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Freshwater from Girard

~Beware the bichir~

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Name: ~Beware the bichir~

Size/Category 55-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Standard

List of Fish:
4 - Bichir,Oscar,Pl- eco

Lighting: Standard

Filtration: Marine Bio wheel and Whisper 60 HOB


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Just stoped bye with a vote.

Come visit me, Goldie's Tank, Oscar & Bettas & Bettas.

05/11/2010 12:00.56 PM Report This Comment
Become a fan of FishChannel, AFI and FAMA on Facebook today! 12/18/2009 02:35.51 PM
how big are your bichirs. i used to have one and it was pretty entertaining.

Come visit me, Work in Progress, Pond Fish, Clownfish & Pond Fish 2.

11/14/2009 11:59.43 AM Report This Comment
How long have you had your bichirs and how big are they?

Come visit me, Cichlid Cube.

11/08/2009 04:32.40 PM Report This Comment
Stoped bye with a vote. You asked me once what my Bichars eat and mine eat everything I've given them so far even flake food. Live fish, dried Krill, dryed and frozen bloodworms,and shrimp pellets they love those. I'm not sure if the new one eats live fish yet. Are yours all the same?

Come visit me, Goldie's Tank, Oscar & Bettas & Bettas.

10/05/2009 12:13.30 AM Report This Comment
Hi Puff & Buttons
Stoped bye with a vote and to say Hi. I got another Bichar this summer a fishy friend gave it to me. So thats two-Freebee and Diddo-They look the same I'm not sure what kind they are.Maybe someday I'll find out excatly what kind they are.

Come visit me, Goldie's Tank, Oscar & Bettas & Bettas.

09/26/2009 09:34.39 PM Report This Comment
Great looking fish here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, angels & freinds.

06/03/2009 09:18.43 AM Report This Comment
Good News!
Glad to hear they finally let your husband come home just in time for memorial day weekend! A true bonus! Now you 2 have lots of things to catch up on that's for sure and I hope that your husband has a smooth transition from military life to civilian life! I have not had much time lately to get caught up on any of my blogs I find myself falling asleep during the blogs probebly from the medication I am on for my back problem! I had a huge attack last week of all things I was going to the bathroom and suddenly I was in severe pain which happened before and then I tried to get into a comfortable position and let the medication kick in but it never helped so finaly I went into the emergency room and even after 2 shots one a pain kiler and the other a muscle relaxer I was still in alot of pain if I moved but at least I was able to breath without hurting as long as I stayed laying down! I found out in the xray that I had a problem not only with the arthritis but now a slipped disk. Even though I hurt it at home I still turned it in to workmans comp and let them make the determination if it is a work injury so far they are covering it and also the pain is getting better but it still lets me know every now and then that there still is a problem! I have always been a auto technician and I don't know what I will do if I am no longer able to work! Well I take everything one day at a time I am just glad that I have insurance to fall back on! I have to get some work done today while I am still able to get them done!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

05/24/2009 10:08.14 AM Report This Comment
Back With
Friday's vote, spending the weekend on the lake eating Southern Fried Chicken yummy, trolling for huge lake trout today, hope I,m lucky. Singing Sweet Home Alabama All Day Long.. Have a fun and greatt weekend ya all..
Your pal in the Smokeys

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

05/08/2009 01:11.44 AM Report This Comment
Sounds like you are in a good mood that's for sure and I couldn't blame you! I am glad they gave him a date now and I hope that everything goes smoothly for him in his discharge! I hope that everything is going well for you! First time in a long time that I have gotten off of work on time! I have everything done now so maybe I will be able to get some maintainance done on these tanks well I have to go now and get over to the mall for my son so he can pick up his tuxedo for the prom!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

05/07/2009 02:46.09 PM Report This Comment
Back With
with Wednesdays vote have a greatt day

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

05/06/2009 07:28.41 PM Report This Comment
Stopping by with a vote for each setup
Voting for each setup. Have fun! ~Fishlover5

Come visit me, The Safehouse.

