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Name: Angelfish Surprise

Size/Category 45-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
1 - Albino Bushy Nose pleco
6 - Sterbai Corydoras
3 - Angelfish

Lighting: (1)Coralife Aqualight Dual Bulb T5 Aquarium Light Fixture, 2X21 Watt, 36 inch
AND (1)Marineland Double Bright LED 36 inch fixture. Set on Timers 12 hours daily with 4 hour siesta mid-day to assist with natural C02 regeneration.

Filtration: Rena XP2 canister filter using spray bar

Invertebrates: And non-invertebrat- es :) Anentome helena (Assassin Snails and many eggs), 3 Briggs Apple Snails and "Cherry shrimp"

Other Accessories: Hydor External heater fitted to output tube on filter.

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
just stopping by for a long overdue hello vote. Your tanks are all very nice. Inspirational too! Hope you are ok, we all miss you very much!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/26/2012 12:03.00 PM Report This Comment
What's this
I see your having back problems. Not fun I hope you are doing OK. I got quite a surprise this morning when I was checking out my fish. My Angelfish have laid eggs on my sword plants leaves and are tending them. They are being aggressive to the other fish right now. not letting them come anywhere near. I may have to rehome my black and white Angel though they are really starting to give him a hard time. Uploaded a video. But I don't know how long before they post it. I also manages to find a 20 inch Aquaticlife dual T5 HO for my plants. I think that is really helping out. They are looking brighter already.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

04/11/2012 05:43.37 PM Report This Comment
Sure have missed you! I am so very sorry to hear about your back. I can totally empathize with much sympathy. Weather here has been sunny, windy and now of course, getting drier by the minute. I know, it's a desert but still! Have some landscaping ideas that bf and I agreed on so we'll be busy this summer, if we can come up with the money that is! Always is there time or money but never both as needed it seems! I know Zelda is a nintendo game so I suspect it's for any of their systems...guess I'll have to ask a kid! My mom fell and broke her hip at work end of Feb, so has been in a rehab since last week. She's doing quite well, they might let her go home in about a week. Her WC folk come to talk about it on Mon, so she's looking forward to seeing just what's going to happen. She's 68, so not much they can do for her job wise, she figures she'll have to get disability now. She does not want to give up work though, she loves her work (she's an in home health care she's going to need for herself now!). My aunt called me the other day and told me one more of her fish died, so I'm now "one fish closer to getting that tank" she says hehe. I told her she leaves me in a dilemma, I don't wish her ancient fish death, but I really want that tank! It's only a 125 (yea, only hehe) and so I'm already trying to keep the breakfast bar cleared in anticipation of getting it there! I can then eliminate a 20 gal, as I'll move the dragon into the 55 in the living room, and the fish in that tank into the new one. Dragon goby is growing nicely and is going to need a bigger tank in the next year but can live the rest of his life in the 55 (I did a lot of research to make sure since he's a fave fin). Oh, and I keep referring to him as a him but am starting to wonder if it's a she. Might have to see what I can find out about sexing it. Well, have much to do today, and need to get dressed to do it, wearing jammies isn't my idea of dressing for public, no matter how comfy I am! Take care of yourself!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/04/2012 08:09.20 AM Report This Comment
Wow,thats such a nice tank.Defiantly leaving a vote.

Come visit me, Fish Tank TC.

02/13/2012 06:32.25 AM Report This Comment
Haven't talked to you in a while!
This came out GREAT! Are you planning on adding CO2 with a canister at some point? I see youve got that light timer system going so. Maybe not. Whatever- anyways, I remember asking you about my pond, and I wanted to tell you that someone or something knocked over the fountain and filter box and all the water was basically shot out of the pond and something ate all of my koi. However, I will not let this deter me! I'm going to get a free-form liner and dig the pond way deeper and a little wider to give them escape/ better temperatures. I'm also going to use an external filter because animals at least can't fool with it. I was brutally attacked by algae too- I just think this is because I didn't plant my aquatic plants soon enough and they just sat at the bottom and soaked lol. Anyways, your profile doesn't say that you have a pond, so I don't know whether your methods of algae prevention are the same, but NO chemicals are working for me to kill the algae and its not very easy to do water changes on a pond :P how do you prevent algae?

