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Name: Kerry's Betta Homes

Size/Category 3-Gallon Freshwater

Type: Glass

Shape: Long

List of Fish:
18 - Betta

Lighting: Room lighting



Other Accessories: SOTW 10/13/08-ADDED THE WHITE AND METALLIC PICTURES!! Small silk plants, colorful gravel, glass dividers in each of 3 tanks so there are 5 Bettas in each tank. Tanks are actually 2.5 gallons. The beautiful pink and blue Bettas just died hence the reference in our name. One new Betta is in his own home.

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Great Pictures
02/28/2009 07:16.36 AM Report This Comment
Hi everyone!
I just wanted to leave ya’ll a message and say I’m SO SORRY that I haven’t blogged in so long. The holidays were so busy then I was sick for over a week and then school started. My Mom’s been sick for close to 3 weeks now and just can’t shake this cold so I’ve been helping her out a lot. In addition to everything that’s been going I decided to get a cute black snail and named him Gary, of course, like the snail on Spongebob. As if I don’t have enough tanks to clean. My Mom and I had to babysit a friends dog for a week and she completely wore us out. I hope everyone is well and I will try to blog at least twice a week. I miss you all and will be back on soon!! Vote. <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

01/23/2009 09:23.57 PM Report This Comment
Hi Kerry!
That is sooo sweet you buy ur kitties presents! I bought my fishes new food and my pup Kovu got real ham for dinner :o) I finally got to hold one of the stray kittens that my uncle rescued and is now living in my mommom's basement. I didn't realize but there are 6 kittens plus the momma. They are all so sweet!! My uncle bought them a "kitty condo" so it looks like my Mommom will be babysitting the kitties for a while. My uncle already has 5 cats and 1 dog at his house or he'd take em' to his place. Hope you got everything you wished for this x-mas. Happy New Year just incase I don't get to log back on. Hugs! Vote. <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

12/29/2008 10:39.06 PM Report This Comment
Hello, just swimming by to say hello! Here's a vote for your tank, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Come visit me, Buttons.

12/22/2008 03:28.56 PM Report This Comment
Hey Kerry
Yeah, lights can get crazy expensive. That’s good though that you got a nice new light for the plants. Don’t worry about the blogging. I think this is the first I’ve blogged in about 4 days. I’ve been shopping here and there since Nov. cuz I takes me 2 months to get it all done. I envy those people who go out and are done in one day. I’m just happy to be with my family though and my pup and fishes on X-mas. Presents are a bonus. Fish hugs and vote. <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

12/09/2008 08:57.29 PM Report This Comment
Hello there! Just stopping by to say hello. Puff was treated to a piece of a sea scallop soaked in garlic juice today. Garlic is suposed to ward off viruses and bacterial infections, and fish LOvE garlic! Now he's super happy. How's your tank doing? Here's a vote for today, take care!

Come visit me, Buttons.

12/05/2008 11:17.25 AM Report This Comment
Hey Kerry
It’s no problem at all! Just glad I could help you out a little. How did your kitty make out on the CC? I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving also and don’t eat too much!! <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

11/26/2008 08:54.45 PM Report This Comment
Hi there Kerry
Actually, I paid about $15 for it. I got it from I checked real quick and it looks like it is out of stock but here is the exact page incase they get more in: -Air-B10-Battery-Air-Pump.aspx
I checked around the internet quick and it looks as if also has the same pump for a little cheaper. That exact site is: -Air-B10-Battery-Air-Pump.aspx
I read the reviews on this product on and out of the 3 people it said no one would recommend it. However, it seems to me they are using it more often than they should. You can read the comments and decide for yourself but I think any other pump that goes on when the power goes out is much more expensive. Now, I believe it does take 2 “D” batteries and plugs in the wall so it knows when there is no power, to kick on. So besides the inital putting the batteries in, you don't have to mess with it. If I get to flip a breaker this week I will try it so I can let you know if it’s worth it. Hope this helps you some!! Sorry your kitty got sick. Glad he will get better though. I’m sure he’ll be watchin’ your fishes swim in no time! Vote for you. Nite nite. <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

11/23/2008 11:42.50 PM Report This Comment
Hi Kerry, hope you are feeling well today. Just stopped in to leave a vote and see how you are. An update on the Betta situation... Betty is now in the 55 gallon tank with Blue, and they are doing very well together. She is eating well, swimming around freely, not hiding too much, and he isn't chasing her. I think she is happy in there. Bob is doing fine, I have come to the conclusion that he may have been used for breeding and sold because of his age. He is really big, full fins, and down to business. So, I am going to retire him from breeding rather than have him drive another female crazy! He is a sexy boy, but, dang, he is one of those guys that women should just stay away from! LOL!!!!
Have a great day! Pam

Come visit me, Guppy Tank & NW Fish Rescue.