05/04/2009 10:47.47 AM Report This Comment
Stoped buy to give Bichar a vote. Have a good day.

Come visit me, Goldie's Tank, Oscar & Bettas & Bettas.

04/29/2009 08:01.31 PM Report This Comment
Hello Agian!
Sorry to cut it short but I had a long blog earlier and when I just about was ready to wrap up I lost my blog because I hit the wrong button accidently! Plus my four footed friend would not leave me alone I had to take him for a walk! I didn't get al that much accomplished yesterday but I did get to the pet store and I got a carpet anenome and also got a green mandarin dragonet for the tank plus a nice big piece of fossilized coral it won't stay white for long in the tank within a month it will be a nice piece of live rock with lots of red coraline algea growing on it! at $1.58 a pound I can't beat it I will get some more seed rock soon maybe next paycheck! I am going to get some long overdue blogging done here this morning before I lose the computer to my kids! LOL one is in collage and doesn't like to come home because I don't have what he want's in the refegerator Beer! He is 19 and around 6 months ago got caught for underage drinking in his dorm room! But he has to go to AA meetings this wednesday to keep his license I'm just glad he's not on my insurance he would have raised up my rates for sure! I told him it was his fine he was old enough to get it he is old enough to pay it! He some how get my father to pay his bail and he was going to work it off this summer! I used to drink alot when I was in the military and also in El Paso I'm surprised my wife stuck with me but she did and I haven't touched it for over a year now! But now I have to go up there and go to an AA meeting with him! I really don't want to see him go through the problems I had but he is as hard headed as I am so he will have to find out the hard way! I feel really bad for his roomate though he quit drinking after that incident but he might be going to jail his fines are outragous for supplying alcohol to minors there was 6 of them and he got 1500 per kid! He asked me over the summer to buy him beer and I more or less told him where he could go with that I wasn't going to jail for his drinking that's for sure! well enough rambling that's for sure! I just love your picture yo got of your bichor it looks so cool coming out of the grass like that! Well leaving you a vote!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

04/19/2009 06:44.58 AM Report This Comment
I sure hope that you have had a happy easter and that your hubby has finaly come home! It has been really busy for me at work and also at home and I have lots more work to get done! I did get the new tank up and running and so far no problems with nitrates or phosphates! But wow it is an empty looking tank I know that I need some bigger eguipment to be able to handle all of the extra gallons this new tank has! I moved all of the occupents in because I thought that I had the 125 sold but the economy is not that good and It set empty and let me tell you it really was smelling up the basement because there was no way to get it completly cleaned out and I was really hearing it from my wife that's for sure! I had her fish in a 55 gallon and I had mostly molly's and platy's in there! Then she found we had baby's so we moved them into the 125! I can't keep neon tetras for some reason! I don't really know why but with the 20 I put in I was down to 1 and it is doing just fine in there so I will leave it alone!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

04/19/2009 04:39.28 AM Report This Comment
Hey stopping by with a vote, have a greatt day

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

03/29/2009 01:12.01 AM Report This Comment
I have been busy and really have not been keeping up with my blogs like I want to do thats for sure! I have been really busy at work lately I have a new guy at work that is suppossed to help ease my workload but he is not doing a very god job of it and I am getting tired of holding his hand throughout the entire repair while he is getting the pay for the job and I'm not plus it takes me away from the work I need to get done! where I work at we only have 2 truck technicians and one is me! I can't really consider the new guy a tech yet he just got out of school and for some reason they put him on commission right away instead of making him hourly I think the service manager really didn't want to hire him but since he is related to someone high up in the dealership I think he is hoping that he quits because i know that he can't fire him so the jobs that I give him I leave him with a manual and he pretty much is on his own! I still have some time before the tank is up and running I just got the stand yesterday and it is up I will have alot of plumbing to do before I can pick up the tank next weekend at least I hope provided nothing comes up unexpected If it doeas then I will have to pick it up in another 2 weeks! I will have to do something about the tanks as well I was looking at selling the 125 but really no buyers yet! and I would really hate to mothball a really nice tank like this but the electricity would be out of this world in heating these 2 tanks unless I make the 125 a cold water setup in freshwater not really sure what I am going to do with it yet! Glad to hear that your hubby is coming home on leave I know that you can't wait that's for sure! I have to work tomorrow so there is another day shot I should put in for a vacation but i know that I am not going to get one for some time. Well time to get going and get some rest!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