Cameron, Lincolnwood, IL.

02/04/2012 04:21.26 PM Report This Comment
Thank you!
I was plenty surprised, I tend to forget the monthly award. Snow, how I miss snow this year! I'm so sick of sunshine and 'good' weather! I'll be more than happy to take some off your hands! I can totally relate to video game 'addiction' hehe. My sister did Fish Tycoon, loved it. She signed up for their site and plays all kinds of their games. Me, I just do RollerCoaster Tycoon II on my old laptop and Zelda on Wii. Me and Zelda, we got a thing hehehe. My bf laughs at me. I am more interested in finding all the goodies and doing all the little side adventures than clearing the game so it might keep me busy for a very long time. Plus I still am stuck in a room in my older Zelda game that I need a kid to help me out with. My son said as soon as I get there again he'll get me out hehe. How did you hurt your back? Can it be blamed on the snow? I hurt myself last month, and was sick all month, it was crazy! But I'm feeling so much better now, and am doing better at taking care of myself and not lifting things I shouldn't. I would like to know what your MRI reveals, that's a bit scary sounding! Really happy to hear your mom is traveling and enjoying life. Good for her! Duke and Scooby, hehe, sounds like a Sunday funnies household for awhile hehe. Yea, the digging of the pee trails for the pups. Haven't had to do that for a long time. Been tackling some garage and yard chores little by little. Always a good feeling when things get organized. Guess I'd better get some breakfast and get this day going so I can enjoy some more Zelda time guilt free later. Take care of yourself!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

02/04/2012 10:38.26 AM Report This Comment
Found a huge black mystery snail. He brings a new meaning to the term "moving at a snails pace." And unlike all the other snails I've seen he doesn't manage to float on the water. And he climbs all over the plants. At his size and as heavy as he is I would have thought they would collapse on him. My girlfriend decided to put a womans touch to my tank also. So she came home one day with some new colorful fish. I told her "NO MORE!" That's all I plan to put in this tank. I don't want to overload the bio-filter. But I'm glad she bought the ones she did. They added a little more color to it. One of them was a gourami so I couldn't turn him down for sure. He's so active I couldn't catch a still shot of him. So he isn't pictured.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

02/01/2012 10:54.35 PM Report This Comment
Pragtig! Kahle kakhulu! Dintle! which all means beautiful in Afrikaans, Zulu and Tswana respectively. Voted!

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

01/31/2012 05:03.57 AM Report This Comment
Hi Angelfish Suprise
Sorry I haven't been responded for almost a month. Haven't recieved many comments lately. We did I water hcange--no bi color angelfish. It's such a small tank. And all the fish are either very small or herbivores. Mayeb It's stuck under some live rock...?

~The bio Cube

....., ............, VT.

01/26/2012 01:27.33 PM Report This Comment
Got two bolivian rams now. Put their pic and a few new ones out. I am a little disapointed because they are not as colorful as the blues. He had some german blues but I decided not to get them yet. The bolivians are more hardy. So maybe I will get some later on.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/19/2012 10:12.51 PM Report This Comment
I did a few new things to my tank. Put the pics up to see it. I added some large stones. And added a blue background to give it some depth and to hide everything on the back.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/16/2012 12:03.48 AM Report This Comment
This is getting really ridiculous. I've spent the past 5 minutes trying to vote for you and leave a blog! The sites are quite frustrating. I'm copying this blog after I've written it so it doesn't end up in the netherworld of the internet.

How are things there? Enjoy the new year, I hope. As you know, ours started out so sad with Acorn dying on New Year's Eve. She was run over by our neighbours. Our driveway is the right of way to several neighbours. I still miss her. She was such a cutie and so very smart and still quite tame. I'm also angry because one shouldn't be such a careless driver. Especially in the middle of a forest on someone else's private land.

Our other critters are all doing fine. Including the frozen orange blobs floating in our pond. How are all yours? Are they keeping you busy? Any new babies?

