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Saltwater from streetsboro

tide pool

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Name: Salt Pond Experiment

Size/Category 250-Gallon Saltwater

Type: Other

Shape: Custom

List of Fish:
2 - convict goby
1 - coral beauty
1 - singapore angel
1 - yellow watchmen goby
1 - Marine Comet
1 - Percula Clown
1 - Yellow Tang
1 - Yellowtail Damsel

Lighting: sunlight!!

Filtration: DIY sump, skimmer all in work

Invertebrates: all the corals from the 125 reef!

Other Accessories: This is work in progress.. all the critters listed are currently in the 125 and will be moved to the Pond when it's finished.

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
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06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
I have always wanted to do this! SO sick!

Come visit me, Breeding Tank.

09/02/2010 11:39.04 AM Report This Comment
Become a fan of FishChannel, AFI and FAMA on Facebook today! 12/18/2009 02:35.51 PM
Awesome Idea, I once thought of doing it in my BIG vinyl pool just do saltwater in and heaters, do-able. Neat to see it done. Heard about the lawnmower blenny. No idea ho it could have dissapeared. Coons? Cats carry it off after it jumped out and was lost? That had to have been one jump. I'd say olympic gold medal for the blenny.

Come visit me, Matt's Reef, Tank in a Tank & Breeding Banggai's.

10/06/2009 07:01.24 PM Report This Comment
End of Pond Season
We moved everything back into the tank with the change in the weather the heaters just couldn't keep up any longer. But the experiment was a success and plans are now in the work for next year! The everything is looking good and the colors are great. The move was quite the task as it got cold and rainy while we were moving everything. the sump sprang a leak and the skimmer was pluged up with algae. And I don't recommend trying to catch fish in the dark and rain while holding a shop light from a 2ft deep hole in the ground! But all is back in and looking really good. We even grew pink and purple coraline!
Next year's pond is prolly going to be a bigger and might even have some SPS! Coral Farm here we come!
Thanks for all the support and stay tuned cuz I'm sure we will be back!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

10/05/2009 08:21.55 PM Report This Comment
Leaving a vote!
Haven't talked to you in a while, I hope you come back to the channel!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

09/10/2009 09:27.25 PM Report This Comment
Pond News Aug 24
Well not much has changed in the pond other than the algae growing faster than the fish can eat it! So we have long green algae growing on the sides of the pond. We did put a Lawn Mower Blennie in about a week ago but either didn't make it or he blends in sooo well we never see him. Guess when the time comes to move back inside we'll know. We also have a Chalk Bass in a 10g QT we haven't decided where to put him. Either the pond or the 30 I'm all for the pond but he is a small fish so I might never seen him! Like the Yellow Watchman we only see every now and again! Who, BTW, is now yellow again! Must be the lighting, the others, in the 30, are gray.

We also carried some frags to the LFS for trade and got way more than we thought we would! So that makes it worth the trouble when the pond can pay for it's self!

That's it for now!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

08/24/2009 05:32.13 PM Report This Comment
So happy
I am so happy that this is working out for you. With my luck if I tried it I would loose it all over night! Keep up the good work! Voting all, blogging here!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/14/2009 10:49.50 PM Report This Comment
Pond News
So the Pond has been up for almost a month and the corals are really looking good! We did have a big storm come through which blew the tarp down but no major damage to the critters. One of the poles was bent in half and the PVC we pounded into the ground to support the poles was pulled up and one of the guide strings snapped. But no other damage. I was worried about it overflowing and my Tang taking a swim in the yard!

Last week the weather turned hot and humid, 97f for the high! So we in our usual "work with what ya got" manner grabbed the cooler and some ice and made a chiller of sorts! 100ft of tube coiled in the cooler,attached to a small PVC valve in the cooler's drain another tube from that to a pump in the pond add ice (22lb size x 3 over time) over the coiled tube in the pond. Pump water from pond to cooler then back to pond. Viola a chiller! Worked pretty well! This isn't the 1st time we have had to make one.. way back about 10yrs ago we made one for a tank in an 2nd story apt w/o AC. Anyway every thing made it though!

Right now, as expected, the algae has started to grow but the fish are munching away and we have at least one snail that is doing a fantastic job keeping his little area clean! lol There is about a 1ft square algae free zone! Now it they would only do that in the tank! lol. They are really going to hate going back in the tank when it's to cold outside! Unless we can come up with a way to build something that will stand up to NE Ohio snows!

New pictures asap..
So that's all the news from the Pond! I'll post more as things develop!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

08/13/2009 07:50.47 PM Report This Comment
Love the new pictures!
This pond amazes me. But what are your plans for winter?

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/09/2009 08:19.47 PM Report This Comment
Latest news from the Pond
Well the leathers are finally adjusting to being out side! They all shed and have started to extend polyps. All but the big one. He isn't done shedding yet! The red shrooms are loving it and the green ones are looking all fuzzy again! The buttons could care less they have been open since the first day! All the fish are swimming around and the clown is even eating any hapless bugs that fall in! No worries on birds munching the critters either they seem scared of the weird yellow fish!

