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The pet market is HOT. There are more pet owners than ever, both in terms of the number of people owning pets and the percentage of U.S. households owning pets. Use of the Internet for fish-related information has grown steadily during the last several years. The convergence of the growing pet ownership market and use of the Internet is why your advertising dollars should be spent with FishChannel.

Advertising opportunities are available throughout FishChannel.

  • FishChannel connects fish owners with the hottest fish products, services and resources on the market.

  • We're backed by the biggest names in fish magazines, Aquarium Fish International and Freshwater And Marine Aquarium.

  • FishChannel offers advertisers the opportunity to promote their products and services to the nations most devoted fish lovers.

  • Sponsorships are available for specialized areas on FishChannel, including:

    • Photo gallery
    • Community
    • Contests
    • Poll
    • Survey
    • Specialized content areas

  • Multi-channel advertising provides reach beyond the fish category. For example, ads can be placed in any of the following six channel websites to reach other pet and animal owners:

    • BirdChannel
    • CatChannel
    • DogChannel
    • HorseChannel
    • ReptileChannel
    • SmallAnimalChannel

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