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Freshwater from shorewood

desert fantasy

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Name: captain ahab

Size/Category 10-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Acrylic

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
3 - Rosy Barb

Lighting: 8000k 15 watt florescent

Filtration: aquaclear 50


Other Accessories: egyptian pharaoh sand fountain
sword plant

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
Didn't forget about you, just been so very busy. Hopefully I'll know more by Sunday. Whew, I'm in need of a vacation from all this pre holiday stuff hehe. My tanks all need cleaning and filter changes, good thing my fish are all tough guys lately! Hope you are having a good weekend, and I'll be in touch soon!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/22/2012 02:52.19 AM Report This Comment
snail mail, hehe
that was clever funny hehe. Nerites, I don't do well with them in the fresh water tanks, unless there's some salt involved they don't seem to last long. also, they won't breed unless there's salt, if you were thinking of that route. Doesn't take much, my brackish tank is the low end, around 1.001 five or take and have had some for years now. I don't know if rosy barbs can tolerate any salt, funny enough, I've never had them though I do think they are gorgeous. I'll look into it further and let you know what I find out. Unfortunately it won't be for a few days till I get back to you, it's a big weekend here and I'm surprised I had time to finally log in and catch up. And maybe your snail has just decided he needs a hibernation, I've had them do nothing for long periods of time, even thought one was dead, sure surprised me when it moved hehe. Like it was going to hurt me...duh! Anyway, let me know and I'll let you know and soon we'll both be in the know...or something. Thanks for asking though! I'll get back to you ASAP, cuz now I really want to know!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

11/17/2012 10:15.31 AM Report This Comment
Just a vote and a note!


Come visit me, BettaKeeper, PlatyKeeper & ShrimpKeeper.

04/27/2012 08:59.03 AM Report This Comment
Vote for you.
I just stopped by to say Hi! I like your set up.

Come visit me, BettaKeeper, PlatyKeeper & ShrimpKeeper.

04/15/2012 07:22.17 AM Report This Comment
Biocubes are very high quality long lasting tanks, because they are cubed shaped, and the pieces of glass are formed in one big cube, not glued togteher like a simple glass tank. It will last for many many years. The Biocube comes with a simple filter to put in the back of the tank. The front lid opens so you can feed and take care of the animals, or the entire top comes off for water cleaning. It comes with switches for different levels of floresent lighting, night time, bright daylight, and compleatly off. The biocube also comes with an instuction page/manual to help assemble. The tank weighs a lot, so a good stand is needed. Check out the website. The 29 gallon is much mroe expensive then the 14 gallin. Here is a good deal on a 14 gallon biocube and some information:http://www.marineandreef. com/Oceanic_BioCube_14_Gallon_Aquarium_Oceanic_Bio- Cube_p/ron82051.htmtp://www. um_Oceanic_BioCube_p/ron82051.htm.

-The biocube

....., ............, VT.

12/21/2011 07:49.39 AM Report This Comment
oh so you are thinking of freshwater....
Well, Biocube tanks are built for salt water, as they are built in a cube shape and cost a LOT more then a simple fresh water aquarium.

With freshwater you don't have to do waterchanges as often, but still a nice big water change is needed every 3-4 weeks for a smaller tank.

A regular rectangluar 15 gallon works, they are cheaper then a biocube (Biocube is around 500 dolars, more for the supplies).

If you wouldl ike more information or information on animals (my specialty!) blog on my page anytime.

-The Biocube

A good website to check out for cost saving items, and if you still think a biocube is best, you can get biocubes for much cheaper: You can also get live animals on live Foster and smith also has deals on fish equipment, as well as filters, you should check it out.

A spare/unused toothbrush is handy for scrubbing algae off the side of the tank, a razor also works even better.

....., ............, VT.

