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Freshwater from Tecumseh

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Name: Aquatic Adventures Plants totally out of control

Size/Category 75-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Long

List of Fish:
1 - flying Fox
8 - Rainbow fish
1 - Chinese Algae
2 - Black Tetra
2 - Bleeding Heart Tetra
2 - Bronze Cory
2 - Cherry Barb
2 - Clown Barb
2 - Clown Loach
5 - Kuhli Loach
1 - Long-Fin Swordtail
7 - Otocinclus
3 - Peppered Cory
6 - Platy
4 - Plecostomus or Pleco
2 - Rosy Barb
1 - Skunk Cory

Lighting: T-5 HO lighting
2 bulb Nova Extream
2 bulb Aquaticlife
2 bulb fluorescent lighting

Filtration: 2 Aqua Clear 110 2 Aqua 50

Invertebrates: 4 snails

Other Accessories: Co2
Live Plants,Drift wood
I all so have 20 gallon Tall &
a 10 gallon tank. 20 has 18 new born babys as of 11/16/09 and the 10 holds moms and dads. They are Fancey fin guppies.
As of 11/5/09 I have 14 new fancy fin guppies. :) :) :) :)

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
thanks for the comment on my green terror,your 75 is out of control with plants and i like it. here is a vote in return.

Come visit me, Green Terror, My little jungle & R.I.P. Big guy.

10/26/2012 03:38.44 AM Report This Comment
10/24/2011 06:38.30 AM Report This Comment
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06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
Love plants
Voted for ya

Come visit me, Getting restarted.

03/24/2011 08:27.22 PM Report This Comment
Thanks, photography is yet another (albeit much less involved) hobby of mine, and yes i have been on the forum.

Come visit me, Mopani, Newly Planted & A New Begining.

03/13/2011 03:54.33 PM Report This Comment
Wish i could have some stems from your tanks, they're the type that inspire me. Leaving a vote!

Come visit me, Mopani, Newly Planted & A New Begining.

03/07/2011 03:11.58 PM Report This Comment
Leaving your votes for all!

Come visit me, Chocolate Delight, Dwarf Rasbora Delight & Angelfish Surprise.

02/26/2011 05:16.56 PM Report This Comment
just passin through and i realy like your planted tank and was wonderin about your method of inlecting co2. heres a vote

Come visit me, snaily tank, mello79 2 & mello79.

02/25/2011 02:44.55 PM Report This Comment
my visits to all your inspiring tanks, as usual. thought I was only going to blog one but had to let you know how much I really like all your tanks!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

02/04/2011 01:36.33 PM Report This Comment
01/12/2011 05:27.08 AM Report This Comment
I love a planted tank! Well Done!

Come visit me, Under Da Sea & Fish Penthouse.

12/17/2010 04:30.36 PM Report This Comment
just peeking
needed some inspiration and you have such nice fins/plants! All is well here, enjoying our Fall very much.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

11/09/2010 07:22.02 AM Report This Comment
you totaly blow me away
dont even know where to start iam getting an aquaclear mini got any tips or tricks about it looks like you got it all figured out how do you get the pics in the family album instead of showing up on the bottom of the page have a great weekend cul

Come visit me, barnacle bob & captain ahab.

10/23/2010 05:53.35 AM Report This Comment
long time
hello! hope all is well in your fishy worlds, all is in mine, happily. Been super busy lately, between school and a house full of company, things are more hectic than usual. All of it's fun, but still, I look forward to our regularly scheduled quiet house hehe.

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

09/23/2010 07:41.20 AM Report This Comment
Aw, thank you!
Thanks a lot for the nice comments and the vote. I had a great Labor Day too. I left you a vote. Happy Fish Keeping!

Come visit me, My Magnificent Reef.

09/12/2010 10:33.15 PM Report This Comment
Happy Labor Day!
Once again, what a beautiful tank. Though today, I am really here to wish you a Happy Labor Day and hoping that you spend it with all who you love and hold dear to your heart. May you have a lot of fun and eat lots of yummy food. :) I have left you a vote to reward you for all the labor that you put into your tank(s). Happy Fish Keeping!