11/18/2008 10:05.38 AM Report This Comment
Hi Kerry
Just wanted to leave you a quick big betta vote! Hope you are feeling good today. cya. <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

11/17/2008 05:13.27 PM Report This Comment
Well, the rain stopped finally. I had the roof on the house, redone finally. Then, I lost a couple of fish, in the past couple of days, and of course none of the cheap ones either. I lost the flying fox and the bristlenose pleco. I don't know what happened. I replaced the flying fox. The pleco is harder to find a nd a H-ll of alot more pricey. Besides that, counting down the days until, THANKSGIVING!!! Yes, I do the same thing veg in front of a tank. It's kind of hard, when you see dead fish floating. It makes even that more depressing. Oh, well what else could go wrong!! i'm glad I have a good sense of humor about life.Take Care!!

Come visit me, The Auglaize river, The Maumee river, The Little Auglaize river & The Ottawa river.

11/16/2008 10:21.43 AM Report This Comment
So Sorry...
That is terrible about your Bettas! I read that they only live for about 2 years. Which means if you get a really nice mature one you will not have him for too long. I don't like that. I had to remove the female since Bob was chasing her so much and her tail was splitting. She is back in her little container she came in. I am hoping to move her to the 55 gallon and do some research on breeding. I do have a male Betta in the 55 gallon, but, he is young and small and the tank has tons of hiding places with plants, rocks, and driftwood. I think she will be fine in there. I know it isn't as simple as putting them in the same tank! The corys are great, so busy going up and down and around! The catfish in the 72 gallon are doing well, too. Although it is somewhat frustrating since I have so many rocks in it and so many caves that the kitties hide in there most of the time. They have, however, cleaned up the algae so fast! I have to give them algae tabs so they have enough to eat. I also put cut cucumber in the tank for the goldfish which the algae eaters also enjoy. I hope you feel better soon! Having a fever sucks! We lost our health insurance and that meant no meds for a couple of months until we got poor enough for TANF. I take a bunch of pain meds because of fibro. I spent several weeks going through withdrawls, it was nasty. Now we have all our meds, but, I have the opposite problem of going back on them and suffering the side effects of just starting out all over again. I hate the health care system in this country. I am praying things will change! Best to you and feel better soon! Left you some votes! Pam

Come visit me, Guppy Tank & NW Fish Rescue.

11/15/2008 08:54.38 AM Report This Comment
Good Morning
Well, the two Bettas are busy... he is building a nest and chasing her around, and she is hiding, playing dead! But, I saw her adding some bubbles to the nest last night, so maybe there is hope. I am sure it will take her awhile to get ready to lay eggs. I am taking the corys out and putting them in with the Gouramis. I have two Julii in there. The ones I bought are peppered and bronze. I told the girl to give two the same, but I didn't realize until after I got home they weren't. My hubby was asking me questions when she was fishing them out! Oh well, an excuse to get more! Best to you, Pam. ~voted4u~

Come visit me, Guppy Tank & NW Fish Rescue.

11/12/2008 09:45.12 AM Report This Comment
Hi Kerry!
Glad to see you are back! I'm so sorry you didn't get good news but I will be thinking only good thoughts for you that you get better and feel better! I got a new female betta named Maybelline. She's a cutie! I have her pic up on my Tropical setup. I'll leave you with a vote and get well soon! <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

11/11/2008 05:27.12 PM Report This Comment
I will try to send each of my friends an individual blog but in case I don't get to you, thought I would put a note on each tank. My doctors have ordered complete rest and a bunch of tests over the next several days. This includes staying stress free and I was really stressing out trying to keep up with blogs here and on CC. So, I won't be on line until Wed or Thursday. I will come on to feed the equarium because I hate it when those guys die and to congratulate the next SOTW but no blogging for now. Please don't forget I will be back!!!! ....Kerry

Come visit me, Kerry's African Cichlid Tank, Kerry's Angel/Discus Community - Revised!!, Kerry's Betta Homes, Kerry's DISCUS Tank, Kerry's #1 Reef Tank & Kerry's Juvenile (for now) Discus.

