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Freshwater from Sparks

What's Under Your Street?

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Name: SpazSewer

Size/Category 20-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
3 - Galactic Purple Glofish
3 - Electric Green Glofish
3 - Starfire Red Glofish
1 - Albino Bushy (or bristlenose) Nose Pleco aka Yellow-Ancistru- s
3 - Sunburst Orange
3 - Cosmic Blue Glofish

Lighting: 18" Coralife Actinic Blue 15w
Day-Glo white florescent

Filtration: UGF with Powerhead and airstone, Whisper 30 PowerFilter, 12" bubble stone across back wall

Invertebrates: 1 Trapdoor snail

Other Accessories: Thank you so much everyone! To see how awesome these fish are in the actinic blue lighting, check out www.glofish. com. They have videos and pics as well as all kinds of information. Or check out the quick video I put on FC, look for SpazSewer under wacky freshwater. Thanks again! WoW!

The tank I got at the local SPCA thrift store for $20, it's all American made by a company that sadly is no longer in business. Too bad as it's definitely a nice change from the typical black, oak or cherry ones.

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it was 78° today with a nice breeze....
after lunch i came home and called my friend in FL and we talked for a couple of hours... tonight we went to the marina the usual group were there...we had a nice night and got home late...
we're going to a wedding tomorrow and to our son's on Monday...
hope you have a nice week-end...leaving a vote, peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

08/29/2014 10:51.43 PM Report This Comment
running late tonight we just got home we went out to dinner and the theater with our daughter Sue...we saw the musical Fiddler on the Roof it was great...
hope you had a nice day....leaving a vote, peace, luv....sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

08/20/2014 10:11.41 PM Report This Comment
that's great you'll have to post some pictures...i love great Danes...
it was 78° and sunny today with a high pollen count...
after lunch when i got home i started to clean up and organize things because our friend Angel is coming to visit from China on Thursday...
the cats "helped" her clean off the dinning room table....hehe...
tonight we went to the restaurant where sherm has his card league we had pizza then went for frozen yogurt i put lots of nuts on my yogurt....
hope you had a nice day...leaving a vote, peace, luv....sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

08/18/2014 09:11.55 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for asking about how I'm doing!
Well, I’m told by my surgeon, and other members of his staff who saw me after the surgery, that everything went very well. His P.A. told me that when they opened me up and he saw the end of my femur, it had so much calcium built up in spots and arthritis all over, he wasn’t sure if he was working on the knee of an elephant or a human. He said they reshaped the end of the bone, and straightened out my leg (to take care of my bowed leg) so that the bones were properly aligned before adding the prosthetic and closing me up. I had a bit of a scare on the first Monday evening I was home from the hospital. My whole leg swelled to about twice the normal size and the pain increased with the swelling. My lower leg got extremely red, hot & tender to the touch. I asked the wife for a thermometer & I was running a slight fever. I called the Dr’s office and left a message, which was answered by a call from the surgeon about 10 minutes later. We made arrangements to see him in his Greenwich, CT office vs. going into Manhattan, NYC. He seemed to think the knee & leg looked fine and there was nothing to worry about (I am susceptible to infections and that was my concern).
It was two weeks ago, last Thursday, and I have to say that it’s gotten slightly worse, instead of better, but then I kind of expected that it would. My leg has gone through most of the colors in a rainbow; and most of the swelling has finally gone away but, the knee is still swollen, which is restricting my ability to bend it very much; and I can only hope that “it will get better with a tincture of time” as my thoracic surgeon said to me after my cancer surgery. I do have to say that it hurts like hell even with the medication I’m taking but, I‘m keeping a positive attitude that it will all be for the better when it’s totally healed, regardless of how long it takes.
Three weeks after surgery…I have to say that things are getting better. The swelling in my entire leg has gone down and the leg is starting to look much better. There is still some swelling at the knee; and it’s still discolored due to the bruising caused by the trauma. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did, and I’m able to move it more than I could a week or two ago. I have an appointment to see the surgeon this coming Tuesday morning (8/19), so we’ll just have to wait & see what he has to say about it. I’ve been working it by doing the exercises that I was given to do and getting up and walking around the house a bit. I just can’t be up on it for too long or it gets sore and I need to lie down again and ice it. My thigh is tender & sore from all the exercises I’ve been doing. I (kind of) want the next few months to go by so that my knee will be working & feeling that much better but, I’m sure it will come in due time.
I ordered and received a new hood (with a single bulb) from Pet Mountain. The tank is SOOO much better with a light on during the day. I even think the fish like it better with a light on. I or

Come visit me, Pisciculi.

