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Freshwater from DeWitt

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Name: Fishes (R.I.P.)

Size/Category 20-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
3 - Odessa Barbs
1 - Blue Acara
1 - Albino Pleco

Lighting: 15 Watt

Filtration: Power Filter Penguin 100

Invertebrates: Apple Snail

Other Accessories: Heater

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
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06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
Awesome tank! I voted

Come visit me, I love my fishys! & Driftwood Tank.

01/25/2010 02:16.17 PM Report This Comment
nice set up!
very nice!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

01/12/2010 08:57.15 AM Report This Comment
Become a fan of FishChannel, AFI and FAMA on Facebook today! 12/18/2009 02:35.51 PM
cool looking tank. the plants look nice

Come visit me, Sherbert.

11/10/2009 05:47.33 PM Report This Comment
Nice tank, leaving votes

Come visit me, Matt's Reef, Tank in a Tank & Breeding Banggai's.

10/20/2009 04:54.41 PM Report This Comment
Picked up the car today and I have to say I wish I was more excited about it. With my old car I didn't have to worry about dings and scratches and stuff like that. Now I'm afraid of public parking lots. Went to get floormats (to put over the floormats, lol) and we took the truck because I didn't want to take the car to the Walmart parking lot. Now I have cars payments again after almost 20 years without any. BUT, I dodn't have to worry about breaking down now. There's a plus! Any fun plans for the weekend? Mine are to spend no money for the next 4 years. Have a good one.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

09/05/2009 05:08.20 PM Report This Comment
We picked up a spotted hawkfish today at Petco. They had him priced at 11.99 which is very cheap for a hawkfish. He's quite cute and went into the 24g tank. I'm afraid to put any fish in the 45g with that horrible mean damselfish. He seems to have acclimated in his new home quite well. If you see the birthday card that says "too much cake?" in the e-card section in fish community, thats what he looks like. Bella is right now going through a whole repetoire of sounds. I think she's trying to talk. She sounds very funny. She does incredible whistling sounds and has said something that resembled hello. I think she'll be talking very soon judging from the babbling she's doing now. I pick up my new car on Sat. Have to say it scares me a bit. I won't know where anything is as far as the controls go. I don't like driving unfamiliar cars. Have a good night.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

09/03/2009 02:30.38 PM Report This Comment
Leaving votes
On both of your pages!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/31/2009 12:42.41 PM Report This Comment
Just stopping by with votes!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/30/2009 10:45.25 AM Report This Comment
Hey fishes
Hope your power wasn't out too long. Glad you didn't have any casualties. I have to be on call at work tommorrow and since I live outside of 30 minutes response time, I have to stay there in the hospital for 24 hours. Not looking forward to it. Have to be there by 6:30 am. Yuck. Talk later. Tend my farm while I'm gone, lol.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/28/2009 05:52.49 PM Report This Comment
Stopping by
With votes for both your pages!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/23/2009 10:23.46 PM Report This Comment
Hey Fishes
My missing chromis came out today and he looks very much in distress. I don't think he'll make morning poor thing. He must have been hiding this past week from not feeling well and now he's calling it quits. Just got in from being out all day so I've got things to catch up on. Have a good night.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/23/2009 04:59.28 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the kind words
08/22/2009 07:26.25 PM Report This Comment
I found you
Never mind! I just saw your facebook note and yes that's me as you can tell by the same repetive picture. We can't access facebook at work so I'll accept it when I get home.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/21/2009 01:39.22 PM Report This Comment
Hey Fishes
Search for Elizabeth Furino on facebook. You'll have to tell me your name though or I won't recognize you. This is what I found about the blue lobster: The Blue Knight Lobster is from the rivers and streams of New Guinea, and is one of the larger species of crayfish attaining a total length of up to 12". Their colors can vary from a brilliant blue to a bluish brown coloration, and they have relatively small claws for their size. They will rarely hunt for fish as they are generally too slow to catch the latter.
Provide a freshwater aquarium of at least 50 gallons with plenty of rocks, and a substrate with a moderate grain size or finer for the Blue Knight Lobster to burrow in. They can be aggressive towards their own kind, and require plenty of room for territories, and a larger aquarium will be needed if housing more than one. When housing more than one, provide at least 40 gallons per Lobster and include plenty of cover including both rocks and plants.

It is very difficult to differentiate between the sexes of these crayfish, and we will not be able to pair them for sale. They are relatively easy to breed in captivity, and the eggs hatch in about 21 days. After hatching, the fry can be fed flake or pellet foods, and should be separated in order to keep them from eating each other.