10/31/2008 03:05.31 PM Report This Comment
Hi Kerry! Well, I’m glad I don’t bore you. Sorry to hit the sore point, yes, Native Americans have always had a raw deal, whether under British, Spanish, Portuguese, or American rule. In Africa, Bantu people are the majority. The Khoisan people, which include the Bushmen are amongst the oldest inhabitants of Africa. The Bantu people migrated during the Iron Age and eventually settled over most of sub Saharan Africa. San were hunter gatherers, while the Khoi were pastrolists who eventually took up full agriculture after the Dutch landed in Cape Town. The San never quite gave up their lifestyle, and being an egalitarian society, they never owned resources like land, the rivers and mountains, animals and plants. They figured it all belonged to God who is called /cagn, and the Bantu and Whites, of course, they owned land and animals, namely livestock. The San would simply kill some cattle as if it were a wild animal. The Bantu or White farmers would then punish them with commandos who wiped out whole clans. They were also enslaved during the slavery period when slavery was practiced here. Most of the Bantu tribes survived the onslaught of the British forces until they reached a breakpoint which was often the case. Those tribes that revolted were punished, like the Zulu for example. But other tribes like the Swazi called a truce and became a vassal state of Britain. Eventually becoming protectorates and then independent countries outside the old Union of South Africa. The San are not inherently violent people. They are peaceful, hospitable and very reasonable people who have an immense understanding of how plants and various resources in the Kalahari can be utilized for the advantage of people. Many of the old shamans have died and this knowledge rests with a few. When I was studying archaeology, we did an intense study. The prof. who taught us about rock art is one of a few westerners that speak !kung and he spent a long time with them, from the 80s, documenting all he could. And yes, I do think your little discus may not be too happy about being alone. I figured you’d put him back with the others eventually. I was wrong, you’re going to keep him there then. I’d say another 2 discus can’t hurt ;-D And I didn’t want to say, but Bumble bee gobies are hard brackish water fish and discus are soft water fish. Perhaps you keep them both in tap water. Its OK, but they’re not tank mates you would normally put together. These are your tanks and you can keep whatever you like, so don’t mind me please. Otherwise it’s a lovely day out here. Its hot and humid during the day, but the evenings are so lovely. Its rained almost every night now for about two weeks already. The vegetation and the insects are just going wild. We’ve had the first mosquitoes and frogs out this year. Anyways, you take care. Kind regards, Stokes

Come visit me, Stokes' African Rift Valley Setup & Stoke's Discus Setup.

10/30/2008 06:37.06 AM Report This Comment
New Betta
Hi, Kerry, We got a new Betta last nite. His picture doesn't do him justice. He is really more lavender with purplish fins. Need to figure out how to adjust my camera! Also, check out the 72 gallon FreshwaterRocks tank. Read what my husband bought! ~vote4u~

Come visit me, Guppy Tank & NW Fish Rescue.

10/29/2008 12:08.19 PM Report This Comment
I'm bad!
No, I still have not done my water change...I made the r.o. water, but thats is much as I got done. Been so busy lately. I promised them I would this week end! lol! Any way, glad you stopped by, and I'm sending you a vote! keep in touch!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

10/28/2008 04:23.13 PM Report This Comment
Gave you a vote
Oh, I wasn't going to put 2 Bettas in one tank, I meant get another to put in the little tank which doesn't have any fish right now, just snails. Left you a vote~

Come visit me, Guppy Tank & NW Fish Rescue.

10/27/2008 08:52.41 AM Report This Comment
Good Morning
Hi, Kerry, well, my Betta is doing so well in the Gourami tank I just have to get another! The little tank in the bedroom is empty except for a couple of snails. Hope all is well with you! ~vote4u~

Come visit me, Guppy Tank & NW Fish Rescue.

10/25/2008 11:15.18 AM Report This Comment
Glad to hear from you. I just love looking at your tanks. My tanks are doing well. I so need to do a water change. I've been so busy, I get home from work and just veg on the sofa! Hope I get a change this week end. I am going to a pet expo Sunday, but I've never seen fish stuff there. Too bad. Well, I have to go take my kid bowling and go to work, talk soon! Sending you a vote!

Come visit me, reeffreak.

10/25/2008 04:50.38 AM Report This Comment
here's a vote
Yes it did help, thank you. I have changed a couple fake plants here and there, but nothing on a regular basis. I would like to have real plants but i don't think i have the time to properly care for them. Thanks again.

Come visit me, deep sea 6 & tropical paradise.