03/27/2009 07:50.33 PM Report This Comment
Hay I added a couple of pics of my bichar. They aren't very good my camera isn't holding a charge for very long, so it is hard to sit in front of the tank waiting for a shot. Here's a vote.

Come visit me, Goldie's Tank, Oscar & Bettas & Bettas.

03/26/2009 12:42.26 AM Report This Comment
Hey stopping by with a vote for ya, have a greatt day

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

03/24/2009 09:36.40 PM Report This Comment
Nice shot of the Bichor. I have one but I don't have his tank profiled yet, need new pictures. Here's a vote.

Come visit me, Goldie's Tank, Oscar & Bettas & Bettas.

03/18/2009 11:13.39 PM Report This Comment
stopping by with a a vote. have a greatt day

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

03/16/2009 11:19.54 PM Report This Comment
How have you been doing I'm sure that you have been busy like me it is hard to get the blogs done like I want to! I get some of them out and I start to dooze off! I am getting my son a car next week and that should help, I have been putting in long hours waiting for my son to get off of work. Imagine going to collage and working at McDonalds! I just hope that is not the job he is working out when he graduates! Lol. Did you get your 125 Gallon filled up yet? I didn't see any profile updates and I can imagine that your oscars can't wait to get in there by now i know how quickly they grow! I started out with one and I was amazed at how quickly they grew and so did the waste they were producing! I went crazy with income tax return check my wife should have known better then take me to a pet store! they had a sale on the tanks this month and they had a 220 gallon with corner overflows so I put it on layaway and I also ordered the stand for it I was going to make the stand because of the weight and also where I want to put it in the living room I will have to strengthen up the floor! I also had to move the 125 and put it in the basement! That's what I did last weekend and this weekend I am strenghtening the floor and I am putting it where I want ed to put it in the first place! It is alot of work because i had to remove a wall in the basement and do some rearranging down there to get the reinforcemnts up! well it is alot of work but I enjoy it that's for sure! 2 of my sons are doing there weekend drills this weekend one in the Army reserves and one in the National Gaurd! My oldest son could not join and he fels left out! He is diabetic so there is no way they will let him in! Well hope that you are having a great weekend talk too you later!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

03/15/2009 02:27.36 AM Report This Comment
Hi jaz
Hi thank you for your visit, a vote for you, have a good day.

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

03/13/2009 06:44.28 PM Report This Comment
Thank You Jas
Thank You for stopping by to visit my tank, a vote for you have a good day

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

03/11/2009 12:18.12 PM Report This Comment
Hey Jas, I like the bichir picture. It makes him look all sneaky and bad peeping out the grass lol. I also like the angel on your other profile. See you in the forums! Oh and I voted you :D

Come visit me, Betta, Betta gal, Pufferrocks & Fishtank.

03/01/2009 09:20.05 PM Report This Comment
Beautiful Birchir
great pics

Come visit me, SpazSewer, SpazBees, Gobi-Wan Kenobi & K-Spaz.