It's still really cold here and no snow. It's too cold for snow and if the extra cold winter keeps up it's going to kill some of our more delicate trees. That would be sad. Not to mention the fish. I hope they go deep enough. I want to see them wake up in spring. Will spring ever come?

Is it cold there? At least you're nice to your fish and keep them all warm and snugly inside. Here's a vote for you. Enjoy your weekend!

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

01/14/2012 12:09.16 AM Report This Comment
I just added an item called blackwater. It's supposed to simulate the amazon river. I added it to soften the water a little. That peat in it caused a nasty yellow tint to the water though. I just hope that goes away soon. Have you ever used it? I also added some large stones for decoration. Don't have pics up yet though.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/12/2012 09:54.01 PM Report This Comment
I'm really hoping that them growing up together will help them get along when they get older. I guess I better try to make arrangements for if they don't though.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/10/2012 03:58.43 AM Report This Comment
I bought three marbled angelfish. And right now they look smaller than the tetras. sorry I told you they were glass tetras. They are actually red eyed tetras. And thanks for the info on the website and the plant dealer that you had dealt with. You have 4 angelfish in your tank. How do they all get along? I hope mine stay happy together. I love to watch them swimming together in a pattern.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/07/2012 12:30.46 AM Report This Comment
Kathy. You have been really helpful. It's really hard to know all about the fish species by what you read. I have seen several different sizes listed for discus alone..6, 8, and even 12 inches! heard many different things describing angels too. I think it might be best to listen to someone who has dealt with these fish. I have my other tank on my site now so you can see it. Don't expect anything fancy though. I'm still unsure how I want to set it up. I went to a pet shop a little farther away. Because I had seen plants when I went there in the past. They even have a few saltwater and had a gorgeous blue patterned discus, They had some angelfish. I also bought a few tall plants for them. I had checked my water and everything tested just fine for the angelfish. I did a five gallon water change using some filtered water the other day. So that softened it quite a bit. Not sure which ram it was and didn't get out soon enough to check. He was very helpful several years ago with my saltwater tank.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/07/2012 12:08.06 AM Report This Comment
yea, that bumblebee cat sting was quite painful. I've been spined over the years by a few plecos I've enjoyed, and it wasn't cuz they were mean, just startled and that was way back when I was still a NOOB to fish keeping. I look forward to seeing the albino busynose, it is still on my fish wish list but not until I get some water changes done. Perhaps next weekend I'll purchase one, or at least get it ordered. I suspect it shouldn't be all that much, I would go as high as 10 I suppose. I'm about weary of having 2 big dogs to care for now. My old dog is just getting older, and we're all seeing the signs of the upcoming sad event. I think he's just too stubborn stupid to know he's supposed to have passed away by now hehe. I'm sure I'll cry like a baby for days when he's gone. Or at least until I realize having only one dog to feed and clean up after is less work hehe.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/05/2012 09:47.49 AM Report This Comment
Thankyou so much again
The man at the tropical fish store said the same thing about the silver dollars. That they would finish off my plants. I didn't know that red tailed sharks were mean though. The local pet store used to list the names of the plants they carry. But now they don't do that anymore. So it's hard to know which is which. Don't know why they stopped labeling them. :( They had some glass tetras for a dollar a piece. So I bought them for my starter fish instead of neons. I also took some filter media from my 10 gallon and put it in the filter canister. One pet shop has some awsome rams. But they said they were sick. So I didn't want them. The man at the tropical fish store said he should be getting some rams in today. So I will go check them out.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/05/2012 06:30.06 AM Report This Comment
for the suggestions. How would this sound? I was thinking maybe...some silver dollars, A small variety of angelfish, maybe some zebras and or neon tetras, red tailed black shark. And 2 rams. There's a store right nearby that had some rams. I hadn't even thought about them until you told me about how you liked yours. The last and biggest problem I have though is I know more about coral reefs than I do plants. I know many of the fish I mentioned like them.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/04/2012 10:28.57 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the visit, the vote and the congrats. Happy to hear you got out of tank moving, that is one very hard chore indeed. The pic over the tank is one I made, it's metal that I patterned with a grinder to look like grass or seaweed, then did a vinegar wash and let it sit in the yard for a few days. The fish are ceramic, I did them in a mold and fired them, the colors are the actual rust and clay, all I did was clear coat them and fire them again, then primered the frame that I scored many years ago from an antique shop for very cheap, and glued it all together with my fave glue and so yea, that is my artwork, it helped me get an A in both my ceramic and metal classes! I'll eventually be making more to sell, we're working on getting my studio set up and hopefully things online later this year. I have empathy for your rummy nose, I have only sucked down maybe 3 fish in my years of fishkeeping, and it's always sad. Well, one wasn't, a bumble bee catfish literally did a kamikaze into the syphon, then when I went to retrieve him he stung me! As on OMG they really do sting and it swelled up like a real bee sting and everything! so, in my anger and shock I let the garbage disposal have his ungrateful body for sacrifice while I nursed my nasty wound, had to ice it and benydryl the day away and even my bf who was a paramedic was shocked at the trauma that little brat caused! My hand was a mess for days! Not to mention I found out it was he eating all my lovely Endlers livebearers! the nerve! I would like to get some dwarf rasbora, I'm a fan of those fins, the colors are stunning and they look like mini steaks to my Rottie I think, as she likes to watch them too hehe.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/03/2012 08:53.24 AM Report This Comment
Monday Hello from MO!
Kung Fu Panda is cute. I could watch Finding Nemo and all the Toy Story's over and over.
Love your pictures and this tank is really lovely.
Lav4u! Smiles, Rochelle