12/21/2011 07:43.54 AM Report This Comment
How've you been? Missed you, was glad to hear from you. For snails that won't over take your tank, I prefer nerites and mystery snails. Nerites are really great, very tough, some have amazing shells too. And they do fresh-salt with ease. I've acclimated full salt ones to my brackish and they've been going strong for over 2 years. Mystery snails are easy to find, most chainstores have them and they come in a rather nice variety of colors. Had a yellow one years ago that got bigger than a golfball, but he was rather exceptional to the rule. I do like snails, such interesting creatures and yea, small on the bioload, which is always nice in a small set up. Sure hope you get to enjoy a nice holiday and have fun snail shopping!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/19/2011 09:07.37 AM Report This Comment
It was great to hear from you again. How are things going? It's cold here but pretty with all the lights. No time to blog right now but just thought I'd say hi and leave a vote.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/18/2011 11:57.55 PM Report This Comment
sure I can give you some advice
First, I don't think they make 19 gallon specific saltwaters, but If you want to go small I would recommend the 14 gallon biocube, I am a 29 gallon. You should go water changes every other week, every week is much better though. Get a protein skimmer, it helps filter the water, and a powerheard (brings oxygen to the animals) Some good fish to start with would be a clown fish, very docile and funny, or fire gobies (very easy). We have a yellow tang, but it will grow big so we will proably have to give it away or get a bigger tank (100 gallon!! hehe). Some good inverts to start with 9if yo uare doing a reef tank) Would be some simple corals, mushrooms are hardy and easy, and snails, hermet crabs (may be distruuctive), and sponges (Sponges must never be exposed to air, EVER!) If you want ay more advice on anything saltwater, I can give it to you. Bye for now!

-The Biocube

....., ............, VT.

12/18/2011 09:36.09 AM Report This Comment
Fish Head
Very cool

Fish Head 4 life

Come visit me, VicDabone's 92 Gal, Tami's Goldfish 30 Gal & Vic's Cichlids 55 Gal.

12/17/2011 07:56.47 PM Report This Comment
lfs closed
2 of my lfs closed this past summer what a bummer the only one i can get to without a car is downtown and that one sucks its always got dead fish in the tanks and the prices are high my otto is m i a dont have a clue where he went but hes not in the tank well thanks for stopping by the captain

Come visit me, barnacle bob & captain ahab.

09/29/2011 08:04.13 AM Report This Comment
lobster brunch !!
sunday brunch at the fish market choice between the oyster bar or lobster both very good and want to visit the petfish tank which has a website but cant think of it something like grouper
cam stay tune for further details the captain

Come visit me, barnacle bob & captain ahab.

09/04/2011 09:00.35 AM Report This Comment
09/01/2011 06:10.54 AM Report This Comment
08/31/2011 06:13.26 AM Report This Comment
08/30/2011 06:33.12 AM Report This Comment
08/29/2011 05:55.46 AM Report This Comment
07/04/2011 06:31.34 AM Report This Comment
How goes tanks? Life? All is well around here. Summer finally came, I wish it was still spring though cuz now I'll be trying not to melt until Sept. At least we do get all 4 seasons here, so can't really complain...much...hehe I see you are looking into Oto cats, (yes, I'm a shameless blogs dropper) I really like them, very peaceful and a small group of them are quite good at algae control.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

06/27/2011 09:25.24 AM Report This Comment
06/26/2011 05:28.17 AM Report This Comment
06/25/2011 05:24.39 AM Report This Comment
06/24/2011 04:46.51 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for the fish game link
I will check it out when I have time to play with it :)

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

06/23/2011 09:58.43 PM Report This Comment

Come visit me, barnacle bob & captain ahab.