08/16/2014 07:44.18 AM Report This Comment
That's horrible. We live in a nice neighborhood but there are some rough stuff. We live between some duplexes and there's drug dealing going on. So much partying as well. We like it in the country.
Bo is dying of dropsy right now. he's a super old guppy, and I knew it'd happen soon because I've lost almost all my fish to dropsy. I just separated him into an ice cream pail with some rocks and a bubbler so that he can breathe easier. (rocks to make him feel not so homesick and scared) So it's just a matter of time. I really like him.
I'm sure the right dog will come up. We had to wait for Sophie. And it was really worth it! She's amazing. And so is Peekaboo. :)
Only three more days to go! I'm determined that it won't take me long to walk properly, but usually Mom is right about many things! I don't mind long comments...I like to read them. :))) Have a nice day!

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

08/13/2014 05:04.59 PM Report This Comment
it's another beautiful day 86° i love it...sherm and i went to BJ's after lunch to pick up a few thing...
tonight sherm is going to make a big salad and hot dogs for super....
good luck finding a puppy...
hope you had a nice day...leaving a vote, peace, luv....sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

08/11/2014 02:18.54 PM Report This Comment
we got home late from our daughter's marina the usual group was was a beautiful night....
Dee met us for lunch then Dee and i went to Target Dee had to get stuff for her classes when they start on Sept 1st....
well it's getting late and i want to get a few things done before i take my shower and go to bed and the cats can't wait join me...
leaving a vote, peace, luv....sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

08/08/2014 11:05.10 PM Report This Comment
Stopping by with votes for your tanks! I'd rather it stay no warmer than about 75. I am a lover of winter myself. Would rather have rain :)

Come visit me, Johnson Pond & Arendelle.

08/06/2014 03:16.38 AM Report This Comment
Thanks...I have about one week and 3 days to go before full weight. I'm waiting.....! :) Glad to hear all is well....and don't worry, I'm a sap as well. I can cry over anything. Glad you are enjoying the rain, we are enjoying some of your sun. Haha! It was a nice switch for me. :) I can imagine Loki doesn't like it. Sophie grew up with a cat I think. She hates baths, and doesn't like rain too much, she cleans herself all the time, and she acts like a cat a lot and eats like a cat. Only she barks like a dog. :))) I just love her.
Well, I best be off but I hope you have a nice day! Talk to you later. :)

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

08/05/2014 09:34.39 AM Report This Comment
Just me
Wow, Im so sorry to hear you have diabetes! That just sucks! I don't know what I'd do if I got that, I have such a sweet tooth....and chubby belly to match. To bad when you had your office job they didn't have the ear pieces like they use now, maybe you wouldn't have that neck problem. Good luck !
As far as the junk cars go, their still going! ( knock on wood) My son drives me crazy sometimes. His friend gave him new wipers for his b-day yesterday, and the two of them couldn't figure out how to install them...come get mom! Gezz
Been trying to fix the rot on mine. A work in progress. I don't know much about body work, but I'm doing what I can with limited funds. Here in CT they spray down some chemical de-icer that is making everyone cars rot super fast. Lots of people are complaining about it, but the state doesent care if your brake lines rot out. I had hardly any rust in the past, but this last winter was a killer for the car. And I live in a place I can't hose the stuff off.
But anyway, going the 11th to Maine. Can't wait!
How's the tanks going? I bought a rabbit sea hare yesterday, I guess they love to eat algae. Hope it lives! I've got plenty for it to eat! Ugliest thing you ever want to see, looks like a big gray blob.
Well, enough of my rambling, take care and keep in touch!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

08/03/2014 04:51.58 AM Report This Comment
we had a nice quiet week-end also with the cats "helping" of course...
it was 80­° and sunny today...after lunch i stopped at Petco needed a new basking light for the turtle then went to BJ's when i got home i had to make a birthday card for sherm's brother....i still have 2 more to make 1 for an anniversary and another birthday...
sherm stopped on his way home a brought Chinese home for dinner....
hope you had a nice day....leaving a vote, peace, luv....sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

07/30/2014 05:46.35 PM Report This Comment
Hi thanks for the Compliment!Your set up is awesome and your fish are Beautiful !Let me know you find my video I sure cant find it LoL Left you another vote !