Come visit me, My Magnificent Reef.

09/06/2010 07:41.18 AM Report This Comment
Happy Labor Day!
Once again, what a beautiful tank. Though today, I am really here to wish you a Happy Labor Day and hoping that you spend it with all who you love and hold dear to your heart. May you have a lot of fun and eat lots of yummy food. :) I have left you a vote to reward you for all the labor that you put into your tank(s). Happy Fish Keeping!

Come visit me, My Magnificent Reef.

09/06/2010 07:28.49 AM Report This Comment
cool tank

Come visit me, nate.

08/18/2010 06:14.04 PM Report This Comment
Happy Friday
IM feeding him spinach so he can be big and strong like Popeye!!! I love all your tank's!!!!

Come visit me, Heidi.

07/02/2010 09:07.21 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for you visit here is a vote. Are you findingjohn in the forums?

Come visit me, Reef Keeper.

05/25/2010 08:30.55 AM Report This Comment
05/11/2010 07:38.07 AM Report This Comment
yes and thank you so much
I appreciate your info on the Flourite substrate. One of these days I'm gong to have to change how I filter and give the total natural thing a try. I use UGF and power filters on all tanks, mostly cuz I just almost always have (after over 40 yrs, it's going to be hard to change that habit hehe) and have some live plants that thrive (of course I couldn't tell you their name...) but I know not all that I would like to keep would be happy in such a set up. Always thinking of future tanks and have a few mapped out but currently no real plans to implement them. First I have to get a few things done in the house so I can ensure where tanks will permanently sit. I really hate moving tanks! Of course, now that we've bought a home, I don't have to worry so much about when my next move will be and so look forward to fishkeeping changes and new tanks to enjoy. Especially when there's friends like you to help out with personal experience. Thanks again!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/07/2010 02:50.13 AM Report This Comment
have an actual fish question
well, more about the plants really, what kind of substrate do you use? Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

05/02/2010 07:44.52 AM Report This Comment
04/26/2010 06:45.05 AM Report This Comment
04/22/2010 08:00.42 AM Report This Comment
nothing else, just Hello!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

04/21/2010 08:37.03 AM Report This Comment
Stopping by to check out your fishtank. I love planted tanks and yours is beautiful. Left you a vote.

Come visit me, Kuhli.

04/15/2010 08:28.58 AM Report This Comment
Very nice

Come visit me, Fourenty.

04/12/2010 06:17.16 PM Report This Comment
Happy Easter Too!
Here's another vote for ,again, the beautifully planted tank and all of your fish (which look really healthy)! I hope you spend it with your family and have a lot of fun and a time of peace and joy. Happy Fish Keeping!

Come visit me, My Magnificent Reef.

04/04/2010 12:38.08 PM Report This Comment
03/31/2010 05:31.59 AM Report This Comment
Ilike the look of the real plants

Come visit me, mog247.

03/27/2010 08:48.35 PM Report This Comment
I don't have names for any of my fish this time around. I see you have some otocinclus. I had one in my 12 gallon and he only lasted for about 2 or 3 months. Do you feed them something special? I did read that you should get more than one but unfortunatly I didn't know that until it was too late. I want to get more but don't want to keep killing them. Any advice? Leaving a vote.

Come visit me, Community Tank.

03/24/2010 03:34.14 PM Report This Comment
funny avatar
I have taken all the quizzes, just missed a few here and there but no biggie. And I apparently completely forgot about the word heard round the world...please refresh me! Things are going quite splendid here, weather is pleasant, and home projects have been fun. My b-day is next week and bf took the entire week off so we can plot out more home projects as well as hit the local museum and do some other time killers. Guess that's about it for now, thanks for the visit! btw, that orange molly pic is really nice!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/24/2010 12:05.39 PM Report This Comment
03/24/2010 05:29.52 AM Report This Comment
cool (new?) avatar!
wow looks like uve got some changes i need to explore! that avatar looks new- and i like it alot! im gonna come check out ur new pages real soon. im just a bit behind tonight cause we have been having thunderstorms and i didnt feel safe using the computer. i did enjoy sotw alot! it was so much fun! thanks again for visiting and helping me celebrate my sotw! its been nice meeting u! i know what u mean about putting alot of work into a tank. i just did a huge water change sat. silly me though. i accidently "redecorated" the place. (i inadvertantly put a few decorations in the wrong spot when i put them back.) the fish had a fit and were very upset so i had to change more water sun just so i could more easily fix the mistake! think my fish r spoiled maybe? :) so ya i know what u mean. but the tanks r so rewarding the effort is worth it. what kind of plants dont fish eat? i read java fern and java moss somewhere but i tried both already and both fish ate them! i have just the two fish and i havent had a plant last longer than three days. they really go at them. but as long as they r happy its ok with me. well hope ur doing well. heres a vote and i hope u have a great day!

