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Saltwater from Coshocton

Coral Frags

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Active within 2531 Days

Name: Coral Frags

Size/Category 48-Gallon Saltwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Bowfront

List of Fish:
1 - Clarkii Clown
1 - Three Stripe black and white Damsel
1 - Diamond Goby
1 - Yellowtail Damsel

Lighting: Compact Fl & T5

Filtration: Fluval 305 - am switching to a Refugium/Sump in a 20 gallon tank

Invertebrates: Peppermint Shrimp
Purple Tip Hatian Anenome
Snails including Spiny Astraea snails
Hermit crabs including one that is now a spiny star hermit because he stole one of the snails shells! He is so cool, I hope I can get others to do the same when the snails die.

Other Accessories: Florida Ricordeas
Yellow Palys
Pinkish Palys
Green Star Polyps
Brown Payls
Neon Green Zoas
Neon Green Candy Cane
Blue Candy Cane
Neon Green Sinularia
Yellow Sun Coral
Bright orange zoas
Pulsing Red Sea Xenia
Red Mushrooms
Purple Mushrooms
Purple with blue stripe mushroom
Kenya Tree
Neon Green Favia

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08/23/2013 10:46.45 AM
B-E-A-Utiful setup! I love the designing! I don't have something that amazing! Happy fourth of july

Come visit me, TheBrackishDragon( haven't been on in forever)!!!!.

07/04/2011 05:20.11 PM Report This Comment
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06/01/2011 12:00.46 PM
Just thought I'd drop by and say hello!

Come visit me, Bettaman, BettaFanatic & NativeFish Lover.

08/19/2010 09:31.09 AM Report This Comment
Nice tank, love the ricordia, and that zoa that is glowing under the actinic!!! Check out my profile sometime, and here is a vote for you!!!

Come visit me, Casey and Jesse's 5.5 REEF!.

07/27/2010 09:47.52 AM Report This Comment
left a vote

Come visit me, RickFern & RickFern 2.

07/11/2010 11:55.21 AM Report This Comment
Thought I'd stop and vote for you and say hi!

Come visit me, Bettaman, BettaFanatic & NativeFish Lover.

03/17/2010 02:15.29 AM Report This Comment
yes there is a lot of nice people on here and u r one of them here is a vote

Come visit me, saltwater, downstairs tank, fishkepper, killer & bedroom tank.

01/20/2010 04:35.16 AM Report This Comment
New Photos
01/08/2010 06:02.55 PM Report This Comment
just a quick
happy holiday wish to you

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

12/23/2009 09:43.41 AM Report This Comment
Become a fan of FishChannel, AFI and FAMA on Facebook today! 12/18/2009 02:35.51 PM
Hello, just stopping by. I was wondering if you by any chance were a cat owner. Leaving a vote:) ~ Warrior

Come visit me, Warrior.

12/08/2009 12:06.11 PM Report This Comment
voting for all your pgs, but only blogging here. have a nice weekend :-)

Come visit me, Jewel, steve-O & maple.

11/25/2009 05:54.21 PM Report This Comment
how are you
how have you been
my salt tank is doing well it isnt as easy as the discus but its comeing along have A great holiday

Come visit me, discus pride & discusluv.

11/24/2009 06:36.36 PM Report This Comment
my points are gaining again as well...
im half way to getting another subscription! yay me

Come visit me, Jewel, steve-O & maple.

11/23/2009 08:02.57 PM Report This Comment
Love this tank

Come visit me, Betta, Nice Guys Tank, Lil Bit Pissy Tank & Green Spotted Puffers.

11/23/2009 09:48.22 AM Report This Comment
im gonna go...
and watch a scary movie now!

Come visit me, Jewel, steve-O & maple.

11/21/2009 06:46.32 PM Report This Comment
Just dropping by to say hello!

Come visit me, Bettaman, BettaFanatic & NativeFish Lover.