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

01/02/2012 08:05.55 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the wishes. Hope you enjoyed the party. I chose to stay home and work on my new 37 gallon tank. Not sure how I'm going to set it up yet. Thinking possibly Discus?

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

01/01/2012 03:56.58 AM Report This Comment
Saturday Hello!
Hi! Appreciate all the fishy info you gave me! Finally did some searching on swordtails. The baby in my tank is doing well. I was afraid the black tetra (who was a big meany) was going to eat him since I saw him devour a baby guppy so the tetra had to go. I think the orange platy is the mother since I don't have any female swords in my tank?
How're your swordtails doing? Were you able to get a few more females to even things out?!
Thanks bunches for the angel info too. In giving my two angels a really good look-at I see that the only difference between the 2 is that 1 has a whitish colored thin tube like thing sticking out. They're not even a year old though so are too young to breed?
Hate to admit it but my pooches would love to come roll in salmon with yours! Haha! Stinky!! Love them but sometimes they're so gross!
Lav4u!! Smiles, Rochelle

Come visit me, KuhliLover & Betta.

12/31/2011 10:47.46 AM Report This Comment
Pardon my asking, but do your angelfish try to eat the shrimp?

Come visit me, nano comunity, ares, Hephesteus, Hermes, dionysus & mini planted.

12/22/2011 03:18.11 PM Report This Comment
great pics
such gorgeous tanks you have. Sorry the power went out and you had to work so hard to keep things going. Does this mean you'll have to deal with extra coffee? Perhaps a sippy cup would be better since you'll be tired and caffeined up, wouldn't want you to waste any on your clothes hehe. Yea, my living room, deep burgundy walls that don't look it in any pic we take but it is one very peaceful room. Had some company last night that hadn't been over since I did the purple family room wall and he really liked it. Always nice when a guy notices and comments. His wife is looking forward to having their first baby, due Jan 7 but she really really is ready for it to happen sooner than that. Such a lovely young couple and we sure enjoy their friendship. And their very hyper yellow lab sure loves coming over cuz she gets to play play play play hehehe. Labs, they have a one track mind with only 2 thoughts, food and throw the ball hehe. Send your snow this way, I'll gladly take it. Send it COD even HAHAHA. We might, MIGHT have a cloud or 2 for xmas this year, ugh, I hate dry Decembers, hopefully Jan will be a record setting wet one.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/22/2011 07:38.00 AM Report This Comment
I hope you had fun be ing SOTW
Not much time to chat today, but everything is doing well. your tank looks beautiful. Still looking for the angel. Our tank is really in need of water change, we have been so busy with the birds, cats, dog, horses, and chickens.

see you later

The Biocube

....., ............, VT.