03/01/2009 08:40.17 AM Report This Comment
Military Spouses!!
Never underestimate what you can do when you put your mind too it! I know that I was in a field problem and My wife did not drive and I left the car at the barracks My wife found out that the battery was dead in the car so she bought a battery for me and put it in the car after walking around a half mile with that heavy battery and with 3 small kids the whole way! You know they need to make an award for spouses that's for sure!! My wife constantly rearranges the furniture and she still does and I have been out if the military for 10 years now. I can't walk in my house when the lights are out because I always stub my toes from the furniture being moved constantly. At least I have a fish tank that is too heavy for her to move or else those poor fish would be so stressed out! LOL. It is late I just got through updating all my phone services and it is really tough when I was dealing with 5 lines. They are going to credit my account for those text messages thankfully! I have to go now TTYL

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

02/18/2009 09:40.18 PM Report This Comment
Sounds like you have been very busy indeed! Changed out a water tank all by yourself what else can you do! Still have time to change out fish tanks as well. I'm sorry that your hubby didn't get to come home that would have made your valentines weekend for sure! I was busy this weekend as well I had to work yesterday and today I got stuck having to fix a cell phone nightmare! Just got the bill and it was 200.00 to high seems like my son loves to text message he did 1000 and they were out of network! Still have to work on that one on Monday when they are in the office! Then I got stuck replacing a scren door at my Mother-in-laws house. I was going to change the water in my tank but still I have some time to get this done so I might still get that done! Agian I will tell you don't work to hard but it sounds like you wouldn't listen anyway!! Lol I sure wish spring would get here it got warm but dashed right back into winter agian! well goto go now and get my water changes done! TTYL

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

02/15/2009 04:55.13 PM Report This Comment
Leaving you a vote for today! Don't work too hard and from what that sounds like it would be hard for you to do!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

02/13/2009 05:00.42 AM Report This Comment
Greatt Pictures
Stopped by to leave you a vote. Have a greatt day.

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

02/12/2009 07:54.31 AM Report This Comment
Left you a vote have a greatt day.

Come visit me, Cob Riddle, Lover of Fish, Dirty Dozen & Aslan.

02/11/2009 07:10.59 AM Report This Comment
Love the New Pic's!!!
Looks like your you took your bichor out for a walk in the tall grass! lol. Sounds like you have lots of work to do with your rentals and all the tanks! Sorry to hear about your husband not getting his leave I'm sure he just as upset about it as you are! It is going to be nice today and yes I have lots of work and by the time I get home my wife usually catches me falling asleep writting my blogs!! Well time to get back to the grind agian!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

02/11/2009 04:58.05 AM Report This Comment
Im Loving the new pics! I plan to get some up soon or later LOL! Cya Around Jeny

Come visit me, Mymollyguppyland0809, OurGoldfishGang09 & Under construction!.

02/08/2009 10:46.15 AM Report This Comment
i would say the agazzis are a little more agressive than the rams, but not too too agressive. i would put faster species in the tank. bigger tetras and rainbows would be good. cories, i dont know. theyll get pretty territorial because the agazzis are bottom dwellers. hatchetfish would be good too. have a vote.

Come visit me, Frag Tank & Sunburst Cove.

02/06/2009 06:03.21 PM Report This Comment
if you like the german rams you might look up the agazzis dwarf cichlid. i have only seen them for sale once and they are one of the most beautiful cichlid's i have ever seen. that would be very cool if you got one of those. have a vote

Come visit me, Frag Tank & Sunburst Cove.

02/04/2009 06:10.15 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for stopping by I have been really busy at work and this past weekend I rearranged the tanks including the 125 gallon I moved it back closer to the wall to help keep the cat adn dogs out from behind the tank. I got a 36 gallon bowfront this weekend and I put the damsels in that tank and as soon as the anenome detaches from the coral I will move that piece into the main tank because the clownfish is staying with the damsels I don;t want the territorial damsel fish in the main tank. I need a cleaner fish because the blue hippo tang has been laying down in front of the hermit crabs to get them to clean the parisites and the crabs want nothing to do with the fish!

Come visit me, John's Turtles & Brian's Salt Tank.

01/30/2009 04:27.13 PM Report This Comment
Thanks for the advice !!!

Robert, Austintown, OH.

01/27/2009 07:43.35 AM Report This Comment
question. I just got a 180 gallon aquarium. Should i reinforce the floor?

Robert, Austintown, OH.

01/25/2009 06:03.08 PM Report This Comment
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