Come visit me, Fish Keeper Jose.

06/29/2014 07:19.23 PM Report This Comment
I'm back
After the long hiatus I've returned. I'm in the process of turning my 5 gallon tank into a planted tank for my female dwarf puffer.

Come visit me, nano comunity, ares, Hephesteus, Hermes, dionysus & mini planted.

03/18/2014 06:34.45 PM Report This Comment
Happy New Year Spaz
We didn't get any snow here so far this year. But we've had some below freezing temps. Fish are doing great. I had to set up a 20G tank for one of the Angelfish. She got sick and her mate started bullying her. He would have bullied her to death. She is doing much better now. I have heard They are shutting down several sites. The birdchannel and the catchannel. Haven't heard about the others yet. Wondering if you have heard anything about it? I would hate to lose all our pet club sites. Gotta go now. Hope 2014 is filled with blessings for you and your family.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/02/2014 09:03.15 AM Report This Comment
It's melting!
Got a few days of mile temps, lovin it! Nothing new going on, just thought I'd check in with you. Just have to go get some food. Not looking forward to fighting all the shoppers! Traffic was a nightmare yesterday, don't expect it to be better today. Talk soon!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

12/21/2013 05:21.03 AM Report This Comment
Hey SpazSewer
That is not cool that the glo fish only live a short time. I'm sure it's because of how they are selectively bred. I'm glad now that I can't get them because I get attached to my fishy friends. It's really great that you have had your other fish for so many years. So fun to see how they grow. I have had a few of mine many years, but the cichlids I've only had since April of 2013. I absolutely LOVE their personalities. They are very active and qwerky! Voted........cheers!

Come visit me, FishySwaw.

12/19/2013 04:50.35 PM Report This Comment
just to let you know i just went on RC to blog and it's all different and i can't blog any more they did this without warning...that stinks..

it was 31°F today so no snow is melting yet...Dee showed up after her final today and we went to Walmart i needed a few things...i really hate to shop this time of year too many people...
hope you had a nice day...leaving a vote, peace, luv ...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/18/2013 04:40.03 PM Report This Comment
Your Setup Is Really Cool!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

12/17/2013 01:56.03 PM Report This Comment
More snow today.. We have a big 'ol grand marque and got stuck in the snow the other day. The thing sucks in the snow! A nice lady came by and pushed us out with her 4 wheeler. A little damage to the bumper, but nothing to worry about. Can't afford snow ties, we just got new all seasons for mine a few months ago and need to pay them off! My car is not much better in the snow, but I have front wheel drive, so it's a little better than the other car.
How's old cat doing? Glad to hear Loki is starting to come around to the puppy. I've heard horror stories about cats clawing up dogs bad. There's a video I saw on cheezburger of oll these different dogs afraid to walk by the family cat! Really funny! Talk soon!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

12/17/2013 03:18.54 AM Report This Comment
Congratulations to me! I won setup of the week. But who would know it! :)

Leaving a vote for you.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/16/2013 11:53.56 PM Report This Comment
Hey SpazSewer
Thanks for visiting & a vote. You have a pretty catchy name for your tank as well. I like the caption under your picture also. I just realized you have the infamous glo fish. I love those fish but unfortunately they don't sell them in my state. Left a vote. Cheers!

Come visit me, FishySwaw.

