500.00 the first 6 mothes at that store! one day I added up all the receipts the first 3 years I spent over $8000.00!!! I know its over 10k now. It does not look like spent that much money! I have extra power heads and spare parts/ lighting I dont use any more. maybe I sell some stuff some day. I also have 70lb of extra rock laying out side. some day when I do get a biger tank I will have a place to use all the extra crap! I am thinking about buying my live stock online I found some good web sites that don't charge for shipping if you buy a certin amount critters. my tank doing great buy the way thx. also up loaded some new pics check out if you like. V4Y two thx again tell huby I said hi. P.S. where do you buy your stuff?

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/21/2011 01:11.20 AM Report This Comment
Stranger Danger- Stranger Danger!!
Nah, just joking! Haha. Sorry it took so long to respond, I have been crazy busy, but welcome to the club! It's nice to see new people join that don't just have a sad betta in a bowl with a splash of water to live in. Know what I mean? Don't tell anyone, as I talk to a few of them. Haha!!! Anyway, I see you have a Green Mandarin fish, that is the first salty fish I bought. Yeah, a mistake for sure. Not to make excuses but I was influenced from family members and I did no research at all. So it died and you know- I got another one like a true novice. I have only been keeping the salty tank for about two years, but have learned a whole lot in the process. Anyway, gotta go, I have a lot of people to talk to. Sea ya!

Come visit me, Who's Nemo?.

09/20/2011 03:19.51 PM Report This Comment
HOW are your new coral doing? thx 4 all the info. V4Y

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/18/2011 09:57.40 AM Report This Comment
THANGS are fine hear my tank is doing great by the way. IF you dont mine me asking what line of work do you do? I drive trucks for a living. I looking for another JOB I kinda hate TRUCK DRIVING going on 19 years!

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/16/2011 06:31.30 PM Report This Comment
YOU have new coral? can you send me a picture? your not fare from me at all. I live on Las vegas Blvd and Saint Louis just north of Sahara. hope to hear from you soon I updated some more pictures. sent another V4Y

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/16/2011 09:32.46 AM Report This Comment
That is a nice reef tank. Is it hard or expensive to maintain a reef tank? Do you think a shrimp and a goby would be fine in a 6 gallon aquarium?

Come visit me, nano comunity, ares, Hephesteus, Hermes, dionysus & mini planted.

09/13/2011 08:00.00 PM Report This Comment
so are your coral doing ok so far ? sent you a vote thx for the reply.

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/13/2011 10:11.16 AM Report This Comment
Cant wait to see your new critters! it sounds like you got your moneys worth? I hope they dont die on you. Thx for the reply on the CROMIS. I have another question and that is i only have 1 one firefish in the tank yould it be safe to intraduce a shool of cromis or 2 m ore firefish first? I know its best to add 2 or 3 of the same at one time but money is what holds us back sometimes from doing that. I would hate for my fish to freak out! I updated some new blog pics. IF you know someone saleing a big used tank in LAS Vegas NV PLZ let now. have great day! :)

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/08/2011 12:23.04 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the info. How many coral did get for that price? what kind are they ? are they going in one at a time after Quarantine or just acclimation/ coral dip? nice to hear from you. THX

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/07/2011 08:40.23 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the vote
09/05/2011 07:49.13 PM Report This Comment
I will be home all this month no truckin for me I got out of surgey last week. what kind of star fish do you have? and do you think the green chromis will do ok in my tank? THX

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/05/2011 09:11.49 AM Report This Comment
Amazing tank! I love bicolors!

Come visit me, Kuhli loaches & Gobywatch (still cycling).

09/05/2011 04:31.59 AM Report This Comment
i plan on getting SWT by December maybe you can give alot of advice

Come visit me, stripemarlin.

09/03/2011 09:02.39 PM Report This Comment
New Hobby
Hi Yes its my first salt water tank. I hade a fresh water tank for 5 years and took the plung in 2007 with a SWT. One of resons you dont see alot of cretters in my tank, well i was out of work for 2 years laid off! i just got back to work about a year ago. I have been driving Semi Trucks for 19 years. I would like to start out with softies,mushrooms see how thangs go. My biggest promblem was when i got into sw was useing tap water!!! i lost alot of nice fish and coral. I use a R/O DI now! Salt E.S.V. E-IONIC I love this salt because it never leavs Calcium build up on my pumps and when i mix up a new batch of SW its ready to go in 10 min! i have used this salt for over a year with no promblems cretters are very happy. And your right its a very slow going hobby. and for all you new reefers out there take it from me dont even think about getting into this hobby with out checking your tap water first! if you guys dont now how to test your water its called a TDS meter they only cost around $20 bucks. my tap was 490 ppm.In this hobby the water you put an a REEF/FOWLR should read 000. I buy a all my stuff from, Filter Guys and BRS short for Bulk Reef Supply. THX for the advice fishlover i would like to keep intouch if thats ok with you. Fragger......

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/03/2011 10:13.03 AM Report This Comment
Nice tank!

Come visit me, Oscar & Betta.

09/02/2011 07:08.25 PM Report This Comment
You got my vote
I trade you tanks! as you now this Hobby can coast you alot! its been slow going adding to the tank working on up grading to a 125. your take is awsome! thx for the vote fragger.

Come visit me, goldie & Fragger.

09/02/2011 01:04.11 PM Report This Comment
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