Come visit me, Crew from '92.

03/23/2010 10:08.37 PM Report This Comment
You don't know me but I came over from the DC and CC to see your setup with all the plants! What a work of love! I love fish, plants, frogs and all that wonderful stuff, besides my doggies and kitties. I had a couple aquariums but we had a horrible ice storm a couple years back and lost power for 6 days. It was VERY cold. We slept with sweats and coats on all week. I watched my precious frogs and beautiful fish die one by one, and I swear, I cried so hard that week. I couldn't stand the pain any longer (I know that sounds strange) so I took them down and they reside empty in the basement now. I would love to get them up and running again...but then....well, I guess it's like losing a pup or kitty, you go out and get another no matter how much it hurt to lose the previous one. I can't imagine my home without animals, and I just realized how much I miss my aquariums, too. So I will think it over for awhile, and maybe start again. Well, thanks for the beautiful pictures. It really inspired me! Many Blessings, Veda and the Furbabies and non-furbabies (I have Chinese Cresteds too...furless dogs!) ♥


03/22/2010 08:49.05 PM Report This Comment
happy weekend to ya!
hi again! hope ur enjoying ur weekend so far. today is the nicest day we've seen in some time so that combined with sotw means im having a great one! ur right the week has been alot of fun. thanks again for sharing in the fun with me! i know what u mean about tank space. from a distance im sure it seems like ur tank is a forest but i bet its an optical illusion. cause ur close up pix of the fish r so clear it seems like they have tons of room. i bet they love the plant cover! is it alot of work to maintain the plants? my fish eat plants so fast theyre gone before i have a chance to do anything with them. so u could say im more of a plant replacer than a plant maintainer! well whatever ur doing keep up the good work cause ur pics really r amazing. take care my friend! ill ttyl. and heres a vote as always!

Come visit me, Crew from '92.

03/20/2010 02:32.39 PM Report This Comment
hi again!
this week has been a blast so far! a bit tiring as im doing a ton of blogging but its alot of fun. thanks for asking. the points r defly a nice thing too. kinda like the cherry on top maybe. im still thinking about what to do with them. have u been on FC long enough to have suggestions? im sure my fish would jump at the chance to hang out in ur tank. pehaps we should wait till u need to trim the plants. my guys would happily gobble up any of the fragments! :) i hope u had a nice st pattys day! ur tank sure fit the color of the holiday! oh and did i see somewhere that ur in first place with the quizzes? if so congrats! thats quite the achievement and something to be proud of! hope u have a great day! leaving a vote, as always

Come visit me, Crew from '92.

03/18/2010 08:19.48 PM Report This Comment
thank you!
hi! thanks for visiting and sharing the fun of this award with me! it was a real surprise yesterday and is still a bit unreal yet today! but it has been great getting so many visitors and comments on my page. i see u have had the honor as well so (belated) congrats to u! u have some great pix and great setup names! my fish would LOVE ur "totally out of control plants!" they think all plants r food so my plants dont last too long. but i still put them in there cause the fish enjoy them so! oh and before i forget congrats on the quiz master status too! u must be pretty high in the rankings huh? good for you! hope ur having fun with them! have a great day and happy st pattys day to u! left a vote of course :)

Come visit me, Crew from '92.

03/16/2010 10:41.47 PM Report This Comment
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