12/13/2011 01:12.19 PM Report This Comment
it was 40F today but now it's least it was sunny and no snow in sight...i met my friend for lunch then i went to the food store i needed food for us...the cats were hoping i would bring them something back for them but i didn't...when i got home i called my brother it was his birthday then i did some more laundry which is a never ending job .. ....hope you had a nice day....leaving a vote, peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/12/2011 10:33.13 PM Report This Comment
love your tank.

Come visit me, chris, oscar tank & chris tank.

12/10/2011 11:58.04 AM Report This Comment
Only time for a quick vote tonight so I thought I'd stop by and say hi to the one in the spotlight!

Leaving you another vote and hope the fishes are doing better with their cannibalism.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/09/2011 11:58.06 PM Report This Comment

Come visit me, CISCO.

12/09/2011 06:12.09 PM Report This Comment
ya, we have lots of live rock
Beofre the angel went missing, we saw it around a certain corner. The tank realy isn't that big, I'm worried something happened to it. Anyway, to change the subject,how is your tank going? Congradulations on tank of the week, looks like your getting a lot of comments! See you later.

The Biocube

....., ............, VT.

12/09/2011 10:23.13 AM Report This Comment
it was nice and sunny today rain but cold in the 40's and very windy which made it feel even colder...sherm worked and after lunch i was running around looking for what they call a snap picture button pin but no one sells them any more..i have one but wants to make a holiday pin for my friend...when i got home she did the laundry that i didn't finish last night...right now both cats are on my lap keeping me warm....hope you had a wonderful day...leaving a vote, peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/08/2011 10:49.47 PM Report This Comment
rained all day today...quick vote tonight i was out with my daughter and home late and still have laundry to do...peace, luv

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/07/2011 11:31.25 PM Report This Comment
No worries, yes I did update my pics. I got a new T5 light for the 20g planted so I had to show it off! I've been crazy busy so gotta go. Congrats by the way!

Come visit me, Who's Nemo?.

12/07/2011 03:55.35 PM Report This Comment
That's really nice tank!
I left another vote for you.

Come visit me, My Tank, The Fry Tank & Snakeskin Discus.

12/07/2011 02:42.23 PM Report This Comment
ya, the angel is larger.
It is about the size of our tang. I have not seen in for 4 weeks! But again, I have not seen any remains and have no aggresive fish or inverts. We have lots of live rock, maybe it's hiding. I think this is unlikely, but are angelfish noctunal?

Hoping to find the fish

-The Biocube

....., ............, VT.

12/06/2011 12:57.35 PM Report This Comment
Flounders are a strange fish. You might even call them a freak of nature. They are saltwater fish. But they can live in brackish water. They have been found in rivers near the coast. I am thinking about setting up a saltwater tank. I would have to slowly acclimate him to the full saltwater. They are not very popular fish for aquariums though because they stay hidden most of the time. He is hard to find when he is hidden in the sand. If you look around closely I might see his eyes poking up through the sand. I sometimes find him unhidden in the morning when I turn the lights on. I have also found one in the local store that specializes in saltwater fish. I studied about him after I purchased him. When he grows larger I'm going to have a problem though. Flounders are opportunistic hunters. Hiding in the sand. They lay waiting to attack their prey. So he will eat any smaller fish or crustaceans I put with him. I'm not sure how big he might get. I couldn't find that info. But the one I saw at the saltwater store was fairly large and looked like he still might grow more. Mine is about one and a half inches right now.

Come visit me, 65 Gallon, 55 swimmer, tropicluver & tropical river.

12/06/2011 12:46.38 AM Report This Comment
on winning setup of the week. Well, this is a nice surprise! Angelfish surprise, no less!

Enjoy your week of fame and here's a quick vote from me.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

12/05/2011 11:53.11 PM Report This Comment
on your SOTW ...hope you had a great week in the spotlight...leaving a vote, peace, luv....

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

12/05/2011 05:47.20 PM Report This Comment
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