We did erect a tarp to help keep the water from getting to hot which seems to be working. The heaters are still keeping up with the night time temps. We have had some rain but nothing to drastic so far. What have had only dropped the salinity a little. Water change was easy too.. moved the hose and pump the water right on the ground! Grass won't like it but we didn't like the that bush anyway.. Darn thing was shedding leaves into the pond! So we cut it down!

So I've uploaded some more pictures here and on my Webshots page,if your interested , some videos.Shoot me a PM and I'll send the link! Stop by and leave me a note! Let me know what you think!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

08/04/2009 06:46.48 PM Report This Comment
What a project you have there! It's going to be beautiful and the talk of your neighborhood. Leaving you a vote.

Come visit me, Kuhli.

07/28/2009 06:51.36 PM Report This Comment
another update!
Just letting everyone know it's seems to be working out! The fish are swimming about and their colors are just fantastic! We are still working on the shade thing the coral aren't to happy in the heat but they are open and right now anything is better than the tank! lol We got the skimmer running and all the pumps from the tank are now in the pond doing various jobs. there are a couple of power heads moving water around which the Yellow tang is loving! Mr Betta even poked his head out and had a cruise.
That's it for now!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

07/27/2009 06:05.10 PM Report This Comment
We put all the fish but 2 and all the rock in today!! WHOO HOO it's a reef!! The Tang is loving all the swimming room and cruising all over the place. The clown is a happy camper too and has found a home near the waterfall. Yellow tail damsel set up shop near the big leather and the Singapore and Coral Beauty angels are flitting from rock to rock. The only one we are a bit concerned about is the Marine Betta, he went under a rock and we haven't seen him come out yet. But in the tank we could go for days with out seeing him! A few more tweeks and it will be great!! Now we have to watch the weather! It's going to storm today!! fun fun! Oh well it had to be done!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

07/25/2009 11:43.49 AM Report This Comment
This morning it was decided to put a couple of pieces of LR in just to see how they do. The ones we put in had green mushrooms, brown leather, and zoa's. Tonight when I got home I went to check on the pond and everything is open and looks pretty good! And the box came with the stuff for the sump and heaters whoo hoo!! The water temp was a bit chilly this am but right now it's 82 a little high but the corals seem look ok. So the plan is to put everything in this weekend! Pics to follow! We have a reef!! lol

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

07/24/2009 03:58.37 PM Report This Comment
Tonight was the night! We decided that we would make it saltwater at last!! We wanted it to have time to mix and settle out so we put enough Tropic Marin salt (the best salt mix out there in our opinion) to make about 100g and will give it time to mix, take a reading and add more. This weekend we want to start adding rock etc and if all goes well maybe some of the fish. All depends on weather (rain in the forecast)But we still plan to put up the shade canopy but with the cloudy weather we have had the water temps been 78 in the afternoon. Not gonna take the chance for overheating the pond! Heaters (2 400watt) are on the way should be here Friday so night temps are no longer an issue. The Filter is darn near done, all it needs is the media.. also due Friday!!Couple of holes and some PVC and the filter is done. The big job will be the official move! Last time we moved a tank it took 8 hours but that included a 12 mile road trip! lol WHOO HOO we're almost there!!!!!!!!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

07/23/2009 07:14.10 PM Report This Comment
Slow progress.. but
We prettied up the pond by adding some rocks and the filter is now in the making! (at last!) We have decided to go with a bucket filter made from old salt bucket and egg crate. All will go into a 50g rubbermaid tub and spill into the pond ala waterfall.. new pic of the landscaped pond ...

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

07/21/2009 05:23.56 PM Report This Comment
The Pond
Cool project. Keep posting. I would love to see the finished project!

Come visit me, Mermaid.

07/20/2009 08:15.38 PM Report This Comment
I'm along for the ride, I want to see and hear how it progresses. Here is a vote. Saltwater Rocks!!

Come visit me, Saltwater.

07/19/2009 06:50.01 AM Report This Comment
My daughter sent me..
My daughter told me I needed to check this out. Very cool! Hope it works for you.

Don, Coshocton, OH.

07/18/2009 05:23.30 PM Report This Comment
very neat idea.

Come visit me, reptilekeeper.

07/18/2009 08:12.48 AM Report This Comment
The Pond!
This will be a tide pool (we hope) when finished ! Everything in the 125 will be moved here so we can reconfigure the 125. It will be a summer home and everything comes in for the winter. It's aprox 250g and will have a sump set up with skimmer spilling in like a water fall. If it works out it will be permanently saltwater! More will be posted as we go!

Come visit me, ramoth41, ramoth's community, ramoth beta, ramoth41 Goby tank & Salt Pond Experiment.

07/17/2009 06:13.14 PM Report This Comment
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