11/19/2009 07:04.01 AM Report This Comment
Not many kids for Halloween, and our candy is getting low! (we are such pigs) Got a cold again thanks to all the Walmart customers hacking and sneezing on me while I put up Christmas cards Monday. It's going to be a long winter. Hope things are better with you!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

11/07/2009 03:21.20 AM Report This Comment
The worst is over!
YAY the apt is empty and cleaned, and the new house is coming along fantastically. My daughter and I will finish the painting today and then this weekend my sis is coming over and we'll be having fun hanging things and cooking. Well, off to get some curtain rods, we are tired of living in a 'fish bowl' haha. Hope your world is well, haven't heard from you in ages!

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

11/06/2009 08:18.17 AM Report This Comment
My computer has forced me into dormancy here for awhile. It's been taking so long to load that it's intolerable. I'm on call again tonight so I'm sneaking in a quick hello on the hospital computer. How have you and your family been? Did you have a good Halloween? We had over 100 trick or treaters. Morgan was on Jack's shoulder and she got so possesive over the candy bowl! She kept running down his shoulder and snapping at anyone who tried to take "her" candy. The kids got a kick out of her and no one got bitten so alls well that ends well! How goes your new job? I'm glad your new meds are finally letting you sleep and I also hope your stress has abated. How are you coming along with your online coral business? Are you still doing it or have you put it on the back burner for now while you have another job? Our 24g tank has gotten terribly over run with aiptasia and majanos. I just ordered 4 bottles of Joe's juice. I really don't want to have to take the tank apart because other than that, it's doing so well. The sally lightfoot crab died so I think it may be safe to put some peppermint shrimp in there too. They're suppose to eat aiptasia. Well girl, hope all is well and you take care.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

11/02/2009 04:28.10 PM Report This Comment
not much,
but feeling a hint better.

Come visit me, Jewel, steve-O & maple.

11/02/2009 09:23.55 AM Report This Comment
chicken noodle soup!
eventhough im sick, i think i will make it to the halloween parties! only blogging here but ill vote everywhere else

Come visit me, Jewel, steve-O & maple.

10/31/2009 09:11.22 AM Report This Comment
Just love this tank

Come visit me, Betta, Nice Guys Tank, Lil Bit Pissy Tank & Green Spotted Puffers.

10/30/2009 10:04.03 AM Report This Comment
Love the coral

Come visit me, Betta, Nice Guys Tank, Lil Bit Pissy Tank & Green Spotted Puffers.

10/28/2009 07:48.29 AM Report This Comment
i added you to my contacts on msn, thought msn would send you the message. o well

Come visit me, Matt's Reef, Tank in a Tank & Breeding Banggai's.

10/25/2009 02:11.56 PM Report This Comment
i was wondering where you went. glad you are finally getting some sleep. i am sure you needed it. glad things are going well with the kids and yourself too. nothing much going on around here. we are having a staycation since it is just me and my dog Rufus here right now. that has not happened in a very long time if at all. so we dont have to do much of anything and it is just wonderful. hope you have a wonderful weekend. take care and relax. love, hugs and prayers for you and your family, Kay

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

10/23/2009 07:25.22 PM Report This Comment
Hey, I'm sad to inform you that Whitney Died today around 3:00pm. She took her last breathe. (R.I.P Whitney)

Come visit me, Platys.

10/23/2009 12:57.08 PM Report This Comment
enjoy a vote!!!

Come visit me, Celloking.

10/19/2009 06:04.43 PM Report This Comment
I spent the whole weekend in the hospital on call again so I don't have much of anything to report other than the fact that the horrible bed they have in the call room has thrown my back out. I can barely move. Sat. I did get out for a bit with the girl that was on call with me. She makes cakes on the side and had a wedding cake to deliver to a function hall so I helped her. We kept looking at our beepers saying "don't go off!, Don't go off!" at least until after the cake was delivered. We got our wish. Then I would have liked it to go off so I could have at least made some money this weekend! Catch you later.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

10/19/2009 05:57.01 PM Report This Comment
Hey you! I've been gone for nearly a month! I added the FishChannel onto my Facebook as a "Fan" It's kind of fun to visit via Facebook! I even uploaded an Aquarium album. Let me know if you have a facebook, and I'll let you know how you can find me if you like!!!