10/25/2008 03:51.20 AM Report This Comment
Those are some cool fish in your equarium.

Come visit me, Oscars.

10/23/2008 09:05.41 AM Report This Comment
tank setup
here's a question, How often do you change your set up? I have had my tanks for a little under a year n i have changed them a little but no make overs!!! Just asking around to get a idea of how often, or not, i could do it. Thanks, here's a vote

Come visit me, deep sea 6 & tropical paradise.

10/23/2008 02:51.50 AM Report This Comment
My New Betta
Hi, Kerry, I finally uploaded some pictures of my new Betta. He is very pretty. A Delta Tail with red, white and blue pectoral fins. There is one picture where you can see them a bit. They start blue, go to red, then have white tips. He is really cool. I have him in my LR tank with the Gourami until the Betta tank is finished it's cycle. He bosses the Gourami around and they try to ignore him. They never chase him at all. But, they sure chase each other! ~vote4u~

Come visit me, Guppy Tank & NW Fish Rescue.

10/22/2008 11:49.25 AM Report This Comment
Very pretty tanks. What kinds of bettas are there, I saw crowntails and maybe a delta tail? Do they ever fight through the glass and flare at each other? I have a male and female crowntail. Heres a vote come visit me.

Come visit me, Betta, Betta gal, Pufferrocks & Fishtank.

10/22/2008 07:59.06 AM Report This Comment
Hey Kerry
That pic is about a month old but that’s still pretty recent :o) Cover Girl (my female betta) likes her picture taken almost as much as Monet hehe! Yep, you’re right, each of us must take care of ourselves! Glad you got to clean out your tanks. I did my 3 tanks this weekend, but only one per day. Take a break and I’ll talk to ya soon! <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

10/21/2008 06:29.07 PM Report This Comment
Just stopping by to give you a vote. Finally remembered to look at your new white betta. What a beauty he is! The black rock really makes him stand out. Love it! Kuhli

Come visit me, Kuhli.

10/21/2008 05:03.53 PM Report This Comment
Hello Kerry - how have you been ? I went to my lfs last week and ended up getting a 12 gallon tank for my bedroom. I have some tetras in it now. This hobby is very addicting. I will post the tank once I get all the fish added. Talk to you later. Tracy

Come visit me, Community Tank.

10/20/2008 03:22.32 PM Report This Comment
Congratulations on Setup of the Week!

Come visit me, Gourami Tank, Loopy, Blue, Community, Future Tankbusters, Brackish Puffer Tank, Red & Betta.

10/19/2008 05:31.14 PM Report This Comment
Mini Heaters
Hi, Kerry, I saw on a blog where you were talking about not being able to heat the Betta tank. I saw these tiny heaters for Betta bowls. I don't see why you couldn't get those for your little guys. They must be made to heat a tiny bit of water since those Betta bowls are so small. Just an idea. I am getting one for my 4.5 gallon hex for my new Betta. Thanks for all your votes! ~vote4u~

Come visit me, Guppy Tank & NW Fish Rescue.

10/19/2008 03:53.23 PM Report This Comment
What a great looking tank and fish. Pat yourself on the back fish friend. WOW. Congrats on setup of the week you deserve it. Leaving a vote for you.

Come visit me, Maize.

10/19/2008 11:10.30 AM Report This Comment
Hey Kerry
I'm glad the little betta got to be admired! It's only natural for something so purrrty to be looked at lol. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I've had a basket full of medical problems myself since I was 15 and have "good" and "bad" days. The less I think about the bad days the more good ones I have. Feel better. fish hugs 2 u. <>< Jen

Come visit me, Goldfish Luver Jen.

10/18/2008 11:30.15 PM Report This Comment
so many bettas!!
wow! how many bettas do you have? one of my bettas just died. they all look really healthy. are some of them crown tails? heres a vote for such nice bettas!

Come visit me, skippy's memorial, Joey's 20 gallon species display tank & 10 gallon display tank.

10/18/2008 11:53.15 AM Report This Comment
Congrats on winning setup of the week! Have a nice day and here is another vote for you!

Come visit me, Charlotte's Tank & Second Tank.

10/18/2008 08:21.27 AM Report This Comment
I used to own a fish like you. I have a dog now but you are so awesome. Toby the dog

Kathryn, Mesquite, TX.

10/18/2008 07:43.03 AM Report This Comment
Congratulations on setup of the week. I really like those pictures.

Come visit me, Oscars.

10/17/2008 09:05.22 PM Report This Comment
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