These Lobsters are omnivorous, and will act as a scavenger in the aquarium, eating any food that comes to rest on the bottom. Supplement their diet with a quality sinking pellet, flake food and dried algae."
So I think your tank may be too small in the long run. But it sounds like if you fed it well it should leave your plants alone. Once the plants get rooted they should be fine. I think lobsters like cave hideouts too. Well, back to work so I'll talk to you later.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/21/2009 01:33.45 PM Report This Comment
There are a lot of fish that are compatible to make a very nice community tank, that gives you a mixture of fish to look at. My tanks are doing great, I am slowly converting some of my freshwater to salt to start my buisness. I have been selling on a small scale but I soon found myself not able to keep up with the demand, which is good!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/20/2009 10:56.55 AM Report This Comment
I've been playing Mafia Wars on facebook when I should be doing a million other things but as you said it's just too darn hot and muggy. Even typing is exhausting, lol. Your lfs being 10 min. away is great. Let me know how it works out. Take care buddy.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/19/2009 05:05.50 PM Report This Comment
I really appreciate the kind words
08/19/2009 10:20.11 AM Report This Comment
Good luck!
Let me know what you end up with! Just be sure you know the compatability of your fish, impulse buying is so easy to do!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/18/2009 07:44.23 PM Report This Comment
Hi Fishes
What kind of fish have you decided to put in there? A nice school of neons and rasboras would look nice. Whatever you decide will look great I'm sure. I love the small colorful fish darting in and out of plants. Still no sign of the missing fish. I'll have to get a couple more because the chromis are schooloing fish that are happier in numbers. I can't leave the one that's left all by himself with the mean damsel and clownfish. Have a great night.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/17/2009 04:47.25 PM Report This Comment
Voting both, blogging here
Hope things are going well with the new tank!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/16/2009 04:06.45 PM Report This Comment
Hello fishes
You had a bad day too. I'm glad it was a fixable problem. Plus you learned something too in case it happens again. So last night when I finally got out of work at quater of nine, I went out and got in the car, started it and heard a funny noise. Then my brakes felt a bit strange. I continued on to the first traffic light and the brake light came on. Oh great I say, now what! So I ended up having to drive home with limited braking. I had to go real slow and keep a hand hovering by the emergency brake. I finally got home about an hour and a half later with my nerves totally shot. Today I took it to a car dealer a couple miles away because I didn't want to drive any further. When they put it on the lift they said the brake lines were all rusted out and would cost close to $2000 to fix and the car wasn't worth it. So we left the car and went back home to think about things. Then I spent a few hours in tears. I guess my hand is forced into getting another car. I wanted to get Jack's truck paid off before having any more car payments. It's always something!! When we went back to bring the car home the brakes didn't work at all. Jack put brake fluid in and hoped it would last until we got it home. He wouldn't let me drive it so I followed in the truck. I think he had to use the emergency brake all the way back because I could see brake fluid leaking out. We made it though. Well, till tommorrow, Good night

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/11/2009 05:21.12 PM Report This Comment
hi fishes
oh wow ur tank is beautieful!!!! i left a vote i hope u win sotw

Come visit me, -fish lover441.

08/10/2009 06:22.34 PM Report This Comment
Welcome home!
I'm still at work with a late patient and I don't anticipate getting out of here until after 9pm. That means I won't get home until after 10 so I won't be able to do much of a blog. As a matter of fact, this is it so quick votes tonight.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

08/10/2009 02:48.57 PM Report This Comment
Glad you are back! Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

08/09/2009 10:20.14 PM Report This Comment
Here's a vote. Vote "FISHART" for SOTW. Save The Reef!!

Come visit me, IBARKALOT.

08/07/2009 05:08.22 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for sharing. Here's a vote!

Come visit me, 1st Planted Tank.

08/06/2009 04:35.04 AM Report This Comment
How is everything going with you? I am leaving a vote for you. Take care and have a great day.

Come visit me, Tetropolis.

08/04/2009 10:31.32 PM Report This Comment
Hi Fishes
Having a good time? We went to a radio controlled airshow today and the traffic was so backed up going over the bridge to Cape Cod it was ridiculous. It was back about 4 miles on the way there. If people were just going for the day or the weekend they probably spent most of their time in line just to get there! We finally got there and there were some really good pilots and neat planes. People spend thousands of dollars building them. Jack has been trying to learn to fly radio controlled but usually ends up putting his planes in trees, lol. A vacation vote for you.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

07/25/2009 04:42.01 PM Report This Comment
I bet your new tank will be beautiful too. Actually, even prettier, right?
Here's another vote for you and have a great weekend.

Come visit me, Pond Creature (Rest in peace, Melian).

07/24/2009 11:50.35 PM Report This Comment
Stopping by with a hi and a vote. Wondering if you've planned out your new set up yet. Enjoy you vacation.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

07/23/2009 04:28.14 PM Report This Comment
Just stopping by with a vote!

Come visit me, Rome Under the Sea.

07/22/2009 08:46.27 AM Report This Comment
07/21/2009 06:20.04 PM Report This Comment
you've probably left on vacation but I'm stopping by for a vote anyway. Be safe and be happy.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

07/21/2009 05:08.49 PM Report This Comment
Leaving you a vote! Quick note its off to bed!

Come visit me, Mr. Crab says Hello!, RooBug Aquatics & Coral Frags.

07/20/2009 10:01.33 PM Report This Comment
just dropping by with a vote and to say hello, Kay

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

07/20/2009 08:25.17 PM Report This Comment
Here is another vote.

Come visit me, My Tank, The Fry Tank & Snakeskin Discus.

07/20/2009 08:10.22 PM Report This Comment
NOOO! that is horrible. almost cried when you txt me that they died. lol but u should get a lobster. im back home 2day so i can prob pick PheB up at anytime. cya

Come visit me, Lobster Lover & PheB Betta Fishy.

07/20/2009 09:28.35 AM Report This Comment
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