Come visit me, Myra's & Angels with Swords.

10/13/2009 06:47.05 PM Report This Comment
nice corals still................

Come visit me, Matt's Reef, Tank in a Tank & Breeding Banggai's.

10/10/2009 02:12.54 PM Report This Comment
How are you doing? How was the fair? How are things going with your daughter? Okay, I'll stop with all the questions. After a very very busy week at work I was so ready to go home and relax. But, no, I have to stay in this stupid place on call AGAIN!!!! I don't feel like I have any life anymore. It's probably reflected in my blogs too because I never have anything new and wonderful to tell, lol. Jack will be medically cleared to return to work on the 19th. That's good because he's bored to tears at this point. I think it's funny because he always says he can't wait for retirement. Seems to me that it'll be just like the past couple of months been which is making him crazy. Can't wait to get home and enjoy the rest of the long weekend. I think we're going to a WW2 re-enactment on Sunday so maybe I'll have something new to share. The fish are fine. The damsel is still a jerk. I ordered a couple of new corals and some snails in an online sale. An aussia acan and an echinata. I hope they do well. I really couldn't afford them but I got caught in a weak moment. I really shouldn't even look because I lack will power at times (most, haha!). can't wait to see your stuff. Take care and have a great night.

Come visit me, Lizzy Limpet.

10/09/2009 03:08.15 PM Report This Comment
dropping off votes and hoping you are doing great tonight. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as well as your family too, Kay

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

10/08/2009 08:48.39 PM Report This Comment
whats up.... ?
i didnt see your fourth setup- if i did i would vote for it!

Come visit me, Jewel, steve-O & maple.

10/08/2009 08:06.59 PM Report This Comment
once i get my saltwater tank up and running, i'll be sure to contact u again. for now though, i'm just looking... and admiring! and all i meant before was if you had the frags set aside to grow out for your own tank, or just to show off, or if you did have plans to sell them. but if you've got a small business, i guess that answers my question! lol

Come visit me, Dragonland & My First Marine Tank.

10/08/2009 09:11.44 AM Report This Comment
are you still subbing? nothing much going on here. we are all better and my computer is working better too. we have wonderful fall weather and that is really odd. we normally dont get any till late Nov. so we are pretty happy about that. i love fall. dont like summer, but that seems to last forever around here. well, except for this year. this year our seasons have been about like they are supposed to be. i do miss Indy though. well, running late as usual. hoping you and your family are all doing great. you so deserve it. keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts, Kay

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

10/07/2009 09:21.09 PM Report This Comment
it was in the low 60's today...we went out tonight it was sherm's card league night and i go and meets my friend and we went out for coffee....hope you had a nice's a vote,peace, luv...sally

Come visit me, finnie friends.....

10/06/2009 10:39.33 PM Report This Comment
i know you and your husband are glad to find out and i am sure your daughter really feels like he is her true father. sometimes it is better that way. i sure hope your ex doesnt decide he wants her to come stay with him. how is it going with your older daughter? has she been staying with you more? hope you are all doing great. take care my friend. keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, Kay

Come visit me, Blessed Way(Farewell my sweet Rufus, love you) & RW(Farewell my sweet boy Rufus).

10/06/2009 02:41.19 PM Report This Comment
hey im angus here is a vote, i was just wondering can you give me any advice on how to take care of a saltwater tank, i got one for my birthday cuz i wanted one for 12 years already but my fish only likes live for 2 days.

Come visit me, Angus4God.

10/06/2009 01:25.40 PM Report This Comment
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