06/22/2011 08:44.13 AM Report This Comment
06/22/2011 05:38.34 AM Report This Comment
Cleaning tank decorations
I use very hot water in one or two of the 4 buckets devoted strictly for the fish tank. I let the ornaments, rocks and plastic plants soak in it for a while, then, using a nylon bristle brush (again just for the tank use), I scrub the pieces, rinsing them in the same bucket. Once I'm satisfied with the cleaning job, the piece goes into another bucket of hot water to soak until all pieces are done. The water is drained and the pieces are allowed to dry before putting them into a holding bucket,until I am ready to use them again. I have enough material to do three or four tanks, giving me a good variety and the ability to change things around every couple of months. I NEVER use any type of cleaning agent other than HOT water and a brush.

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

06/21/2011 09:34.19 PM Report This Comment
06/19/2011 06:38.55 AM Report This Comment
06/17/2011 04:39.59 AM Report This Comment
Hi. I have an Aqua-tech 5-15 power filter, great filter, but it is starting to go out. My pet store sells bigger impellers, but I don't no if that will help, or even fit. I was thinking of getting a penguin BIO-wheel filter, but after reading some reviews online, people said they had problems such as bubbling, and too much noise, I'm second-guessing myself. Any advice?

Come visit me, krib-kid2 & krib-kid.

06/15/2011 08:33.15 AM Report This Comment
06/15/2011 04:18.20 AM Report This Comment
How is it there? Still hot? It's finally HOT here and about time too. I was really getting fed up with the 30 degree weather. Now the fish are busy multiplying and the garden is finally growing.

Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

06/14/2011 11:07.21 PM Report This Comment
Advice for me??
I recently added new pics - please go to my NeonLover3 site and let me know what you think. I'm having a ball with my fish :)) I really study/research alot. My daughter told me last night I should go to college to be a Marine Biologist...when asked why she said because I spend most of my time studying & learning about my fish :)) But hey, that's whats you gotta do to keep them healthy, happy, & enjoyable for your viewing pleasure, huh?
And I especially love the Pleco - he is soo much fun to watch - he comes out whether the light is on or not. I added a food clip with zucchini in it today and wow did he enjoy that meal - haha. Well, left you a vote and don't forget to come visit & give your opinion/suggestions.

Come visit me, NeonLover3, NeonLover2, NeonLover4, NeonLover, NeonLover5 & NeonLover6.

06/13/2011 10:25.46 PM Report This Comment
06/13/2011 06:07.21 AM Report This Comment
those fish are so spoiled it's like they pose for pics. thanks for the commets i havent had much time to reply my fish must be in that kind of mood lol but every day something has spawned so i just keep tending them, i love ur tanks i just set up a 5gal with bout 8 guppies simple is sometimes better i have found out the hard way, but i love it. i wish i could make a living out of the fish thing i am def. hooked lol:) left a vote

Come visit me, chasity & chasity's angels.

06/12/2011 11:39.02 PM Report This Comment
Haven't been on in a while - still recuperating :)) Found out I have to have surgery on my back :((
I love how you have your gravels at the bottom flowing like the ocean's waves! I've tried unrelentlessly (every time I clean tank) to get mine to look like that but can't seem to do're really creative! Left you a vote and please stop by my page - I posted a question - need help with my pleco - any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks!

Come visit me, NeonLover3, NeonLover2, NeonLover4, NeonLover, NeonLover5 & NeonLover6.

06/12/2011 06:09.19 PM Report This Comment
Hi Bob,
Saw your question on Ken's page - SOTW is announced on Mondays so today is last day of votes to be counted. Left you votes ealier this morning :)

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

06/12/2011 09:38.30 AM Report This Comment
Ahoy Captian!
Glad to hear the API Root tabs are working. That is the kind I am currently using for my swords :). Not much blogging lately but trying to make it back ;)

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

06/12/2011 09:15.47 AM Report This Comment
06/12/2011 07:46.44 AM Report This Comment
06/11/2011 05:03.15 AM Report This Comment
Hey Bob!
Just thought I'd take a minute to stop by and say "Thank You very much!" for the votes and kind words! I really appreciate your effort!

Have a great week, or what's left of it!

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

06/08/2011 10:02.30 PM Report This Comment
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