12/16/2013 06:35.47 PM Report This Comment
well another week starting...our high was 28° today but at least sunny and no more snow but they say snow tomorrow sorry but i hate the cold and snow..they say our low will be 10° way am i going out ..
met my friend for lunch and my g'daughter Dee showed up also she had a final so was out early.....
hope you had a nice week-end...leaving a vote, peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/16/2013 02:50.47 PM Report This Comment
12/16/2013 12:54.14 PM Report This Comment
Happy Monday!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

12/16/2013 12:16.52 PM Report This Comment
i didn't realize that you get snow in NV that's interesting...
it was a little warmer 34° today...our plow guy finally came and did our driveway and sidewalk at 10am this morning we ended up with around 6" yuck
my fish are on page #17795 at
hope you had a nice day...leaving a vote. peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/15/2013 05:10.13 PM Report This Comment
Have a great week!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

12/15/2013 02:46.26 PM Report This Comment
The craft fair was a bust. I tried to talk the other woman I do this with to postponing it, but nope. It was snowing, so I knew that would keep people away. I think next year if we do this, it will be in November or something. Plus, it's to close to Christmas. We only made about $400.
But anyway, how's everyone doing? I was a in a panic when I got home, my son got called into the snow... Thank goodness he got home safe and sound! And the car! Hehehe
Today is make cookies, wrap, nap, and haul all the left over tag sale stuff back into the house till spring. Sounds like fun... Take care!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

12/15/2013 03:45.07 AM Report This Comment
all of CC is trying to find another site and on of them has one for fish as well as cats and dogs it's just not the same but it might be better then nothing it's--

well we got that snow storm and it was cold 18° was snowing all day but not too heavy until tonight... now it's coming down pretty heavy ....we got home from our son's just in's now 12°...yuck!!!
leaving a vote, peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/14/2013 06:45.09 PM Report This Comment
Totally Awsome!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

12/14/2013 11:30.23 AM Report This Comment
Hey Spaz!
Congratulations on SOTW!

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, tropicluver & tropical river.

12/14/2013 08:09.56 AM Report This Comment
on your SOTW just noticed i'm been upset with CC they are closing down and i'm looking for another site to blog to my friends...

still to cold for me 31°F but felt colder...tonight will be 14° and they are still talking about a storm tomorrow there goes the week-end...
Dee met us for lunch again then we came back here and watched TV and talked...
have a nice week-end...
leaving a vote, peace, luv....sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/13/2013 03:13.09 PM Report This Comment
Cool Setup!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

12/13/2013 01:51.11 PM Report This Comment
Hey SpazSewer
Congrats on being named SOTW. I had a feeling you would get it soon. Awesome tank. Cheers!

Come visit me, FishySwaw.

12/13/2013 12:31.13 PM Report This Comment
Congrats for SOTW!!!! Enjoy your spotlight! I think this is my fave tank so far. All of them are nice, but I especially like this one. :)))

Come visit me, Jet, In Sweet Memorys & Bo.

12/13/2013 09:04.18 AM Report This Comment
Your picture finally got where it was supposed to be. I was so confused earlier this week. Congratulations! Of course, I left another vote too.

Come visit me, PectorAL.

12/13/2013 05:42.24 AM Report This Comment
Nice Tank
Congrats on winning set up of the week!!

Come visit me, Community Living & Guppy & Neon Land.

12/13/2013 12:36.43 AM Report This Comment
Love It!!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

12/12/2013 04:56.06 PM Report This Comment
Congrats on set up of the week. Have a nice day, Dot

Come visit me, oceanview & Oceanview2.

12/12/2013 05:44.44 AM Report This Comment
You did it!
They finally changed s.o.t.w.! Congrats! I'm stressing so bad right now! Stupid snow storm on the way, not sure if we should cancel the craft fair. What a pain if we do. It's been in papers, radio, not to mention getting ahold of all the vendors. Stupid me never got all the phone numbers... Ugg! Plus half my living room is full of tag sale stuff for this thing. Looks like I'm moving!
Anyway, how's your son feeling? Better I hope! Yeah, if my son has to work this weekend, I'm tempted to drive him myself, but, he'll never learn that way, I just don't like the fact he's driving our cars! Still paying on them! Well, gotta go, I'll keep ya posted!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

12/12/2013 02:41.21 AM Report This Comment
on winning setup of the week! Wow, way to go! I wonder how long you'll be in the spotlight. 3 months? :)

Leaving another cold vote for you. Pipes are still frozen.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/11/2013 11:56.55 PM Report This Comment
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